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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: F*ck The Facts - "The Storm" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: F*ck The Facts - "Absence & Despite" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Amenra - "Razoreater" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Grand Magus - "Like The Oar Strikes The Water" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Grand Magus - "Silver Into Steel" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Soulfly - "Unleash" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Humanfly - "Shot Into Space" (EDIT) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Cavalera Conspiracy - LIVE in Arendal, Norway on June 26 2008 (PROFESSIONALLY SHOT WMV, Megaupload)


Welcome to This Week In Metal, Special Potty Mouth Edition! Fuck The Facts shall rage from sea to sea as they begin "Grinding Into Cataclysm" (their tour name) with Psyopus, War From A Harlot's Mouth, and Left To Vanish. FTF have a new record, Disgorge Mexico, due July 22nd on Relapse Records and have been kind enough to bless us with some tracks for download! Check out "The Storm" and "Absence And Despite" above and check 'em out at the Knitting Factory on August 18th (ticket info forthcoming). Full tour dates are below. Fuck The Facts also have an upcoming split LP with Leng Tch'e.

Opeth has announced two new dates as part of their previously mentioned North American tour. Here is the best part (as if THAT wasn't good enough): Word is that High On Fire & Baroness will open the shows! As more dates roll in, you'll have em, but so far all we have are Chicago on September 24th and San Fran on October 6th. Pics from their last NYC show at Terminal 5 HERE.

Doomriders have announced a show at Europa in Brooklyn on August 24th! Tickets are on sale.

Doom riff lords Grand Magus will drop Iron Will on July 9th in the US via Candlelight and recently sat down with Metal Hammer to go over Iron Will track by track. Check out "Like The Oar Strikes The Water" and "Silver Into Steel" downloadable above.


Tombs has signed to Relapse Records and have one last show (at Death By Audio on July 12th with Krallice, Wetnurse, & Bloody Panda) scheduled in US before they hit the road for a short mostly UK tour in September. Full tour dates are below.

NYHC unsung heroes Absolution has reunited to play a show at the Knitting Factory! Tickets are on sale here.

Dig on this NEW Reanimator-inspired Carcass photo!

Carcass Reanimated!

Tickets for the previously mentioned Carcass show @ Nokia Theater with Necrophagist and Aborted (and possibly Suffocation) go on general sale Friday July 11th @ noon, but are currently on internet presale! Aborted recently dropped their new one one on Century Media and are out on the Summer Slaughter tour NOW. Carcass also added 2 new dates, one in Toronto on September 8th and another in in Montreal on Sept 7th.

Carcass - "Buried Dreams" Live Sweden Rock Festival 2008

Belgian shadow-lords Amenra have dropped Mass IIII on Hypertension Records, and we have their single "Razoreater" available for download above! Look for the boys to scoot on through the US in "probably in 2009". Amenra is currently touring Europe, with some upcoming dates with Converge, Integrity, and Coliseum.

Burst is back, as we reported earlier, but now we can mark our calendars! Lazarus Bird takes flight in the US on September 16th via Relapse Records. "Expect an album that will NOT be Origo part 2, but something new for Burst", commented the band.

Cavalera Conspiracy is playing quite a few recognizable Sepultura tunes on their ongoing tour (check 'em out in an ENTIRE show available for download above, setlist is below), which is news in itself, but Max also aint neglecting his other bidness! The new Soulfly record Conquer, is due out July 29 on Roadrunner WHILE he is on the road with CC. In addition, Soulfly has a new single, "Unleash", that is available for download above, with the video viewable here! In related news, MTV(?) sat down with Gojira badass and Cavalera Conspiracy contributor (but not touring partner) Joe Duplantier to discuss their upcoming record.

