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Rufus Wainwright headlined the Beacon Theater in NYC two nights in a row (Nov 1st & 2nd, 2005). I was sad I couldn't make it to either.

Rufus WainwrightRufus Wainwright

"...Bill wasn't so happy about 'Gay Messiah,' and I'll have to admit, it was a little over the top. (This coming from somebody who is only offended by people who get offended.) Everyone on stage came out in white sheets, basically, to the end of 'Old Whore's Diet.' Then two guys, in those Roman-looking outfits with the brush-type helmets, came out with a big white cross, and put a wreath on Rufus's head and these diamond bracelet things on his wrists. Then Rufus stood there and sang "Gay Messiah" with his arms lifted on the cross. It was so wrong. I told Bill I think we should go to church on Sunday now...." [Holy Randomness]

Above photos from here and here.

Dave Hill & Rufus Wainwright

Last night (Nov 3, 2005) Rufus made a special appearance with comedian Dave Hill at the UCB Theater. Photos courtesy of the Apiary.



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For the sake of argument, I'd like to say that Rufus was hardly over the top. I guess people are still uncomfortable watching gay men act gay. This is NY, folks. Revel in the fact thtat there are few other countries and cities wherein such spectacle is not only applauded but gets a standing ovation (it did). Oh yeah, and I'm not gay, and neither is anyone I know who went. So it was hardly a "fag gathering," as the blog that had one of those pics described it. It was theatre plus great music.

And I love his version of "Hallelujah," though I realize there are detractors.

Posted by Linzer | November 4, 2005 8:17 PM

Thank you for linking to my blog, but I'm a little dissapointed that it was for a picture credit alone. Although I wrote my basic review (a fan's hungover version, of course) of Rufus' show, the entry is still a little more detailed than the girl's from North Jersey who felt as though she had to go to church afterwards (it honestly wasn't that affecting) and then referred to "Hallejulah" as an "uplifting!" song, and if you disagreed with her, well that would be your problem, because, that's her opinion that she's posting on "[her] blog, dammit."

Does she even know that "Hallelujah" is a song by Leonard Cohen? She referred to it as a song from "... the Shrek soundtrack..."

I'm just a little disappointed. And very drunk. An therefore unhappier. "The Shrek soundtrack." Please!


Posted by Phil | November 5, 2005 5:38 AM

Oh, and also, in response to "Linzer" referring to me with the whole "fag gathering" thing, maybe it would've made more sense if I had said, "a gathering of faux-hawks." And to Linzer, who didn't read the rest of what I had to say about it, I'm a fag, out loud and proud, 'n' all that shizzzz....

Posted by Phil | November 5, 2005 5:47 AM

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