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A Banker Street nightclub recently condemned by the local community board has now been shut down by the Department of Buildings -- but club lawyer Ken Fisher says the club has fixed whatever led to the failed inspection.

City documents did not reveal the specific offenses that caused Studio B's closure, but the Department of Buildings did on July 31 revoke the club's permit to host large crowds indoors, effectively shutting down the venue.

Fisher was steadfast about Studio B's readiness to reopen when, and if, Department of Buildings inspectors make a return visit. "All of the concerns have been met and we're waiting for further inspections," said Fisher, a well-connected former city councilman.

As a result of the closure, Studio B shows between July 31 and at least Aug. 19 have been relocated to different venues.... [Brooklyn Paper]

One of the angriest neighbors of all, Miss Heather (PICTURED ABOVE IN A DUNG COSTUME), runs the website It is on that website that she runs through the the July 31st community board meeting where she presented evidence of why she thinks Studio B is a horrible place. One of the pieces of "evidence" she presented was a set of pictures and videos from a Yo Majesty concert that took place at the club. As you know, at least one member of the female lesbian rap group goes topless during their performances. They do so for reasons of good...
"I got stretch marks, and I'm fat, and I'm wildin,' " Jwl B [of Yo Majesty]., whose real name is Jewel Baynham, said in a phone interview. "But your boy 50 Cent does his show with his shirt off. Why can't I? God made me who I am, and I'm comfortable in it. I want people to know you don't have to look glamorous to be an inspiration." [IHT]
Kind of shitty then that Miss Heather saw fit to include Yo Majesty in her case, even if it wasn't the actual pictures that led to Studio B's closing and even if Studio B is keeping Miss Heather (and 'punk rock veteran' Caryn Rose who also blogs about it here) up at night.

Why exactly did Studio B close (besides the loss of cabaret license and whatnot)? MissHeather and one of her commenters also may have the answer for that. Not surprisingly, it looks like the rooftop garden opening was not a good idea.

Last Friday's show was moved to Southpaw. Keep checking Studio B's calendar for future changes. The above photo was taken by heartonastick in Coney Island.



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Quite some time ago, I read that a court ruling allowed women to go topless in public in New York State. I'm sure this didn't mean a topless club could open anywhere, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 6:26 PM

Studio B is whack

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 6:29 PM

bitch needs to get a laid or something

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 6:40 PM

she's a coprophiliac. that's hot.

you could ask her out on a date, to go grab some hot lunch.

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 6:43 PM

haha thats very not hot. but would definitely be a good explenation for why she is not getting any.

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 6:45 PM

SANTOS is the real reason that hipster die-hole closed

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 7:25 PM

Awesome she's anti great hip-hop AND gross.

Posted by bob | August 4, 2008 7:28 PM

why couldn't union pool close? fuck.

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 7:33 PM

caryn rose has more credibiity than 85% of the posters on this site.

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 7:53 PM

this lady needs to get out

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 7:56 PM

I'd.... eat that?

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 8:10 PM

only 85%?

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 8:23 PM

this lady is so full of shit!

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 8:26 PM

there was a lot of evidence presented at the meeting on 7/31, which i know you weren't at. Heather's was one presentation, and it wasn't the most damning one. The one that concerned everyone was the fact that the club has no permits for a lot of what it's doing, including putting on shows and the roof deck.

heather also made the point that considering everything that they've done so far, and their reckless disregard for the law, the fact that they've been busted once for severe overcapacity probably means it wasn't the first time.

the club doesn't have a fire safety plan. it does not have a certificate of occupancy for the second floor. what happens when there's a fire from one of those illegal barbeques and you can't get out because there is no way to get out? or something worse? as the captain of the 94th said at the hearing, you DO have to consider the worst case scenario.

but instead, you excerpt what you like, and decide to make her personal appearance up for debate, just because you want to blame her for your favorite club closing? really, no comment.

studio b made their own bed. blame them. they could have resolved this easily. they chose not to. blame them.

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 8:27 PM

the NY indie scene needs to get worse before it gets better. I say close everything down, every crappy Santos House party club, and then let the yuppie orgy takeover until the creative types can't take it anymore and start to produce something substantive again.

Posted by Shutitalldown | August 4, 2008 8:33 PM

Chromeo sucks

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 8:35 PM

In other words, Shutitalldown, we have to destroy the village in order to save it?

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 8:41 PM

In this scenario, I want to be kissinger.

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 9:00 PM

kissinger says what?

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 9:04 PM

can't you just move the island?

Posted by chris | August 4, 2008 9:30 PM

I don't think her personal appearance is really up for debate.