Fuck All Y'all Mother Fuckers. Thats the name of the new record that Lords will drop on Black Market Activities (Guy from The Red Chord's label). The release date "should be in August", but we can preview some of them joints on their previously mentioned tour (including their date at the Charleston on June 28th) or streaming on their myspace. Suicide Note is on that Lords tour, and they share members with the mighty Sweet Cobra, who recently posted a new track from Bottomfeeder, a new 12" due out on Seventh Rule in September. Check it out on their myspace.

Motorhead has announced Motorizer, their new album on SPV records due out on August 26th in the US. Lemmy has a new documentary coming out about him and is part of the Metal Masters Tour. Tickets are still available. Judas Priest also dropped thier new record Nostradamus and a video for "War" which is viewable here. Priest was interviewed by MTVNews (?).

Voivod - "Brain Scan" Live @ Heavy MTL 2008 *

* A full set of photos from Heavy MTL is available here and here.

Jon Chang's (ex-Discordance Axis and currently Hayaino Daisuki) Gridlink has dropped on Hydrahead, and you can check out the full glorious minute of it at their myspace. Weekend Nachos have been added to the grindfest with Gridlink/ASRA/Hayaino Daisuki at Charleston on August 14th.

Landmine Marathon has lined up Jonny Davy (Job For A Cowboy) and Antony Hämäläinen (Nightrage) for appearances on their upcoming Level Plane release Rusted Eyes Awake. Check out the progress of Rusted Eyes Awake at their blog.

ANAAL NATHRAKH - "DO NOT SPEAK" Live @ Maryland Deathfest 2008

Melvins are currently streaming the supremely Jimmy-Page-esque "Kickin Machine" at their myspace. In other Mevlins news, Newbury Comics is offering an autographed copy of Nude With Boots if you preorder on their site.

Swede "Lychanthropunks" Wolfbrigade have announced COMALIVE 2008, or the US tour that we threatened earlier, including one date at the Knitting Factory on Oct 2nd. Ticket info is forthcoming.


Clutch has a new live CD/DVD, Full Fathom Five, dropping on August 12 on their own Weathermaker imprint. They also added a tour with The Sword and the mighty Graveyard in the southeast in September and October. Full tour dates are below.

New Seventh Rule signees Light Yourself On Fire have announced a US tour with Racebannon, including a date at the Knitting Factory on September 7th. Full tour dates are below. Light Yourself On Fire drops the Intimacy EP (mixed by Mark Nikolich and mastered by Scott Hull) on September 16th and Racebannon drops Acid Or Blood in August.

Toxic Holocaust has posted two new songs to their myspace. TH's new record will have Jack Endino manning the boards.

Origin - "Finite" Live @ Death Fest Open Air in Germany, June 13, 2008

Intronaut has created a blog and are documenting the recording of their new album for Century Media. In related news, Deadsea has been added to the Intronaut/Behold The Arctopus/Mouth Of The Architect show at the Knitting Factory on August 8th, which is one of a few shows they have scheduled for the summer and one of two announced shows for NYC (the second is TBA in Brooklyn the next day). Full tour dates are below.

HARVEY MILK - LIFE.... THE BEST GAME IN TOWN: Stuttering, eclectic, glacially-paced sludge sung by a crew of cro-magnon men. HIGHLY recommended.
NACHTMYSTIUM - ASSASSINS: BLACK MEDDLE PT I: Black MEDDLE is the perfect description. Pink Floyd influenced black metal (saxes and all!) that brutalizes and effectively delves into dark psychedelia.
GRIDLINK - AMBER GRAY: Another short, but worthy grind project by Jon Chang. Bring a hard hat.
GORGOROTH - BLACK MASS KRAKOW 2004 (DVD): A video monument to one of the most controversial moments in an already controversial career. For fans, it's a must.
WITHERED - FOLIE CIRCULAIRE: Round two of compelling blackened grind-crust. A worthy successor to their critically acclaimed Memento Mori.
AMENRA - MASS IIII: Asphyxiating, atmospheric post-metal sludge that falls farther into the void from Mass III.
PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT - DESCENDANTS OF DEPRAVITY: Sickening tech-death. I feel like I need a shower.
HUMANFLY - II: Heavy post-rock influenced sludge doom ala Pelican or early Isis. Recommended for fans of the genre.
DECAPITATED - HUMAN'S DUST (DVD): A well-produced live glimpse at a extremely talented band that who's time was cut way too short.

