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DOWNLOAD: The Cure - Friday I'm in Love (MP3)

first of all - sorry for the lack of updates - it has as much to do with CMJ as it does with this website being completely broken at the moment - those who have tried to leave a comment lately will know what I mean.


Lo Fi Fnk @ Galapagos

Sweden's Lo Fi Fnk played their first-ever U.S. show @ Galapagos in Brooklyn Wednesday night. Since then they opened for Hot Chip at Webster Hall and played a FADER party.

"...Not only did they provide a fantastic album earlier this year, but it translated wonderfully in concert. It was the late night dancing and revelry I needed..." [Yeti Don't Dance]

"... Even more danceable was Lo Fi Fnk, who were probably my second favorite band to see of the night..." [benjamin braddock]

Lo Fi Fnk will make you dance - even at 12:35 in the afternoon which is when they make their next appearance at the free BrooklynVegan show downstairs @ Fontana's - on the Lower East Side of Manhattan - TODAY (Friday, November 3rd, 2006). They go on after the Mugs and before Forward Russia! - what a nice way to start the day (or spend your lunch)....

Forward Russia! @ KEXP in NYC | NOV 2, 2006 (CRED / MORE)
Forward Russia @ KEXP

Fontana's has also agreed to provide $4.00 drinks all day - Bloody Marys, mimosas, domestic beer, and well drinks. I promise next time I'll have drink sponsors - I've learned a lot about how that works this time around.

As you may or may not know, Fontana's is two floors. The shows are downstairs where the DJs from Finger on the Pulse will be playing songs between the bands. A big dance floor, a pool table, a large bar, and a ton of places to sit are upstairs. That's where we'll have the following lineup of DJs playing all day for your listening pleasure:

12-1 Prince Klassen
1-2 Fit For Use
2-3 John Lee
3-4 Ian Orth (Learning Secrets)
4-5 GrecoRoman
5-6 Choimatic

DOWNLOAD: Fit For Use mix (MP3)

DOWNLOAD: Learning Secrets mix (MP3)

DOWNLOAD: DJ Never Forget (FOP) mix (MP3)

DOWNLOAD: Terry Diabolik (FOP) mix (MP3)


(and if you didn't already, get an MP3 from every artist on this bill)

and see you @ The Annex on Saturday.


and oh yeah, The Knife played 2 shows @ Webster Hall
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