Posted in music | pictures on November 11, 2004

The Arcade Fire @ Mercury Lounge

Tonight The Arcade Fire is back in NYC for their highly anticipated show @ Bowery Ballroom. The hype machine is still in full effect, as even employees of SPIN magazine are asking if anyone's got extra tickets. In fact, people will do almost anything for tix to this show. My suggestion to those wanting tix: show up and you will probably get in one way or another (having some money in your pocket will definitely help too). If you don't go, don't worry...according to Jen's interview on Gothamist, they'll be back real soon.

The Arcade Fire @ Mercury Lounge

I posted one picture of their last (CMJ) show at Mercury Lounge right after it happened on October 13th. The pic also appeared on Gothamist. Then there were the pics from the next day at their KEXP performance (and again).

The Arcade Fire @ Mercury Lounge

This post contains the rest of the photos from Mercury Lounge. Scroll to the end of the post for more related links.



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