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 10:04 PM

remember when studio be had cheap drinks and enough room to dance. its too bad that club is dead. this bitch is ugly but not as ugly as the banker street dance floor on a big name saturday night. 8$ beers in brooklyn, please. fuck this lady and studio b.

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 10:17 PM

when the mighty horse rocks, he rocks the fat ass...

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 10:28 PM

I'd shit it.

Posted by Dalerz | August 4, 2008 11:06 PM

if you all wanna die in that low strung polish mobster jipster shit den, well, i am sorry, you CAN'T!

Posted by Anonymous | August 4, 2008 11:55 PM

packing a club to double capacity seems like enough to get a smaller place shut down. i guess i'm lucky. i never wanted to go to a show there.

Posted by al | August 5, 2008 12:01 AM

"I don't think her personal appearance is really up for debate."

You must be new here.

Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 12:14 AM

I think it should be pointed out the chairman of the community board is a Polish guy, of course you will get negative outcome, when you have a Polish owned club Europe just 2 or 3 blocks away which is in direct competition with this place.

And btw I am a Polish guy myself, and know a thing or two about how these Polish businessmen on Manhattan Ave think. Just saying, dont be naive thinking you're getting the whole story reading that blog or even a transcript of what went on at that meeting.

Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 12:15 AM

steaming. shit. sundress.

Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 12:32 AM


Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 12:46 AM

yeah, yo majesty was used as evidence. I bet they didn't mention all the great music that was performed there since it was opened. also, fire code violations my ass. there have been countless clubs that have been designed so much more poorly and have been allowed stay open. no clubs in this city have a chance anyway because of the authorities and the lame ass people now that are trying to take away of the last clubs standing. the real fun is in the underground anyway at least people are doing it proper there.

Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 1:01 AM

"I don't think her personal appearance is really up for debate."

of course it's not a matter of debate, it's a matter of feces.

i bet this scatophile loves the sucio sanchez.

Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 1:50 AM

monkey house is rocking the d sippers

Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 9:27 AM

If the way Yo Majesty chooses to perform is up for debate and able to be brought up as "an issue," then so too can we bring up this woman's personal appearance, as it is about equally as relevant to any debate.

Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 9:53 AM

why belabor the point about her appearance? we should all be celebrating, studio b was the hands down WORST venue in nyc, even worse than death by audio. the sound guy there has no idea how to mix bands, it sounds like a 125db steamroller orgy. politics, schmolitics, it's a good thing studio b is gone, and maybe a decent dance club (is santos' decent?) will open up.

Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 10:02 AM

The fact remains that the venue was operating illegally for months and... well... they finally got called on it. Absolutely, you can lament the club if you felt it was great... but now that it's been noticed by the powers that be, it has to comply with the laws just like every other venue.

Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 10:17 AM

that woman hates everything/everything bothers her. she lives to complain and bitch. and she loves people paying attention to the fact that she's a miserable human being. she's trying to live her suburban life that she had elsewhere here in nyc and it's not working, duh. instead of embracing what is unique about nyc, she is part of the problem when you ask yourself, "is it just me, am i getting old, or are things just not fun in nyc anymore?"

Posted by ot | August 5, 2008 10:38 AM

You sanctimonious pieces of shitt, like you give a crap about the well-being of the people inside, or that you want it kept up to code. You just wanted it shut down, period. Why not just admit it? You're just as bad at the double-speak as the club owners themselves.

Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 10:42 AM

Miss Heather, nice face - u are officially 'on the list'. are u good at dodging things?

Posted by johnny d | August 5, 2008 10:48 AM

Hey, 10:42- I absolutely give a crap about the people inside, especially if I'm one of them. And don't just want it shut down period. I would like to go there and not have to worry about if it's safe or not.

Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 10:54 AM

Thank God Studio B's gone. Now we can fill up that space with industrial waste again.

Who wants good music close to home and the only reason we could get our friends to visit us on the G?

PLUS think of all the great warehouses (also not up to any codes) that can fill the space of Studio B and replace all the bars and restaurants in Greenpoint that used to benefit from the influx of visitors on their way to the one decent dance club in Brooklyn.

Fuck you NYC. We don't want you in our neighborhood! Screw you places to have fun. Not on our watch. Let's make Greenpoint back into the industrial ghost town that NewYorkShitty wants it to return to. It makes my local asthmatic heart go pitter-pat.

Welcome to Greenpoint folks! The only thing more toxic than the air, soil and water, are the neighbors.

Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 11:00 AM

Studio B was unique? Wasn't it just a Volume with Miami backing?

