Posted in music on June 4, 2008

Eric Fischl

Crossing the Line, an innovative exhibition featuring original prints and provocative recordings by prominent artists and art world figures, including Eric Fischl, Daniel Johnston and Andy Warhol, will open at the June Kelly Gallery on Saturday, June 21. The works will remain on view through August 1.

Organized by Jeff Gordon, who has been producing original sound recordings of leading visual artists since the early 1980s, the exhibition also highlights Connie Beckley, Ivan Karp, Carter Ratcliff and Path Soong. Beckley, Fischl, Johnston and Soong contribute prints to the exhibition.

Gordon says that in all but one of the recordings "the human voice becomes the instrument of insight, information, humor, poetry and memory."....

You'll notice that the previously-listed Daniel Johnston "art event" coincides with the opening date of this exhibition which is one day after Daniel plays Warsaw. Stay tuned for more details on that. Read more about the art exhibition HERE.



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