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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Wetnurse - Not Your Choice (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Made Out Of Babies - cooker (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Akimbo - Great White Bull (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Night Horse - The Dark can't Hide You (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Krallice - Wretched Wisdon (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Trash Talk - Dig (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Black Anvil - Ten Talons Deep (MP3)

Trash Talk

It's here. I hope you got your sleep this past weekend.... you're gonna need it with all the riffage going around. May we present... the day to day guide to heavy at CMJ 2008, below....


OCT 21st

* PICK: CMJ Solid PR & 1000 Knives Presents: The Bronx, Trash Talk, Akimbo at Fontana's. One crew of bad mother-punkers kick ass with the sickening hardcore of Trash Talk and the beer-soaked Akimbo. Akimbo is also playing The Brooklyn Vegan party at Knitting Factory on Sat Oct 25th (and a lot of other times).

* Trash Talk, Black Anvil, Alpha & Omega, Flesh Temple @ Europa. Yes, Trash Talk is that busy but they pretty much own you and in this go around, they bring along tourmates Alpha & Omega and local badasses Black Anvil.

* Trash Talk, Alpha & Omega @ Stolen Sleeves Collective. Again with the Trash Talk and Alpha & Omega!

* Night Horse, Acid Tiger, Pollution @ The Charleston

* HR, Goes Cube, These Arms, Team Robespierre, Die! Die! Die! @ Crash Mansion Tickets are still available.


OCT 22nd

Krallice (more by Leia Jospe)

* PICK: Krallice, Vreid @ Studio @ WH. Local black-metal titans Krallice show 'em who's boss with black metallers Vried! Maybe sure you RSVP. Vried is also playing The Brooklyn Vegan party at Knitting Factory on Sat Oct 25th.

* Titan, Night Horse, The Weight, Weird Owl, King Tuff @ Europa. Retro-rock stylings of the proggy Titan, along with the mighty Night Horse... . Tickets are still available.


OCT 23rd


* PICK: Metal Blade/Relapse Records Showcase: Psyopus, Tombs, Left To Vanish, Bison BC, This Or The Apocalypse @ Knitting Factory Tap Bar. Rochester tech-metal fiends headline this heavy music fiesta with local monsters Tombs and newbie badasses Bison BC.

* PANEL: Current Independent Culture Through the Eyes of True Indie Pioneers @ Kimmel Center. A discussion with Walter Schreifels, Craig Wedren, DJ Spooky, and Dave Allen about the decline of the major label system and where indie music is headed.

* Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment, Bury Your Dead, Another Black Day @ Irving Plaza. If thats you're kind of thing, I guess. Tickets are on sale.


Oct 24th

Akimbo Photo by Wade Gosselin

* PICK: Panache Showcase: Akimbo, Monotonix, DMBQ, The Mae Shi, An Albatross, Aa, Fiasco, and many many many others @ Knitting Factory. Akimbo, in their 4762nd appearance at CMJ 2008, will destroy your mother with An Albatross, DMBQ, Aa, and so many other bands that I would rather not get carpal tunnel syndrome attempting to re-write them all. Details here, tickets are on sale.

* PANEL: The Changing Face of Metal: Evolution or Identity Crisis? @ Kimmel Center. A discussion about the changing face of metal with Guy Kozowyk from The Red Chord, Harlan Frey, Kevin Lyman, and Ben Umanov.

Dungen, The Muslims, TK Webb & The Visions, Cheeseburger, Children, Marissa Nadler @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg Tickets are on sale.

Onitsuka Tiger CMJ Showcase: The Giraffes, FIGO, Apollo Heights, The Shiny Brights @ Le Poisson Rouge. The beer-swilling manaics of wildmen of The Giraffes hit the stage with Figo, Apollo Heights, and The Shiny Brights. Tickets are on sale.

Trap Them, The Perennial, Hinges @ Stolen Sleeves Collective. Trap Them will also be appearing at The Brooklyn Vegan Day Party on Sat Oct 25th!


Oct 25th

Rival f'n Schools!

* PICK: Rival Schools (5pm), Made Out Of Babies (4pm), Akimbo, Trap Them, Vried and manay bands that don't fall within the "heavy" category @ Knitting Factory (all floors). Come on guys. Rival f'n Schools AND Made Out of Babies? Not to mention Trap Them? And it's FREE? (And it's our party!) (noon-10pm)

* The Syndicate & Bitpom present Darkest Hour, God Forbid, Warship, Thy Will Be Done @ Fontanas. Darkest Hour get small. Reeaaaallly small. Could be interesting. $10

* Tee Pee Records Presents Night Horse, Weird Owl, It Lives @ Cake Shop. More retro rock from Night Horse... dudes is takin ovah!

