Posted in music on January 25, 2009

Swan Lake

To Whom it May Concern

A petition was put together recently in order to persuade Canadian super group Swan Lake into touring. Most of you have posted on your sites about their forthcoming second record, Enemy Mine, which is due out March 24th on Jagjaguwar. In regards to touring, Jagjaguwar posted that "Swan Lake does not currently have any tour plans but is easily swayed by gold doubloons and/or enthusiastic mobs". Upon reading this, we the fans have come together to prove to the band that they definitely need to tour to support their new record.

We are urging all of you to help us in our quest. If you would post a link to this petition along with any upcoming posts about Swan Lake, we'd greatly appreciate it. Once we hit our target goal of 1000 signatures, we'll send the petition to Swan Lake's booking agent at Billions who will present the petition to the band. After being overwhelmed by the shear number of signatures, we're sure the band will want to hit the road.

Thanks for all your help.

Maria Carullo



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this would be amazing. why can't there be a canadian supergroup festival. Head liners would be wolf parade and new pornographers. opening would be swan lake, destroyer, sunset rubdown, frog eyes, handsome furs, AC Newman, Neko Case and johnny and the moon. i think i would pay alot to see that.

Posted by Anonymous | January 25, 2009 12:57 PM

but swan lake suck....


Posted by Anonymous | January 25, 2009 1:16 PM

swan lake owns. puto.

Posted by Anonymous | January 25, 2009 1:37 PM


broken social scene...

Posted by Anonymous | January 25, 2009 1:40 PM

Thanks so much BV for posting this! The Wolf Parade site is down at the moment due to technical problems, but it should be fixed soon. Thanks in advance to eveyone that signs this petition.

Posted by maria | January 25, 2009 1:48 PM

1:16 is a douche

Posted by Anonymous | January 25, 2009 2:14 PM

I guess we could include BSS, but then feist would bail and it would just be a 3 hour long jam band session. I am not into that.

Posted by Anonymous | January 25, 2009 3:23 PM

there are a million bands we could include. like, for example, arcade fire, plants & animals, land of talk, etc.

and swan lake's first album is terrific.

Posted by Anonymous | January 25, 2009 3:28 PM

canadian supergroup festival would be legendary!

Posted by Anonymous | January 25, 2009 3:36 PM

i was not talking about every canadian band, just the ones that the members of swan lake are in. but wasn't spencer krug in arcade fire for a few months in the beginning?

Posted by Anonymous | January 25, 2009 5:29 PM

maybe they just dont wanna, & thats ok. but if its a matter of ticket sales then yeah, this is a pretty good idea

Posted by sarah | January 25, 2009 5:45 PM

I can't wait for the Destroyer/Cadence Weapon/Final Fantasy album to come out...that is, in my fantasy. Those are three damn talented canadians as everyone knows from seeing the three of them perform together:

Posted by Anonymous | January 25, 2009 9:51 PM

Blue Bird!

Posted by Anonymous | January 26, 2009 9:46 AM

hey maria, if you are reading there something wrong with the nonstuff site? it's been down for me for two days now...

Posted by stuntgirl | January 26, 2009 4:38 PM

never mind maria (again if you are reading this...) just saw your technicial problems note above. i need to read more closely. ps. thanks for all of your hard work!

Posted by stuntgirl | January 26, 2009 5:06 PM

the wolf parade site is working again...thanks stuntgirl, and thank you to everyone that signed!

Posted by maria | January 27, 2009 11:37 AM

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