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Two days after they played a free show at Sound Fix in Brooklyn, Clogs opened for Bell Orchestre @ Tonic in Manhattan (November 7, 2005).

Clogs @ Tonic

Wes describes it nicely, "The Clogs, a side project of The National were mellow and dreamy with viola/violin/mandolin player Padma Newsome (wasn't that Natalie Portman's character in Star Wars?) taking up most of the spot light with spectacular and intense command of his instruments. I sat down on Tonic's concrete floor and was taken away for most of the show. The standard instrumentation was bassoon, drums/steel drum, guitar and violin/viola. Recommended for those who enjoy sophisticated, calm instrumental music."

Clogs @ Tonic

Hear it for yourself.



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Beautiful photos! They really get the mood just right. I was at this great show. Clogs were a lot more understated than Bell Orchestre (who were also great). But they were no less impressive. I was all stressed when I showed up for this gig, and Clogs took the knot right out of my lower back.

Posted by Glendora | November 11, 2005 5:35 PM

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