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Dead Can Dance @ Radio City Music Hall

Words can not describe how great it was. Here are some photos from Dead Can Dance's two hour reunion set at Radio City Music Hall in NYC last night (October 8, 2005).

Dead Can Dance @ Radio City Music Hall

Dead Can Dance @ Radio City Music Hall

"The British-born 4AD record label has spawned many innovative bands – The Pixies, Cocteau Twins and Throwing Muses come to mind. But it's Dead Can Dance that have left the most indelible, pioneering musical stamp.

Blending a previously unheard of mixture of international folk, Third World rhythms, and soaring vocals tweaked with ancient gothic undertones, Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry have gone where no other band before them ever dared.

Reconciled and reunited after a nine-year hiatus, Dead Can Dance is touring this fall. They pulled into Boston last night and took the near-capacity Orpheum crowd on what could only be called a 20-song safari." [Boston Herald]

Dead Can Dance @ Radio City Music Hall

"While Peter Ulrich has since launched a successful solo career, including his most recent release, "Enter The Mysterium," he still looks back with great fondness on his days as a drummer for Dead Can Dance, the fabled band appearing as part of its North American tour at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on October 8." [emediawire]

Dead Can Dance @ Radio City Music Hall

"In 1996, after a decade of cult-artist status, DCD had a No. 1 hit on Billboard's world music chart with the album "Spiritchaser." Gerrard and Perry completed a world tour to ecstatic notices from fans and critics, then went on an extended hiatus that many feared was the end of the road. Perry retreated to his castle in the Irish countryside and Gerrard went back to Australia to tend to her family and write music for motion pictures, including "Gladiator," "Whale Rider," "Ali" and "Layer Cake."" [SFGate]

Dead Can Dance @ Radio City Music Hall

The Dead Can Dance show was......AMAZING.....lots of stuff I didn't know...I was surprised...did hear some favorites.....Sanvean, Ubiquitous, Youlunga, Black Sun, Severance, Rakim, The Wind That Shakes the Barley, How Fourtunate the Man With None, Salterelo, etc......

Brandon announced at the end of the show that Lisa was really sick and that he was surprised that she was even able to do the show....I'm glad she was....but hope she's ok for the N.Y. show on Sat.....I'll be SOOOOOOOOOO SAD!" [bluemadusa's livejornal]

Dead Can Dance @ Radio City Music Hall

"It's official. i can die now and i'm ok with it. i've seen Dead Can Dance live. and it was the most INCREDIBLE show of my entire life" [Damaged Goods]

Dead Can Dance @ Radio City Music Hall

"rarely would i call a concert a religious experience, but this was definitely about as spiritual as i've ever felt." [elegy to lost youth]

Dead Can Dance @ Radio City Music Hall


Dead Can Dance @ Radio City Music Hall

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Dead Can Dance @ Radio City Music Hall

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Comments (4)

Are there any mp3's out there, live or otherwise?

I know almost nothing about this band.

Posted by Hightower | October 10, 2005 12:31 PM

The show on Sat. was AMAZING. I got to see DCD on their last tour, when they did a show on Boston Harbor... and I have to say that both were spiritual experiences. When you're stitting there watching them perform, you just can't believe the notes and sounds coming out of Lisa's mouth, and the extremely complex instrumentation... mind-numblingly amazing. Sonic bliss.

Posted by duh, not too tough | October 10, 2005 12:37 PM

I was there at Radio City, and was sorry I didn't bring my camera with me after seeing all the pictures being taken. Thank you for posting these pics. What I am looking for is the ordered song list for the concert. Does anyone have a link or the list?

I can only echo the impressions already given above: Dead Can Dance was, and always will be, an unparalleled spiritual and emotional experience. Such incomparable masterful musicians. Here's hoping they make another record.

Posted by jay | October 15, 2005 4:17 PM

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