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by Klaus Kinski

Megadeth @ Irving Plaza (the Fillmore), NYC - Sept 26, 2007(CRED)
Megadeth @ Irving Plaza

I was faced with a difficult choice on Wednesday; I could either see one of my comedic idols, Zach Galifianakis, get interviewed at UCB by the wonderful Carl Arnheinter. OR I could experience one of my all-time top favorite metal Gods, Dave Mustaine, tear the Fillmore a new a-hole with his newest incarnation of the band Megadeth. Thankfully, the choice was made for me; Zach canceled.

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Let me start by saying that Megadeth’s show at the Fillmore was probably one of the best shows I've ever been to, of any genre. It had all of the qualities of the metal shows I used to go to as a teenager, only this time around I'm tall enough to see over everyone's heads and have ample time to brace myself for an incoming crowd surfer or out of control mosher. As the jam-packed and sweaty crowd threw up the devil horns, moshed, threw cups of beer, crowd surfed, moshed, and, occasionally, lost shoes or other bits of clothing, Megadeth tore through as good a set list I ever could have dreamed of. The set consisted mainly of their classics peppered with only a few newer ones. For a fan like me who tuned out most of the records that followed the masterpiece Rust in Peace, the show couldn't have been better.

Going in I was a bit skeptical of seeing Megadeth without Dave Ellefson, Nick Menza, and Marty Friedman, who, with Mustaine, were the ultimate line-up Megadeth ever had. But the crew Mustaine put together had absolutely no problem taking over. Sure, nobody could ever match the 'ultimate' line-up, but these guys are as good a forgery as you could possibly get. And, boy, I sure am a sucker for drum kits that have more cymbals and drums than any human could ever possibly use.

The biggest problem with the metal scene nowadays, for me, is that it is saturated with loads and loads of terrible bands that devote their time and effort to tuning their guitars as low as possible, screaming as loudly and incoherently as humanly possible, and modeling their looks to fit some dark, morbid, and grubby aesthetic. And this trend is always reinforced to me by opening bands at metal shows. One of the openers for Megadeth, however, was surprisingly adept at playing really good metal that at times harkened back to the old days. The Confession played solid, anthemic metal with particular focus on awesome guitar harmonies. Not saying they're the best metal band in the world, but they do bring something really good classic metal to the table.

Another review complete with setlist, clips, and pics can be found at Ear Farm


* Megadeth - 2007 Tour Dates



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Comments (16)

The Confesion are awful. The openers really kept me away from this show, and I wish that they hadn't :(

Posted by Anonymous | September 28, 2007 7:39 PM

The real question is: Peace sells, but who's buying?

Posted by Martin priceyeah | September 28, 2007 8:04 PM

Kinda wish this didn't sell out so quickly. I would've liked to have seen this.

Posted by Anonymous | September 28, 2007 9:35 PM

THE SHOW KICKED ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by S!B! | September 28, 2007 9:52 PM

glad to see mustaine hasnt changed his look since like 86, and i am actually being serious. whenever i look at the members of metallica i just laugh. hetfield reminds me of like a really cool and hip lawyer now or like he may have his own greg behrendt type talk show any day now. with all that said, like you i celebrated their entire catalogue up until countdown to extinction which was pretty bad..

Posted by gregor | September 29, 2007 12:02 AM

I saw the classic lineup about ten years ago, and trust me, they weren't awesome. A bit boring, I suspect Mustaine was trashed.

Surprisingly, the openers were Life of Agony with the singer from Ugly Kid Joe on vocal duties, and they weren't bad at all.

Posted by Anonymous | September 29, 2007 8:46 AM

"Kinda wish this didn't sell out so quickly. I would've liked to have seen this"

what an enlightening comment. thanks so much for adding to the discussion!

Posted by Anonymous | September 29, 2007 9:11 AM

i was laughing to myself reading all of the people talking about how bad the Beirut show was that happened the same night at this Megadeth show. totally different ends of the spectrum in so many ways, i can't say i'm too surprised at which turned out to be the better show.

and Klaus is right, i definitely couldn't have dreamed up a more ideal setlist. this show was obviously all about, and for, the fans. i wish more bands of Megadeth's ilk would play shows the size of this one as one-off tours just for the fans. sorry to say, but if you missed out, you really missed out.

Posted by EF Matt | September 29, 2007 10:25 AM

Anon. 9:11 AM, you must be new to BV comments.

Posted by Anonymous | September 29, 2007 6:25 PM

Kalus - am I underage, or are my journalistic instincts sniffing at another possible story? I speak of... Zach, two cancels in as many weeks. Knitting Factory Variety Shaq Zach cancellation, now this Zach cancellation? Is Hollywood beckoning too much, or is Zach just blowing dates off at whim? Comedic interns are yearning for info.

Posted by Dfactor | September 29, 2007 11:55 PM

Dfactor, you're not wrong in your curiosity. Not only were the Zach events you spoke of canceled, but he also canceled the following tour stops:

Buffalo, NY
Dallas, TX
Bethany, WV
University of Nebraska
Las Vegas

Very suspect indeed. Personally, I just hope he's OK and that these cancelations are work related and not due to personal problems.

PS: I would have chosen Megadeth over Zach any day. Sorry beardo

Posted by klaus_kinski | September 30, 2007 2:28 AM

I love Variety SHAQ especially Qhelsea Peretti

Posted by Anonymous | September 30, 2007 2:33 AM

The Megadeth show was in fact good, but it was hard to live up to, since I was fortunate enough to have seen the 'classic' line-up on the Rust in Peace tour, in about '91, at a place smaller than Irving Plaza. The current drummer does what he is suppose to, but doesn't play with anywhere near the ability that Nick Menza did! Only playing about half the fills that Menza did. Otherwise a good show and Mustiane is still quite excellent.

Posted by Anonymous | October 1, 2007 3:16 PM


Posted by Anonymous | October 31, 2007 5:41 PM

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