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Eugene Mirman is probably my favorite comedian right now. (not that I've really seen enough of them to make that statement). There are some MP3s and videos on his site, but the best is seeing him live...

"Celebrating three years of Invite Them Up, their acclaimed east village comedy/ variety show, Eugene Mirman and Bobby Tisdale are recording an album for Comedy Central Records. With various guests over three nights, the tapings will feature many of the people who have made Invite Them Up a good time.

Guests include: Slovin and Allen, Demetri Martin, A.D. Miles, Michael Showalter and Zach Orth, David Cross, Leo Allen, Benjamin and Glazer, Heather Lawless, Jessi Klien, Patrick Borelli, God’s Pottery, Jon Glaser, Langhorne Slim, Marcellus Hall, Aziz Ansari, Tom McCaffery, Todd Barry, Craig Wedren, Amy Miles and Shonali Bhomik, Mike Birbiglia, Andy Blitz and more."

tix: $10, May 1-3, Pianos, NYC


Eugene Mirman w/ The Red Wine Boys | Pics
Eugene Mirman, Cross, Barry, & Wilco | Pics
David Cross Porn | Wear Your Own Fur
Aziz Ansari also went to Beck
Eugene Mirman & Aziz Ansari do a skit about M.I.A.
Todd Barry & Sarah Silverman | Blurry Pics
Craig Wedren sang with Angela McCluskey
Craig Wedren and Amy Miles play in Baby



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I'm real excited for this show! I'm recording my set Tuesday, May 3rd. Don't sleep, this is gonna sell out soon. (And yeah, I think I have a new joke about M.I.A. that I'm gonna put in.) I'll try to find out who else is performing May 3rd and throw it on

Posted by Aziz | April 17, 2005 12:42 PM

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