Posted in music on November 2, 2005

Antony EPAntony EPAntony EP

1) Pitchfork reviewed three of Antony's EPs today. I learned that Kevin Barker played guitar on the The Lake. That's Kevin Barker of Currituck Co & Devendra Banhart's Hairy Fairy band.

2) Drew Daniel interviewed Antony for Pitchfork. Here are some out-of-context excerpts:

Antony: Well my theory is that the songs on this album are more internally focused. The first album is a reflection, a vision of the world, a landscape of the world, and this new one is an interior landscape. I was really inspired by Cat Power's The Covers Record-- because of its intimacy....

Antony: No, it's a Christmas cake type picture of us with Jimmy Scott in the middle.

Antony: Sometimes I like to just whistle and see if I can get the audience to whistle with me to create a little aviary. Sometimes the whistling thing can be so beautiful. We did it once at Town Hall-- it can be so magical, it's one of those group participation things that really can be exciting....

...Antony's vocal tracks for a song on the next Matmos album...

Antony: It got even worse when I did this Creativity Now conference in New York last week and I tried to get everyone to do singing exercises together. You do get embarassed, but that's the Leigh Bowery principle, that embarassment is good, it's a jumping off point to move through that shame....

3) Stay tuned for photos of from the Creativity Now conference (I keep forgetting to post them).

New Animated Antony Video



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