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DOWNLOAD: Moon & Moon - Act II : Hands of a Man (MP3)

Moon and Moon

Back in 2006 it seemed that Devendra Banhart was involved in a new project called Moon and Moon. That is still true, but Devendra is not really the focus anymore - just one of the many guest a new rock opera...

Reflections of timeless struggle, self-fulfilling prophecy, and age-old triumph, with flashes of modern affectation. A fluid and evolving seven-act performance; an epic tale of angst, hunger, tragedy, failure, and ultimately, hope. The dramatic opening of this musical / avant-theatre piece begins with the young voice of our seven year old narrator. She describes in 2 short lines what we are about to witness: seven perspectives of one king's war with himself. Moon & Moon provides the framework of a journey through an eternal human battle, borrowing from religious heritage and a colorful quilt of belief that draws upon the root myth of our collective humanity. Our story re-creates an archetypal battle that is not only historical fiction, but our own contemporary fact which exemplifies our self-destructive nature. Through the journey of witnessing a different character's perspective in each act, our king comes to the realisation that he is not only the walls which he has built, but the walls that have been destroyed by his own hand and command.

Contributions by members of An Albatross, Lewis & Clarke, Barkus Born and Stephonik Youth with guest appearances by Devendra Banhart, Gibby Haynes, and Bat For Lashes.

VII Acts of an Iron King was released by La Société Expéditionnaire on Nov. 11, 2008. Act II is available for download above. All seven acts are listed below. The full list of "players" is as follows:
Will Lemon, Steven Kurtz, Jay Hudak, Lou Rogai, Brother James Barbee, Ed Klinger, Louis Schwadron, Geoff Vick, Melanie Moser, Elizabeth Louise Tordis Gagnes, Paula Henderson, Eve Miller, Katie Porter, Matthew Boynton, Ivan Berko, Olivia Galarza, Stephonik Youth, Gibby Haynes, Devendra Banhart, Natasha Khan, Julian Rogai, Tom Asselin, Lauren Tralala, Zumi Rosow, Jane Hirships
The record release party for this new album is happening today (Sunday, December 14, 2008) at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn. I don't know too much about the show, who will be there, etc, but I think at least that Moon & Moon will be joined by Gibby Haynes (who also played a show at Warsaw on Friday). Wet Ropes and DJ Megan Awesome are also on the bill according to the venue. More pictures (and the act list) below...

Moon and Moon

Moon and Moon

Moon and Moon

Moon and Moon

Moon and Moon

VII Acts of an Iron King
Act I: Into The Dust
Act II:Hands Of A Man
Act III: We Are The Lights
Act IV: Come Down Like A Man
Act V: There Can Be Only One
Act VI: This Is Our Celebration
Act VII: Together Alone, We Jump We Rise



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To avoid any confusion, Devendra, Gibby, and Bat for Lashes are not permanent members of this project, although they have performed on occasion and are all contributing guests on the recorded album, VII Acts of An Iron King. Due to geographical challenges and the current Waning Gibbous, they will not be performing this evening. The live show tonight is not to be taken for the full theater production, which is in progress for mid 2009. For tonight's show, it is the core members of Will Lemon and friends coming together to celebrate the album's release with close friends and their immediate community. Moon & Moon has worked hard to release this album, and has good reason to celebrate. There may be a guest appearance, but there will be no curtains to part and no red carpet (it's burlap). WET ROPES are an incredible performance art/rock duo, and DJ Megan AWESOME spins the records. Thanks so much for sharing this.
La Société Expéditionnaire

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