Posted in music on August 1, 2005

The Daily News Interviewed (Little) Steven Van Zant...

What significance does CBGB have for New York City?
It's the last rock and roll icon left standing, and is a born and bred New York icon. It's in all the travel brochures and draws tourists from around the world. Literally, hundreds a day stop by.

What role are you playing in trying to save the club?
I am acting strictly as a mediator. We became the central information point for the coalition that's working to save CBGB, but at the same time we are taking into account the issues on both sides. We have come up with suggested proposals to meet the needs from both sides.

* The Daily News Interview with Steven Van Zant (via productshop)
* Little Steven presents Ted Leo & others @ CBGB Tonight
* The Sopranos were filming in Brooklyn the other days
* 'Sopranos' do right bada-thing
* Sirius Adds Two To Outlaw Country Lineup
* Steven joins Nancy Sinatra on stage at Joe's Pub



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