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Linda Stein

A former schoolteacher with a degree from Columbia, Stein co-managed with Danny Fields a group of Forest Hills upstarts called the Ramones. Here Stein is pictured outside of CBGB in 1976 (fifth from the left) with (from l. to r.) Joey Ramone, Tommy Ramone, Iggy Pop, Seymour Stein, Dee Dee Ramone and Johnny Ramone.
Linda Stein was murdered in her apartment on Tuesday night....

Linda Stein

A punk-rock pioneer called the "Realtor to the Stars" for brokering deals for Madonna, Sting and other big-name celebs was bludgeoned to death in her swanky Fifth Ave. penthouse, police said Wednesday.

Linda Stein, 62, was found Tuesday night by her daughter, filmmaker Mandy Stein, lying in a pool of blood in the $2.5 million pad at 965 Fifth Ave. on the upper East Side.

The city medical examiner ruled her death a homicide yesterday, determining the 5-foot-tall woman died from blunt-force trauma to the head and neck.

"It doesn't seem possible," said one of Stein's neighbors, Seymour Holtzman, 72. "It's probably the safest building I know. ... It's shocking."

Stein helped her ex-husband, music mogul Seymour Stein, found Sire Records in the 1970s, a label that launched the careers of Madonna, Talking Heads and Depeche Mode.

Her close friend, Danny Fields, said he was stunned when the Daily News told him about Stein's murder. [Daily News]



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I met her way back in 1977 when The Ramones came to the UK for the second time.

She was a fun lady.

Posted by joly | November 1, 2007 1:38 PM


Maybe there really is a Ramones curse..

Posted by Steve | November 1, 2007 1:55 PM

How awful. And likely killed by someone she knew.

Posted by Anonymous | November 1, 2007 6:03 PM

RIP. Really fucking unnecessary to kill someone you don't know like that, especially someone in their twilight.

Posted by Chris | November 1, 2007 6:50 PM

I felt like I knew her because I read about her often in New York magazine. What a terrible thing to happen.

Posted by Rhea | November 1, 2007 10:09 PM

It's always such a tragedy when somebody so talentless, opportunistic and incredibly wealthy is so needlessly murdered.

Posted by Anonymous | November 2, 2007 3:06 PM

A terrible, terrible tradgedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to Ms. Stein's immediate family and friends. A wonderful woman with the greatest musical tastes. A shocking loss.

Posted by David | November 2, 2007 8:59 PM

She must have created a great deal of bad karma.

Posted by anonymous | November 3, 2007 2:00 PM

Anon. 11/2 3:06 PM: Jealous much?

If she became wealthy at the expense of the rich people whose real estate deals she brokered, so what? If you're alleging that she ripped off the Ramones, then say so explicitly and cite a source.

Posted by Contempt For Wealth Is A Trick Of The Rich To Keep The Poor From Getting At It | November 3, 2007 2:43 PM

Lets be hnest She was a b*thch.,
she yelled and said F-ed off 2 everyone
UNLESS YOU were worth money to her for her to profit from
she was pushy loud and horrible
She was cursing people out back stage at Joey Ramone's street memorial at CBGB's pushing people "get the F**K out of my way. It was understandably talented., unwittenly she shoved some one very "FAMOUS" who just ingnored her when she pushed him aside
You'd hear here before you saw her
She was like the blonde with the poodle in MIDNOGHT COWBOY who hussled "JOE BUCK"., the actress Sylvia Miles., same grating voice
Its not surprising someone bashed her head in.., no body came to help her and I am sure she cursed and screamed till her last breath
No wonder Seymour Stein her husband went gay or finally relieze YES I AM GAY!
Still its a horrible thing., I would rather if someone got there head bashed in it was George W Bush!

Posted by Dio's | November 5, 2007 10:12 AM


You are advocating the violent murder of the President of the U.S.? Very uncool. Think before you post.

Bob in D.C.

p.s. Even if the George W. really was as incompetent as you seem to think, one does not deserve to die for incompetence. And google the opinion of either Bono or Bob Geldof to see exactly how competent in the area of human rights and really saving lives some people realize taht he was .. they both credit him with saving literally millions. Even in his most screwed up endeavors (Iraq, Afghanistan) Bush certainly did not leave the lives of people (especially women, Kurds, and Christians) any worse off than they were before .. the tragedy there is only that he did not do a better job there. But his heart was definitely in the right place. It is very sad at the few thousand American lives lost (I am a soldier myself), but unless you are extremely nationalistic, you have to admit that from a world perspective, the millions of lives saved and the freedom gained may have been worth it.

Posted by Bob | March 4, 2008 1:36 AM

What a great comment. Thank you for the sanity. It made my day to read something thoughtful, realistic, and courageously intelligent for a change.

Linda Stein, RIP.

Dio appears to be a very mean, jealous person who probably hates in others what he/she most fears in themself.

