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Ray Davies @ Camden Roadhouse, Oct 28, 2007 (CRED)
Ray Davies

Band of Horses, Tom Verlaine and Ray Davies join Sufjan Stevens and Philip Glass on the lineup of this year's Tibest House benefit concert at Carnegie Hall. Ray Davies also played the show in 2005. What I remember most about it is that he has really enthusiastic fans. This year's show is on Wed. February 13th....

Concert tickets are $35-$108 and can be purchased by calling 212.247.7800 or in person at the Carnegie Hall Box Office (57th Street & Seventh Avenue). Concert-only tickets are not available through Tibet House.
Sufjan has also played it before.

Ray Davies recently said the Kinks would reunite. Then Dave Davies denied it.



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Ray Davies also played in 2003. He sang Waterloo sunset with Bowie. It was amazing!

Posted by halified | January 16, 2008 10:59 AM

Ray Davies has been there I believe the last 4 years in a row, does he have any other gigs. I like the kinks and ray, but tibet house has to move on. Regardless will still be there, always a great show.
Nawang Khechog is phenomenal! Sufjan Steven's version of Ring Them Bells on the 'I'm Not There' Soundtrack is out of this world. Definitely thinking outside the box when covering that particular one, nothing like it.

Posted by rescueblues | January 16, 2008 12:12 PM

when you're not foaming at the mouth about bands like dirty projectors or grizzly bear do you ever bother to take a little time to listen to the kinks? or the beatles? or even get a little adventurous and maybe check out the velvet underground??

has enthusiastic fans?

he's one of the greatest songwriters of the 20th century.

how can you even write about music when you don't seem to have any personal relationship with the bands that influence everyone spend hours posting backstage pictures of?

how can anyone be so inane, ludicrous and trite?

Posted by Anonymous | January 16, 2008 1:17 PM


I'm not sure how you decided that my observation that Ray Davies fans were "enthusiastic" (aka make themself known to the point of becoming part of the show themselves) led you to believe that I am not familiar with the work of the Kinks, The Beatles and The Velvet Underground, but ok.

I don't really know how to respond to you, but I could point out that I've seen Lou Reed play multiple Tibet House shows, and elsewhere many times, and I don't believe he has fans that are as "enthusiastic".

Posted by brooklynvegan | January 16, 2008 1:32 PM

I'm with Anon 1:17. The ONLY thing you had to say about that incredible, ethereal performance at last year's Tibet House was that "he had enthusiastic fans"?

Nothing about Debbie Harry vamping him the whole time during "Lola" or what a great matchup that duet was for that particular song?

Nothing about how you could have heard a pin drop when he sang "Days"?

It was the fact that you had nothing else to comment on except his fans were enthusiastic that makes you seem ignorant.

It was the complete lack of detail except "haha, the old people are so funny because they get excited at shows and sing along and seem like they are having fun" that makes you seem shallow and vapid.

I just feel sorry for you that you got nothing out of Ray's performance except that his fans are enthusiastic.

And there's a difference between having heard music as a catalog item and actually getting it.
Clearly, you don't.

As for "tibet house has to move on" - um, asshole. Guests are invited and guests also agree to perform. You're right up there with the gothamist commenter who wished patti smith would die so she could stop hogging bowery ballroom on new year's eve.

Posted by grumpy old fart | January 16, 2008 2:51 PM

Thanks for calling me an asshole old fart for some comment I made on a blog, guess you haven't learned any manners or etiquette in your old age. My point is paying the $85 every year (and you have to commend Tibet House for not raising the price of the tickets in I would say 10 since I've been going) I would love to see new faces (except for Patti, she is a staple), but Ray comes in with the same act every year if you ask me. I don't know any recent Tibet House performer that has played the event 4 in a row (or 4 out of 5 however many times Ray has done it recently), maybe Ray should move on. And Old Fart I fully appreciate how difficult it is to book the event and how many 'surprise' guest appear during the evening because Philip Glass asked them a night/week before. Take it EZ.

Posted by rescueblues | January 16, 2008 4:02 PM

again. my initial criticism really was meant to be at both yours and the blogosphere in general's obsession with whatever's new and marketed and complete lack of interest in furthering any appreciation of great records from the past-unless it somehow gets linked to something "new and exciting" you're talking about now.

i mean even the mainstream media, magazines like rolling stone or whatever, occasionally indulge us with a look back at important or influential records.

it just really seems like this is a news feed, and you have zero taste or actual love or emotional connection to records-the irony being that any musician worth anything, even your beloved Kate Nash, would talk at length about bands like the Beatles or the Velvet Underground if given the opportunity.

instead you just talk about dropping $85 to see Lou Reed. that's my point. so what!!! do you ever sit around for weeks at a time listening to something like Street Hassle, loving the nuance or era or mood it evokes? if you do there really isn't ever a sense of it on this blog.

i mean im sure you're busy answering emails, opening promos, etc. it just bums me out because it feels like there was all this promise when blogs started having influence, and now it's just like, yeah you do a really good job liking what people tell you to like right now.

i mean people will like Of Montreal's asshole for months, but just once i'd like to read a post about how great a band like Sparks were (an obvious influence on that band that probably wasn't in the press release because i've never seen it mentioned here)

do something like listening to the fucking BEATLES for an entire day, just once, and then maybe you'd be on the road to something like genuine insight rather than "so and so is doing such and such soon."

Posted by Anonymous | January 16, 2008 11:44 PM

i prefer hearing about new music.

Posted by fact | January 17, 2008 2:16 PM

Are you kidding? Y-O-U are lucky to be on the planet the same time as RAY DAVIES. TIBET HOUSE is lucky to have him in their line-up (as a STAPLE) for as long as he graciously accepts their invitation. And the audience & supporters can only count their lucky stars.

And for the record, Mr. Davies has been touring or performing virtually non-stop FOR YEARS! Check out his new material & check out a show! He'll (hopefully) be in the NY area AGAIN this spring after he (YES! HE DOES HAVE OTHER GIGS!) returns from his tour in Australia & New Zealand!

This ENTHUSIASTIC fan looks forward to another great performance by RAYMOND DOUGLAS DAVIES, CBE!

Posted by rose | February 9, 2008 11:34 AM

i have gone for the past 6 years. ray davies is a gracious participant end of story. that said i am worried they don't have enough new bands this year. the concert has been great about incorporating new artists. Band of horses is a great choice to bring some rock chops to the stage. they could use one more new performer

Posted by Sloth | February 10, 2008 3:06 PM

the funniest part of the show was when verlaine ended his set by singing about going to wal-mart when he dies...
...and then band of horses came on.

they played well, i'm just commenting on the irony. please don't start a 'sell-out/no sell-out' thread.

Posted by Anonymous | February 14, 2008 10:23 AM

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