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Waggy Tail Flyer

Waggytail Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates animals from the NYC shelters. All proceeds from this show go directly to the care of the animals.



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I wanted to leave a message with Lisa Levy if I could:

Hi, Lisa.

I was just watching Peoples Court on TV and saw your segment.

I'm curious, did you used to work at Biederman Kelly and Schaffer about 30 years ago? Both my wife Kelly DesRoches and I used to work there and we think you're the same Lisa Levy.

I'm glad you won the case.

I too am an animal lover. I'm into wild bird rehabbing and it's nice to see the road you got on. :-)

Feel free to email back to me...

All our best,
Dan & Kelly

Daniel Woldin

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