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DOWNLOAD: Since I Came (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Thirty Year Low (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Aspect of an Old Maid (alt. take) (MP3)

Mendoza Line

....Over the years, The Mendoza Line has featured not one but several songwriters; the band's original musical cornerstone was the songs of founding members Timothy Bracy and Peter Hoffman. Other members included Lori Carrier, Margaret Maurice, Paul Deppler and Andres Galdames. In 2000, Shannon McArdle joined the outfit, and became a major contributor to the songwriting, beginning with that year's We're All In This Alone. 2002's Lost In Revelry continued the string of favorably reviewed, but poor-selling albums. After 2004's Fortune, Hoffman took a hiatus from the band, while Bracy and McArdle were married in 2005. That year the couple released an album, the more electronica-dappled The View From The Floor, as a duo under the name Slow Dazzle. Entertainment Weekly declared that 2005's Full of Light And Full of Fire contained "the prettiest protest songs imaginable." In a turn of events that recalls the story of their songwriting heroes Richard and Linda Thompson, Bracy and McArdle announced their divorce in 2007. The band will issue a final recording called 30 Year Low, along with a bonus disc combining covers, live tracks and rarities in August of 2007. [Wikipedia]
Though a bit out of date, that Wikipedia entry sums up the sad story that is the Mendoza Line. The three MP3s (above) are all from that last album. Even more MP3's at their website.

In happier news, Timothy is still making music. His new band is called "Timothy Bracys Collection Agency", and you can catch him for free at my party upstairs at Pianos with Doveman and Craig Wedren on Saturday October 20th (6:15 pm). Tim's other CMJ show is a Yep Roc party on October 18th at the-soon-to-be-closed Mo Pitkins. Details on all of Yep Roc's CMJ happenings, below....

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18 TH REDEYE 10 TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY AT CMJ UPSTAIRS (FULL BAND) STAGE : 12:00-12:40 Child Ballads 1:00-1:40 Apollo Heights 2:00-2:40 Division Day 3:00-3:40 The Coast 4:00-4:40 Camphor 5:00-5:40 The Narrator DOWNSTAIRS (ACOUSTIC) STAGE : 12:40-1:00 Timothy Bracy of The Mendoza Line 1:40-2:00 A.A. Bondy (ex-Verbena) 2:40-3:00 Chris Bathgate 3:40-4:00 John Bustine 4:40-5:00 Eli "Paperboy" Reid OFFICIAL YEP ROC CMJ SHOWCASE 8:00-8:40 – Craig Wedren 9:00-9:40 – Rock Plaza Central 10:00-10:40 – The American Princes 11:00-11:40 – The Golden Dogs 12:00-12:40 – Liam Finn 1:00-1:40 – Heloise & The Savoir Faire

Noon-1:00pm – meet-and-greet/drinks
1:00pm-1:40pm - Rock Plaza Central
2:00pm-2:40pm – The American Princes
3:00pm- 3:40pm – The Golden Dogs
4:00pm-4:40pm - Liam Finn
5:00pm-5:40pm – Heloise & The Savoir Faire

All events are at Mo' Pitkins – 34 Avenue A at Houston



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Sorry to hear (divorce sucks for everyone), but Shannon is now available?? Sweet!

Posted by Anonymous | October 15, 2007 3:43 PM

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