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vegan man man

$35 tickets to the vegan dinner with Man Man sold out pretty quickly, BUT there is still room in the open-bar room that Man Man is playing in (Grand Harmony Palace @ 98 Mott St.), and you can go for just $10. You have to RSVP, but keep in mind that RSVP does not guarantee entry - It will still be first-come, first-serveed. Man Man's set time is 9:30.

Initial details on NY Magazine's next (June) event below....


Destroy art for a good cause. Rising art-world stars help us curate the worst art from this city of too much bad art already. And then our unqualified, but amusing, auctioneer will help explain just how ridiculous these works are and will sell them to the highest bidders, who can then add the pieces to their collections or have them destroyed live onstage. All auction proceeds will be going to a worthy art-related charity (which will not be a trust fund for photographers to take pictures of their hot friends puking topless).
* MAN MAN vegan dinner w/ ISA CHANDRA & NY Magazine
* NY Magazine's Indie Rock Karaoke



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just caught them at urban outfitters in boulder...twas rad indeed...

Posted by julio | May 23, 2007 1:28 PM

better than LOST

Posted by sawyer | May 24, 2007 2:19 AM

Great time last night!


Great venue!

Open Bar, fun Pom drinks

Lots of cool people

Fun toys at each seat! (we got the ultimate kazoo, my girlfriend played an awesome little fanfare each time we got a new meal. Just like on Pee Wee when the King of Cartoons made his entrance.)

Awesome chocolate cupcake for dessert!

Man Man was incredible, high energy, very propulsive, the crowd was way into them!


Very disorganized, ran about an hour and a half behind schedule. Idiot of the day award goes to whoever made the decision to individually assign tables, and escort people to them 2 or 4 at a time, instead of just making it first come first serve. That added over an hour to the start of the event.

The two girls who introduced the evening should not be making onstage introductions. The bad schtick about glass menagarie/menage a trois was too lame for even Mad TV.

The food was very blah. I'm not a vegetarian, but my girlfriend is, so I eat a lot of veggie food. We have better dinners at my house almost every night, and a nice veggie friendly place like Galaxy blows every course they served last night out of the water. Even ordering veggie at a run of the mill chinese restaurant would net you better eats than last night.

Nice try, though, on the food. Just wish the menu was a little more ambitious. Again, nothing was bad, just nothing too great.

Actually, the motzah ball miso soup was bad. Gummy matzoh ball, cold miso soup. Yuck.

Also, going asian for a gourmet vegan feast was a disapointment in itself. Asian is one of the easiest foods to eat vegan at any chinese or japanese restaurant. I was expecting some food surprises, and got nothing of the sort.

But the energy and novelty of the night truimphed over the mediocre food, and a good time was had by all.

(although I was pissed that I ate everything offered, and still left hungry...)

Posted by John | May 24, 2007 9:34 AM

I thought the food was pretty good. Unfortunately, there was a real lack of help in the kitchen, hence why things were coming out lukewarm.

The bartenders were a randy bunch, too!

Posted by db | May 24, 2007 9:41 AM

Where were the dumplings?

Posted by KL | May 24, 2007 10:25 AM

yea the food was kinda bad(cold, uninspired, no dumplings) and the event as a whole was poorly organized(long ass wait to get inside) but hey you cant fuck with free drinks and man man playing in a chinese restaurant. man man ruled ass and new york magazine should pay them extra for redeeming the entire event. they shoulda cut the bullshit and just had cupcakes, booze and man man.

Posted by Anonymous | May 24, 2007 11:11 AM

I second that request for the lotus dumplings. they sounded tasty. I'll let it slide bc the shiitake tempura with wasabe veganaise was mmmmm.

the bartenders were funny - they had no problem giving out as many drinks as you could carry and they were all getting nicely lit on cuervo shots in the meantime.

John's review is pretty spot on - food wasn't very adventurous and I could've eaten more but it is hard to cook for several hundred people. our tablemates were fun and man man killed it - great night

also, I heard you can get a partial refund on the ticket price if you cancel the magazine subscription.

Posted by dc | May 24, 2007 11:12 AM

Man Man were amazing. The food was terrible and cold. Plus our table only received 5 out of the 8 courses! But I did score a bottle of tequila for the walk home.

Posted by ep | May 24, 2007 11:36 AM

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Posted by Anonymous | May 24, 2007 12:07 PM

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Biographical material about Hitler's alleged or qualified vegetarianism are contradictory. He was sometimes described as a "vegetarian," but his fondness for sausages, caviar, and occasionally ham, was well known. Proctor writes that while Hitler was often held up as "the model of Nazi lifestyle," witnesses also noted backsliding. "Otto D. Tolischus in 1937 in The New York Times pointed out that the F├╝hrer was a vegetarian who 'does not drink or smoke' but who also 'occasionally relishes a slice of ham' along with delicacies such as caviar and chocolates." (Ibid.) Proctor is content to state that Hitler was a vegetarian who "occasionally would allow himself a dish of meat," (p. 135) and quotes The New York Times as stating that in addition to ham and caviar Hitler also occasionally ate squab. Whatever kind of vegetarian Hitler was, he was not the kind that Gandhi was.

Posted by John | May 24, 2007 12:21 PM

no dumplings and some fucking asshole stole my toy drum when i went to go see the show. but yes. the bartenders got us very drunk.

Posted by Anonymous | May 24, 2007 1:54 PM

The food was awesome, and those daikon latkes were incredible, as was the shitake tempura and the jicama/ corn thing. The open bar was great.

Posted by Lillet | May 25, 2007 8:26 AM

The open bar was great.

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