* Sold PR & Neurot Recordings Present: US Christmas, Akimbo, The Giraffes at Europa. Tickets are still available.

* Akimbo, The Mae Shi, Pre, Psychic Ills, DMBQ, Aids Wolf, An Albatross, Sole & The Skyrider Band, YIP YIP, and Cloaks at Market Hotel. Akimbo does not sleep.

* RedCMJ08 Presents Made Out Of Babies, Wetnurse, Patent Pending, TK Webb & The Visions, The Answer, Charm City Devils @ Crash Mansion. MOoB follows up a collossal show with Rival Schools with a show with the eclectic and engaging Wetnurse and TK Webb & The Visions.

* Thrill Jockey / No Quarter showcase: The Psychic Paramount, Doug Paisley, Thank You, Pit er Pat, High Places, Pontiak, Arbouretum @ The Annex. The Psychic Paramount is fi'in to melt the house down.


What'd I miss?


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* your guide to CMJ, Tuesday October 21, 2008
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Comments (18)

the HR show with Goes Cube/Team Robespierre/DieDieDie is at Crash Mansion, not the Delancey

Posted by Anonymous | October 21, 2008 11:37 AM

fixed, thanks!

Posted by brooklynvegan | October 21, 2008 11:40 AM

Tee Pee Showcase is on 10/22 not 10/23

Posted by Anonymous | October 21, 2008 11:43 AM

i think my brain just exploded. ow! Thanks for posting this.

Posted by Anonymous | October 21, 2008 11:47 AM

fixed, again!

Posted by brooklynvegan | October 21, 2008 11:54 AM

Trap Them on the 24th in brooklyn.

Posted by Anonymous | October 21, 2008 11:57 AM

"Trap Them on the 24th in brooklyn."

that is already there! (not fixed)

Posted by brooklynvegan | October 21, 2008 12:01 PM

via vengeance & black cobra @ charleston 10/26

Posted by UN:art:IG | October 21, 2008 12:20 PM

With the resurgence of metal CMJ should bring back the concurrent Metal Marathon of old, or at least have more metal showcases.

Having to make Dungen or Rival Schools a "heavy music" pic, despite both being great bands shows how little attention is still being paid by CMJ to metal. This should be a destination, and not a hodg-podge of whoever happens to be in town and is not freak folk.

Posted by noamjamski | October 21, 2008 12:31 PM

yea right, diamond supply co and air max's are really fucking metal. faking it.

Posted by Anonymous | October 21, 2008 12:56 PM

Akimbo is only playing 2 shows for CMJ. They canceled tonight @ Fontanas and they're not playing Sunday @ Europa..bummer

Posted by Anonymous | October 21, 2008 2:04 PM

does anyone know the set times for the Knitting Factory on Saturday?

Posted by Anonymous | October 21, 2008 2:20 PM

"does anyone know the set times for the Knitting Factory on Saturday?"

Go to the set times for every single band showcasing are up in the "marathon" section. The site is slow today from tons of traffic so be forewarned.

Posted by Anonymous | October 21, 2008 2:23 PM

Thanks BB - great post. Really looking forward to TOMBS on Thursday night!

Posted by Beeeeeve | October 21, 2008 3:57 PM

I just confirmed with Akimbo that they are in for tonight @ Fontana's

Posted by BBG | October 21, 2008 3:57 PM

Bison B.C. is one of my favorite new bands. Even though the thought of going to a CMJ week show again makes me break out in hives, I might have to hit up that Metal Blade / Relapse showcase.

Posted by noyokono | October 21, 2008 4:14 PM

I can't find any info on the Saturday Knitting Factory show. It's a BV show, but no info was ever posted.

Posted by Anonymous | October 21, 2008 10:16 PM


Also the "heavy" lineup at Knitting Factory is as follows:

3:15 Akimbo in the Old Office
4:00 Made Out of Babies on the main stage
5:00 Rival Schools on the main stage
6:00 Trap Them in the Tap Bar
7:00 Vried in the Tap Bar

Posted by brooklynvegan | October 22, 2008 10:42 PM

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