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DOWNLOAD: Le Castlevania - Trouble In Daylight (LA Riots Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Justice - D.V.N.O.--LA-Riots-Bootleg (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Justice - D.A.N.C.E (Alan Braxe Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - You'll Stay In My Heart (feat Savage) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Digitalism - Zdarlight (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Daft Punk - Face to face [Cosmo Vitelli rmx] (MP3)

This week seems to be the kick off of CMJ-like festivities for dance fans. I'm (almost) more excited for this week than next...

LA RiotsWednesday (Oct 10, 2007) is the final Tales of Colt 45 at Studio B with LA Riots' NY debut. I've been playing a lot of LA Riots remixes and originals recently. They do a great job of balancing their sound somewhere between big room house and the overly crunchy Justice-emulators out there and come out sounding really fresh. Don't believe me? Check their Kid Sister remix just launched on their Riotspace. The party is free, booze is free, and you also get live sets from Purple Crush, Health, The Mall, + Yip Yip, as well as DJ sets from Lauren Flax, Robot Blair, and me. Get on the list and come dance with us.

Thursday night (Oct 11) is a tough decision. The Field open for !!! at Webster Hall, Modular hosts Digitalism live at Studio B, and Moby launches "his" Degenerates party at Hiro Ballroom with DJ sets by the bald one himself, Stretch Armstrong, The Juan Maclean, and Alex from Holy Ghost!.

More events, music, news, & tour dates, below.....

Lo-Fi-Fnk @ Fontana's, NYC (BV CMJ show) - Nov 3, 2006 (more)
Lo Fi Fnk

Friday (Oct 12) night the Klaxons come back for a headline set at Webster (afterparty info when I get it), Lo-Fi-Fnk open for Architecture in Helsinki at Studio B, the disco ninja Brennan Green headlines our People Don't Dance No More party at 200 Orchard.

Alan BraxeSaturday night (Oct 13) = What the fuck?
Seriously one of the biggest bills to come through town in quite some time: ALAN BRAXE & DJ FALCON play Fixed at Studio B. Between these two Parisian cousins, and their varied production partners, they are responsible for "Music Sounds Better With You", "Intro", "Rubicon", "Vertigo", "Together", "So Much Love To Give", and anything else from produced in Paris from 1998 - 2002 that gives you goosebumps when you hear it. No excuses for missing this show. French Touch invasion part 2.


MUSICLA Riots - 2007 Tour Dates
Oct 10 - Vice Magazine Party w/ Purple Crush & Lauren (Best DJ in NY) Flax New York City, New York
Oct 12 - Indie 103.1 Radio Show hosted by The Crystal Method Los Angeles, California
Oct 18 - Reid Speeds Birthday Bash Los Angeles, California
Oct 20 - Hella Sweet! Charlotte, North Carolina
Oct 25 - The New Guard 1 Year Anniversary w/ Treasure Fingers Chicago, Illinois
Oct 26 - Fly Fridays Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Oct 28 - Revolution w/ MSTRKRFT & Lazaro Casanova Las Vegas, Nevada
Nov 1 - The Heist Los Angeles, California
Nov 2 - First Fridays Phoenix, Arizona
Nov 24 - Bass Sessions with Craze, Klever, Tittsworth, Killa Kela and more.. San Fran, California
Nov 29 - Opening for The Bravery Los Angeles, California
Nov 30 - TBA Tijuana, México
Dec 1 - TBA San Diego, California
Dec 5 - Mexico Mini Tour (TBC) Puebla, México
Dec 6 - Mexico Mini Tour (TBC) Monterrey, México
Dec 7 - Mexico Mini Tour w/ Surkin Mexico City, México

Digitalism - 2007 Tour Dates
Oct 10 - LIVE @ MID EAST CLUB USA / Boston
Oct 11 - LIVE @ STUDIO B USA / Brooklyn - New York
Oct 12 - LIVE @ MAKING TIME at TRANSIT USA / Philadelphia PA
Oct 13 - LIVE @ CLUB SODA CA / Montreal
Oct 17 - LIVE @ THE MOD CLUB CA / Toronto
Oct 18 - LIVE @ GROG SHOP USA / Cleveland
Oct 19 - LIVE @ SMART BAR USA / Chicago IL
Oct 22 - LIVE @ CHOP SUEY USA / Seattle WA
Oct 23 - LIVE @ DOUG FIR LOUNGE USA / Portland OR
Oct 24 - VENUE TBA (DJ-SET) USA / Houston
Oct 25 - VENUE TBA (DJ-SET) MEX / Mexico City
Oct 26 - LIVE @ MEZZANINE USA / San Francisco
Nov 10 - LIVE @ I LOVE TECHNO BE / Gent
Nov 12 - LIVE @ ZODIAC UK / Oxford
Nov 14 - LIVE @ CONCORDE 2 UK / Brighton
Nov 15 - LIVE @ BARFLY UK / Birmingham
Nov 17 - LIVE @ WAREHOUSE PROJECT UK / Manchester
Nov 18 - LIVE @ FLEECE UK / Bristol
Nov 19 - LIVE @ ACADEMY 2 UK / Newcastle
Nov 23 - LIVE @ ÜBEL & GEFÄHRLICH DE / Hamburg
Dec 7 - LIVE @ WATERGATE DE / Berlin
Dec 8 - SECRET SHOW (DJ-SET) DE / Munich
Dec 14 - LIVE @ ROCKER 33 DE / Stuttgart
Dec 21 - LIVE @ OSTWERK DE / Augsburg
Feb 2 - HIVE CLUB (DJ-SET) CH / Zürich




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Did anyone hear about this new announcement by Trent Reznor? Nine Inch Nails is officially under no contract and is a free agent.