Posted by Foo | May 23, 2008 3:48 PM

Think before you post. Bob in D.C. ( your words BOB practice what you preach?)

In your own words, " the FEW? THOUSAND American LIVES lost (I am a soldier myself) not so impressed BOB?, but unless you are extremely nationalistic, you have to admit that from a world perspective, the millions of LIVES SAVED? and the FREEDOM? gained may have been worth it."

This is what an educated person would consider to be the definition of an OXYMORON. This ones for you Bob in D.C. definition is "a combination of contradictory words ( as cruel Kindness). But then again considering the source this why I had to write in the definition for BOB? So, he too can be in the loop of things from whatever far off planet he is writing from that he must be enjoying with "FOO or may I say FOOL?" that also supports your comment.

Yes it is sad BOB when one loses a life for "OIL & POWER" that is used against us and we pay there salaries. While we sit by listening to all the Political propaganda fed to us from the bought out media of LARGE Corporations in the House Representatives & the Senate.

Either you have a high ranking in the service or you work at the Pentagon? You must live on a planet so far from the truth you believe all the lies they are telling you from our own "President Mr. George W. Bush?"

That is great that you support a President that has been convicted and proven of a "D.U.I." and "COCAINE" charge. But, Hey that was the eight's right BOB?
This is the type of person we should lay down a "few thousand American lives" for right BOB? just using your words again.
That "FOO or FOOL" your supporter states " Thank you for the sanity. It made my day to read something thoughtful?, realistic?, and courageously? INTELLIGENT??? for a change."

The Both of you need to stay away from the drug induced coma you are both in. Because this is not Alice and Wonderland that we are living in today BOB? OK?

Just To Finally End This Rant and what got me Started with this comment with BOB the service man (so what BOB you were in the service.)
This does not give you the right to belittle the lives of a "Few Thousand American LIVES!!! lost???" To say George W. Bush is your GOD not AMERICAS or AMERICANS GOD. He is the President yes a man that was placed NOT elected but placed by AMERICAN CORPORATIONS with their own wealth and power so they can prosper and weed out the MIDDLE CLASS AMERICAN that IS THE BACKBONE OF AMERICA and the Worlds ECONOMY BOB .

Please get the Story straight BOB it is not about a President you support its about PEOPLE BOB the FEW THOUSAND you feel we can sacrifice for the power of "OIL?" BOB?

The reason I am writing this to you and the FOOL that supports you is that of those "FEW THOUSAND PEOPLE YOU FEEL WE CAN SACRIFICE BOB."

I hope you read this BOB?


OF those few THOUSAND Americans lost lives you mention FIVE came from my STATE of California and two from my own immediate FAMILY BOB.

I am a U.S.C. graduate BOB that has LOST his FATHER and BROTHER to this war in 2005. My father was in the reserves and my younger brother became a Marine when my Father died in 05'. My Brother then also became one of the next "FEW thousand American lives lost" in this weird and cynical world you believe in BOB. The other three were two friends of mine from High School we played Varsity Football together in the early eighties and the last one from the three was an ex-girlfriend of mine which was the mother of my child that we had out of Wedlock. This is my reality BOB!!!

EDWIN STARR sang it best by asking the question so many other AMERICANS in the Nation were asking themselves in the 1970's before NIXON resigned "WAR! GOOD GOD, YAH, WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! SAY IT AGAIN BOB." "WAR!!!"

A word for "BOB in D.C." your own words again,"Think before you post." No one has the right to belittle a life like you have BOB because, you were in the service again so what?

Until you lose someone close in your life and in this war you can Vent all you want. But until then "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" You ignorant self centered ASSHOLE that you are for making the comment you had written to "DIO'S" in speaking about a WAR you know nothing about MORON!!!

You are telling me and the people on this blog that we are in a better place then we were before this WAR? and that the ECONOMY is STRONGER than ever because of it???
Take your head out of the sand BOB and breath the smog that we are creating and just die. For the sake of other Americans out there do not belittle them with your ignorant snide remarks it does not suite you and the FOOL that supports your comment it only supports my comment of a wise man stated in the past that "IGNORENCE RUNS BLISS" in this world and it is sad to say you are their leader with the full support of "FOO or FOOL" which I prefer in calling them.




Posted by R.U. 4 real? makes me sad 4 r future!!! | August 24, 2008 11:12 PM




Posted by BOB & FOO | August 24, 2008 11:16 PM

She must have created a great deal of bad karma.

Posted by louis | October 17, 2009 12:36 PM

She hired the monkey then set the monkey off. It should be like a year in jail.

Posted by Dirty jew | September 26, 2010 11:56 AM

A terrible, terrible tradgedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to Ms. Stein's immediate family and friends. A wonderful woman with the greatest musical tastes. A shocking loss.

Posted by شات اكابر | February 2, 2011 10:26 PM

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