Founded in 2004, BrooklynVegan is an independent, NYC-centric, mostly-music blog that focuses on international music news, live show reviews, pictures, tour dates, gossip, tips, MP3's, streams, videos, and much more. Non-music news finds it's way on to our pages as well, and every post comes with an open exchange of ideas via the public commenting system. We also produce a lot of live events, and have a radio show on SiriusXM U.


Though international in scope, there's no doubt that BrooklynVegan is very NYC focused. With that in mind, we recently expanded with city specific sites in Austin and Chicago.


Heavy Metal has always been a focus of BrooklynVegan, and so it made perfect sense to take that a step further with the 2013 acquisition of Cosmo Lee's long-running metal blog Invisible Oranges.


  • Dave (sometimes called "BV" or "Brooklyn Vegan") -- Founder, Editor in Chief, Show Booker, Whatever-er.
  • Bill Pearis -- Senior Editor, Expert on All Things Indie Rock, Unofficial Live Show Going Record Holder.
  • Andrew Sacher - Editor, Rhymes with Hacker
  • Klaus Kinski -- BV Comedy Editor (not his real name)
  • Chris La Putt -- Photo Editor, Photographer, Lover of Cats
  • Dominic (Nick) Masi Jr -- SiriusXMU Blog Radio host, website contributor, Phish fan
  • Katie Alexander -- Partnerships Director & Event Coordinator
  • TownSquare Music -- ads
We also couldn't do it without our dedicated team of freelance PHOTOGRAPHERS like Chris La Putt, Dana (distortion) Yavin, Amanda Hatfield, David Andrako, Dominick Mastrangelo, Greg Cristman, Tim Griffin, Fred Pessaro, PSquared Photography, Jessica Amaya, Bao Nguyen, Leia Jospe, Ryan Muir, Kyle Dean Reinford, Ryan Barkan, Tracy Allison, Toby Tenenbaum, Caroline Harrison, James Richards IV, Sarah Frankie Linder, Keith Marlowe, Gretchen Robinette, Carly Hoskins, and many more from the past, present and future.


The best way to contact us is via e-mail.

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