Posted in music | pictures on January 31, 2005

ARcade Fire @ Bowery Ballroom

After the Arcade Fire played Bowery Ballroom on November 11th, I posted three pictures. I posted photos from their previous CMJ show at Mercury Lounge just a day before that, so I figured I'd wait until next time they got to town to post the rest of the Bowery Ballroom ones. Now they're here, so here they are.

ARcade Fire @ Bowery Ballroom

Tonight's (February 1st, 2005) show was supposed to be at Bowery Ballroom again, but due to overwhelming demand, the show was moved to the much larger Webster Hall. Tomorrow, February 2nd, you can catch them at Irving Plaza, if you can get a ticket. If you're not at Webster Hall, or after you get home, don't miss their scheduled appearance on the Conan O' Brien show.

ARcade Fire @ Bowery Ballroom



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