- Unholy black metallers Watain have scheduled a Halloween 2008 appearance at the legendary Jaxx in Springfield, VA with Withered. Lets hope they try to fit in a few other shows as well..... Full tour dates are below.
- Giant Squid is currently in the studio with Matt Bayles working on their new album. The Ichthyologist due in January 2009.
- Cursed isn't dead? Just a "big fat fucking question mark".
- Orphan and Krallice have scheduled a co-record release party at Union Pool on July 23rd. Tickets are on sale.
- Crowbar is back and will drop a new album in 2009 to celebrate their 20th anniversary.
- Eyehategod side project Outlaw Order have signed to Season Of Mist records and will release their album Dragging Down The Enforcer in October.
- Moribund will re-release the limited Leviathan A Silhouette In Splinters on 7/14 and Azrael's Obdurate / Unto Death on 8/11.
- Conifer will drop Crown Fire on Important Records on September 12th. Eugene Robinson of Oxbow fame will guest, and they have posted the new track "Surface Fire" to their myspace.
- Phil Anselmo's Christ Inversion project will finally be released. Look for a double header of a self-titled record, followed by 13th Century Luciferian Rites on his own Housecore imprint. Get a taste at the Christ Inversion myspace.
- Children played a show at the skate shop KCDC in WBurg. Check out video of it here. Children are scheduled to play Cake Shop on July 26th.
- Japanese badasses Corrupted have will re-release a revamped version of Paso Inferior on LP. Pick it up here, and hope for a good Euro/Dollar conversion. Also out soon... a 500 copy pressing of Corrupted's Nadie 12" on Throne.
- Swedes Switchblade are hard at work on their fifth album, with about "2/3 of the album 'skeleton' written so far".
- Crom will drop Hot Sumerian Nights on wax in the US. Pick it up here.
- Genghis Tron has announced what must be one of the largest remix projects ever... FIVE volumes of remixes.
- Ghostlimb has dropped Bearing & Distance on Level Plane Records. Pick it up at their myspace.
- The Endless Blockade was recently interviewed by Decibel. Check out the unedited transcript.
- Lustmord has announced a new album Other on Hydra Head due July 22nd. Contributors include Aaron Turner (Isis), Buzz Osborne (Melvins), and Adam Jones (Tool).
- Celtic Frost is still alive? Doubtful, Martin Eric Ain.
- Footage from the Biohazard reunion show at L'Amour is available here.
- Napalm Death is currently working on material for their new LP.
- MOD has announced a show with Lair Of The Monotaur at the Knitting Factory on Aug 13th. Tickets are on sale.
- Trash Talk and Architect have BOTH posted a new song to their myspace.
- Saviours have announced a tour with metal vets Iced Earth including a show at Nokia On Oct 16th. Full tour details are below.
- Slayer is working on a new album which is "supposed" to be ready by year end.
- Pitchfork's Show No Mercy is back.... featuring interviews with Wold, Gnaw Their Tongues, Withered & ASRA. Check it out here.
- Cattle Decapitation will enter the studio in August to record the follow up to 2006's Karma.Bloody.Karma.
- Red Sparowes is currently working on material for release on a digital only EP, with Vinyl and CD to follow.
- Metalkult is killing it with the live videos including video from Boris's (here) and Disfear's (here) recent shows at the Knitting Factory and video interviews with Ihsahn (here), 1349 (here) and Satyricon (here)!
- Mastodon previewed three songs from their upcoming album at Bonaroo which were available on youtube, before being pulled down. Based on the life of Grigori Rasputin, Mastodon's new album is produced by Brendan O'Brien.
- Amon Amarth have announced the initial dates for a North American tour with The Absence (details below). Amon Amarth has completed work on their new album, Twilight of the Thundergod.

