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Flight of the Conchords @ SXSW

Jack Black: Right now, I would say our arch-rival is Borat because he's too fuckin' funny and his movie's coming out the same time as ours. That is a source of much fear and dread.

Kyle Gass: I saw those new whippersnappers from New Zealand, The Flight of the Conchords.

Jack Black: They're basically a folk version of the D. And I hear they're way better-looking than us. Which isn't saying much. But still.


The rest of the interview @ the Guardian. Aziz and Patton also performed at the SXSW show pictured above.

ALSO TONIGHT: Free Tenacious D movie tickets!

"Tuesday, November 14th @ 7 PM - Virgin Megastore Union Square, 52 East 14th Street, NYC Starting at 8 AM on Tuesday, 11/14, purchase Tenacious Ds new album, The Pick Of Destiny (regular CD or deluxe edition), at Virgin Megastore Union Square only, and receive a wristband that gets you on line to meet Jack Black and Kyle Gass and have your CD autographed! Time and space are limited get to the store early."

Movie trailer below....



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