Posted by jellydonot | October 9, 2007 8:14 AM

I don't think I'm going, just because of that orange trucker hat on that doods head.

Posted by Anonymous | October 9, 2007 8:28 AM

Good call on Pitchfork airballing the Daft Punk interview. That shit is retarded.

Posted by Drugs Delaney | October 9, 2007 9:12 AM

the field live is about as interesting as me sitting at my desk writing this comment

Posted by Anonymous | October 9, 2007 9:17 AM

i'm gonna try to cab it from webster hall to studio b on thursday and catch all of the above.

to be honest, i fucked up and bought tickets to both without realizing i was double boooking myself. if i had to make a choice though, it would be digitalism.

Posted by Anonymous | October 9, 2007 9:30 AM

Good news about the Trent Reznor free agency. The Yanks could use him in their bullpen.

I Can't Dance
I can't dance.
I can't dance.
Besides, I'm two feet shorter than the girls are.
All these dancing parties are just plain dumb.
When they asked, I should have said, "I can't come."
There's a girl with braces,
Standing by the punch bowl and she's making funny faces.
I guess she wants to dance.
I can't dance.
I can't dance.
Besides I look so awful in these braces.
If that boy wants me to dance, I'll just die.
I'm so tall, and he's about three feet high.
Ever since September,
I've been taking dancing lessons, now I can't remember
How the heck to dance.
Pardon me.
My name's Jeff.
And I don't mind if you are tall and skinny.
And those braces on your teeth,
They're real neat.
Thank you for the compliment, Gee you're sweet.
Your name is Carlotta.
I met you last summer when we went to Camp Granada.
We oughta try to dance.
Right foot first.
Left foot next.
I think you're sposed to do it to the music.
You don't really look so bad, just your ears.
When do you take your braces off?
Four more years.
By the time your teeth are ready,
I'll be two feet taller, and I'll ask you to go steady.
Then we'll dance

Posted by Anonymous | October 9, 2007 9:41 AM

"the field live is about as interesting as me sitting at my desk writing this comment"

hear, hear.

Posted by Anonymous | October 9, 2007 10:43 AM

Trentemoller are making their new york debut on saturday at rebel.

Posted by Anonymous | October 9, 2007 11:18 AM

!!! to hiro. holla.

Posted by Anonymous | October 9, 2007 11:25 AM

Speaking of Daft Punk

Posted by Anonymous | October 9, 2007 2:39 PM

Also Wednesday and half dance

Posted by Mike | October 9, 2007 3:42 PM

Is Alan Braxe gonna be playing in an electro pyramid as well?

Posted by Matt | October 9, 2007 5:50 PM

webster hall !!! show was lot of fun.

Posted by Anonymous | October 12, 2007 11:03 AM

i thought the !!! show last night was a little disappointing, they seemed tired and didn't play that long, they were as great as always but it's different with just nic on vocals, and the crowd not getting into intensify really was lame

Posted by Anonymous | October 12, 2007 11:30 AM

Thanks for the link david. Of interest to you Francophiles, Daft Punk provided the soundtrack to the Louis Vuitton women's Spring/Summer '08 Fashion Show in Paris This week (10/8/07). They played a stripped down 20 minute mix of their tracks, and some of the new-school remixes (SebastiAn, Kanye, etc.). You can see it here. Click on Women's Spring/Summer '08. Also, check out Pharell's blog, for a cool picture or two. I love how much he loves the robots!

And if you get the chance, please do check My Blog for some more of that yummy French shit.

Posted by Solid Goldberger | October 13, 2007 2:11 AM

The Field crushed on Friday, the audience was just way lame.

Dj Falcon and Alex Braxe raised the bar tonight though...

you'll hear about it, they had a lot of love to give.

Posted by Anonymous | October 14, 2007 4:52 AM

Actually, I was a little dissappointed with DJ Falcon and Alex Braxe. I don't know which one was wearing the black shirt but he was definitely better than the one with the beard and white t-shirt. many times can you hear "The Music Sounds Better With You"? Also, where was all that amazing filtered french house shit you hear on blogs like Solid Golberger's?

Posted by Anonymous | October 14, 2007 3:36 PM

The Music Always Sounds Better with Alan Braxe and DJ Falcon. "On the flo get downy."

Posted by Anonymous | October 15, 2007 12:53 AM

the version of d.v.n.o. that is posted here and floating around the blogs isnt the same one the guys have been playing out. second half of their version is different. apparently that version is the one that is coming out on the next ed banger e.p.

Posted by anonymous | October 16, 2007 5:07 PM

great taste just like me lol

Posted by Chaalz | March 16, 2008 4:44 PM

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