September 18 Seattle, WA
September 19 Portland, OR
September 20 Oakland/Berkeley (all ages)
September 21 SF (possibly 21+)
September 22 LA area
September 24 Tijuana, BC
September 25 LA area
September 26 Austin, TX
September 27 Houston, TX
September 28 Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves
September 30 Richmond, VA @ AllyKatz
October 1 Philly @ Disgraceland
October 2 NYC @ Knitting Factory
October 3 Pittsburgh @ Belvederes
October 4 Chicago @ Apocalyptic Crust Fest

Jun 21 - Bluerock Tavern CINCINNATI, OH
Jul 12 - Jamie's B-day Bash CHARLESTON, WV
Jul 31 - Ravari Room COLUMBUS, OH*
Aug 8 - Knitting Factory NYC, NY**
Aug 9 - TBA Brooklyn, New York
* w/ Witchcraft & Dead Child
** w/ Intronaut, Behold The Arctopus, Mouth Of The Architect

9/25/08 WASHINGTON, DC 9:30 CLUB

July 12 - Death By Audio*
September 5 - Trainspotting Fest, Schweinfurt**
September 6 - TBD, TBD
September 7 - TBD, TBD
September 9 - TBD, TBD
September 10 - LE PUB, NEWPORT/WALES
September 11 - TBD, TBD
September 12 - THE FENTON, LEEDS
September 14 - 1 in 12, BRADFORD
September 15 - TBD, BRIGHTON,
September 16 - TBD, LONDON,
September 18 - FRONTLINE, GHENT,
* w/ Bloody Panda and Wetnurse
** w/ Capsule

September 19 - Jacksonville, NC @ Hooligans
September 20 - Fayetteville, NC @ Jesters
September 21 - Outer Banks, NC @ The Pit
September 23 - Ashville, NC @ The Orange Peel
September 24 - Atlanta, GA @ Center Stage
September 25 - Orlando, FL @ House of Blues
September 26 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ The Culture Room
September 27 - St. Petersburg, FL @ The State Theater
September 29 - Birmingham, AL @ Matthews
September 30 - Knoxville, TN @ The Valarium
October 1 - Nashville, TN @ The Cannery
October 3 - Corpus Christi, TX @ House of Rock
October 4 - Austin, TX @ Stubbs
October 5 - Amarillo, TX @ The Midnight Rodeo

Oct. 01 - Anaheim, CA
Oct. 02 - Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 03 - San Francisco, CA
Oct. 04 - Portland, OR
Oct. 05 - Seattle, WA
Oct. 06 - Vancouver, BC
Oct. 08 - Edmonton, AB
Oct. 09 - Calgary, AB
Oct. 10 - Regina, SK
Oct. 11 - Winnipeg, MB
Oct. 12 - Minneapolis, MN
Oct. 13 - Chicago, IL
Oct. 15 - Toronto, ON
Oct. 16 - Montreal, QC
Oct. 17 - Quebec City, QC
Oct. 18 - Worcester, MA
Oct. 19 - Philadelphia, PA
Oct. 20 - New York, NY
Oct. 21 - W. Springfield, MA