Posted by anon | August 5, 2008 12:03 PM

As a Calyer St resident, I can safely say that most of you are idiots in one way or another. Those of you mourning the death of super-awesome NYC nightlife via poor lil' Studio B, here's a suggestion: don't be such dipshits when you're drunk. Don't yell shit walking down residential streets, and don't leave your garbage everywhere. It'll make this whole defending-new-shady-nightclub thing go a lot easier. And while you're at it, don't steal the "H" off my girlfriend's car ("that's how you know it's a Honda!")... just because it goes a long way towards proving you aren't twelve fucking years old. Is acting like a fucking jackass that important to you?

On the other hand, Studio B put on some good rock shows when it wasn't trying to bring Miami douchebaggery to BK. And complaining about the noise seems kinda silly. It's not that bad. My idiot fucking neighbor who fancies himself "DJ Black Bolt" has caused me a lot more annoyance. So have the kids who celebrate the Fourth of July from approximately mid-June until early August by setting off fireworks.

In the end, I kinda have the side with the neighborhood on this one, despite Miss Heather's sanctimonious writing... maybe the club wasn't trying to shortcut itself, the whole thing would've looked a lot less sketchy. Being able to see the Long Blondes and the Mountain Goats and Art Brut a minute away from my apartment was awesome, but it seems like the owners pushed their luck at every opportunity.

Posted by jesse | August 5, 2008 12:22 PM




Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 12:27 PM

12:22 has an excellent point...but why does this broad care? man i love brooklyn, and i am originally from there, but these new cunts are so cunty that they become lesbians. ya dig? i don't like it went people try making things right, because they only want some emotional reward, and that my friend is wrong. so into the generation of cynics.

Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 6:45 PM

If they are violating codes/laws, shouldn't this be about how the the FDNY/NYPD failed to enforce the law?

After you crazy shit-covered bitches called 311... at that point you were done. If the city cared to do their job, they would do something about it. Otherwise, that's life.
There are plenty of more "dangerous" things going on that they don't do anything about either.
I don't give a shit about Studio B or the crooked polish fuck that owns it. However, I do hate to see suburban-lifestyle seeking, over-the-hill, kill-joys to tell someone they don't have a right to be wherever they want (assuming it is zoned accordingly). Besides, it's not like Studio B is on some majestic tree-lined block. It's in the shit...
If you don't like it... move to some other shitty-looking block that nobody wants to go to.

Also, venues shouldn't have to think about whether or not the performance (be it truly artistic or not) could be used against them by some fucker who wants to have them put out of business. To many, fun is about pushing the limits a little bit.

Posted by Anonymous | August 5, 2008 10:15 PM

Studio B will be remembered for its amazing nights and really terrible ones. Do You Remember DJ FALCON/ALAN BRAXE? AMAZING NIGHT What about Busy P's Set in September!? I met DJ Tonka that night! Yes D-J- TOHNKA!
What about Lifelikes most recent boring set :)? Followed by Alan Braxe's repeat set of his other one months prior.
Frankie Bones Drug infested evening, ring a bell?
Either Way Studio B will B remembered. 'nuff said.
ike from Alike

Posted by ike | August 6, 2008 12:25 AM

what about that justice (dj set) cmj wk. 2 yrs ago never seen that a new york crowd dance like that in the recent past...

Posted by Anonymous | August 6, 2008 2:16 PM

Excuse me, Where the fuck do you get off using Yo Majesty's "topless reasoning", i.e. ""I got stretch marks, and I'm fat, and I'm wildin,' " Jwl B [of Yo Majesty]., whose real name is Jewel Baynham, said in a phone interview. "But your boy 50 Cent does his show with his shirt off. Why can't I? God made me who I am, and I'm comfortable in it. I want people to know you don't have to look glamorous to be an inspiration."" to criticize Miss Heather's appearance? So it's okay for Studio B's female acts to be not traditionally "attractive" but if a critic of what goes on in her own fucking neighborhood seems uncool to you you can ridicule her appearance? How almighty VEGAN of you. Maybe you need to read some Carol Adams and re-school your ass!

If you have an issue with the fact that Studio B is a problem to the surrounding residents, criticise it on its own merits. I'm vegan also , BTW,and this is the first time in years reading your blog that I felt you deserved the "vegan brick of justice." Take your sexist shit to AgriProcessors. I'm really disappointed in you. Hate on Miss H for being lacto-ovo, not cause she wore a shit costume to the fucking Mermaid Parade.

Posted by Studio Beeyotch | August 8, 2008 10:25 PM

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