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DOWNLOAD: Elvis Perkins - Mayday (MP3)

Sara Schaefer

You may know Sara Schaefer the comedian, who, as host of Video Gaga at NYC's UCB Theatre, has worked with musical acts like Elvis Perkins, Lisa Loeb, and Dujeous. You've seen her interviewed on Gothamist and gossiped about on the Apiary. And speaking of the Apiary - if you read it on a regular basis then you know by now that Sara Schaefer will also be the guest host at my free BrooklynVegan show @ The Annex in NYC on Saturday November 4th, 2006 (noon-5pm). There she'll be reunited on stage with Elvis Perkins -- full band list here.

I actually had no idea how busy Sara's been when I first asked her to do it. In fact, it wasn't until I found out about her performance alongside the Walkmen that I knew about her new gig at AOL. See her interview Regina Spektor, Frank Black and more at the DL.

Side note: Between the DL, their sweet downloadable "Interface" podcats, streaming albums, and their "indie" music blog (now called "spinner"), AOL seems to be using their money to slowly take over the online music world.

BrooklynVegan during-CMJ free show run down:

hosted by dave hill: (info)
* Wednesday November 1st, noon-5pm
* Friday November 3rd, noon-5:30pm

hosted by sara schaefer:
* Saturday November 4th, noon-5pm

hosted by liberated matter:
* Wednesday November 1st, noon-5:30pm

(full list of sponsors and free stuff TBA soon)



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If I have enough -ahem- "Vitamin" "Water"- I might be inclined to get up and tell a few jokes myself.

Posted by jerry | October 28, 2006 7:53 PM

I'll be doing jokes and showing a video and emcee'ing the last 4 bands at the Wednesday Bowery CMJ showcase. Please pay attention to me, I would like it. Thanks!

Posted by Max Silvestri | October 28, 2006 8:07 PM

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