Aug. 18 - New York, NY - Knitting Factory
Aug. 19 - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Loft
Aug. 20 - Rochester, NY - The Penny Arcade
Aug. 21 - Cleveland, OH - Pirate's Cove at Peabody's
Aug. 22 - Arlington Heights, IL - Knights Of Columbus
Aug. 23 - Rogers, MN - Showcase Skatepark
Aug. 24 - Des Moines, IA - Vaudeville Mews
Aug. 25 - Colorado Springs, CO - Black Sheep
Aug. 26 - Sheridan, WY - Elks Lodge
Aug. 27 - Seattle, WA - Studio 7
Aug. 28 - Portland, OR - Satyricon
Aug. 29 - Bakersfield, CA - The Dome (Thrash & Burn Tour)
Aug. 30 - Palmdale, CA - Palmdale Vets Hall
Aug. 31 - San Marcos, CA - Jumping Turtle - Burning Star Festival
Sep. 01 - Phoenix, AZ - Modified Arts
Sep. 02 - Farmington, NM - Gator's
Sep. 03 - Albuquerque, NM - The Compound
Sep. 04 - Amarillo, TX - War Legion Underground
Sep. 05 - Victoria, TX - Sun Valley Ranch
Sep. 06 - Austin, TX - Red 7
Sep. 07 - Houston, TX - Java Jazz
Sep. 08 - Metairie, LA - High Ground
Sep. 09 - Tallahassee, FL - The Beta Bar
Sep. 10 - Orlando, FL - The Haven
Sep. 11 - Tampa, FL - Brass Mug
Sep. 12 - Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade
Sep. 13 - Virginia Beach, VA - Peppermint Beach Club
Sep. 14 - Fredericksburg, VA - The Refuge
Sep. 15 - Philadelphia, PA - [to be announced]

01. Inflikted
02. Sanctuary
03. Territory
04. Terrorize
05. Refuse/Resist
06. Wasting Away
07. Inner Self
08. Nevertrust
09. The Doom Of All Fires
10. Orgasmatron
11. Hex
12. Black Ark
13. Arise
14. Dead Embryonic Cells
15. Troops Of Doom
16. Attitude
17. Must Kill
18. Roots Bloody Roots

Jun 28 - Rock Hard Laager Vana-Vigala
Jul 4 - Day of Darkness Dublin
Jul 31 - Wacken Open Air Wacken
Sep 12 - Wolfzeit Festival TBA
Sep 20 - Hellflame Festival Osnabruck
Sep 21 - ZXZW Festival Tilburg
Oct 31 - Jaxx Springfield, VA

AUG 2nd - Tampa, FL @ New World brewery
SEPT 6th - Washington,DC @ Velvet Lounge
SEPT 7th - New York, NY @ Knitting Factory
SEPT 8th - Richmond, VA @ Tba
SEPT 9th - Wilmington, NC @ Soapbox Laundro-lounge
SEPT 10th - Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn
SEPT 11th - Tampa, FL @ Brass Mug
SEPT 12th - Gainsville, FL @ The Atlantic
SEPT 13th - New Orleans, LA @ The whirling Dervish
SEPT 14th - Austin, TX @ RED 7
SEPT 15th - Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music
SEPT 16th - Nashville, TN @ The End
OCT 11th - Tallahassee, FL @ The BETA BAR



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Soulfly i an incredible band, one of my favorites. I like Canadian band Soulscar when it comes to heavy tunes as well.

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Tombs fucking slays. Congrats to those guys!

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Crowbar - old sKoo with a capital k

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I like Canadian band Soulscar when it comes to heavy tunes as well.

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Congrats to u guys! Thanks for the insights and thoughts.

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A video monument to one of the most controversial moments in an already controversial career.

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Nice Band....obviously when someone reaches the height of success they forget the ethics of lives but when they get tangled inside controversies and problems...only then they understand the true meaning of their lives...

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This is one of my favorites. I like Canadian band Soulscar when it comes to heavy tunes as well.

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I think they are true artist.In their every performance we can easily watch their efforts

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Congrats to u guys! Thanks for the insights and thoughts. loving these unholy black metallers

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the height of success they forget the ethics of lives but when they get tangled inside controversies and problems...only then they understand the true meaning of their lives...

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one of my favorites. I like Canadian band Soulscar when it comes to heavy tunes as well.

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Good to see my fav Japanese group corrupted still making noise.

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This is cool Rock n' Roll

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