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DOWNLOAD: Bad Brains - Big Take Over (MP3)

Bad Brains' HR @ Sasquatch

Bad Brains played an inspired set on the main stage, sailing from sultry dub reggae into raging hardcore as if the two were meant for each other. They’re the only band who could make that leap, and it’s great having them back. It was awesome hearing classic tracks like “Supertouch” and “Banned in DC” coming from the legendary quartet, played with a passion and ease that suggested they are very real and very glad to be here. HR stood unmoving at the mic, raising an occasional fist but mostly crooning and crowing as the band thrashed in the background. It was the only reggae-fied vibe at Sasquatch! this year and the sound fully suited the setting. [the stranger]
Bad Brains added some dub, raggae and punk to the day. The influential band was high energy and high impact. I was told Members of System of A Down were video taping the performance. [seattlepi]
* BAD BRAINS NYC show on sale + 2nd Oregon show added
* BAD BRAINS on a boat, new album - BEASTIE BOYS too
* Beastie Boys pre-Sasquatch



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Good News. can't wait for the NYC boat trip! I was at CB's when Bad Brains ripped it last year. Yeah, HR the happy crooner and all. I'm bringin' at least $250 bucks-and my one hitter. Can anyone give me the skinny on these Rocks Off cruises? Also who's opening for the band? I can't find shit on that!

Posted by brooke | May 29, 2007 11:28 AM

oh, Vegan thanks for the props on the show/ticket info. You're good about that kind of thing. This being the second time you recognized me for info given. Thanks! Great site...definitly a fav of mine! BrooklynVegan rocks!

Posted by brooke | May 29, 2007 1:57 PM

Is the band playing songs off the new album? Anyway as much as HR has changed from his energetic, volatile,hyper-kinetic rasta days of the 80's you gotta admit the mojo is incredible when he, earl, dj, and doc get together.

Posted by brooke | May 29, 2007 2:30 PM

Thanks! Great site...definitly a fav of mine! BrooklynVegan rocks!

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