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I don't think an official statement has been released, but there were massive (relatively speaking) layoffs at Zenbu Media, home of the jamband-friendly music magazine Relix and, Metal Maniacs and Metal Edge (the magazine titles speak for themselves). Rumors are flying...

An anonymous source has confirmed to MetalSucks that legendary magazines Metal Maniacs and Metal Edge -- both published by Zenbu Media -- have closed their doors for good. At this time we can't report whether either magazine will print any final issues or whether Zenbu itself is in trouble, but we can confirm that the end is nigh for these once mighty metal publications. [Metal Sucks]
Just as The Dead are set to reform and head on the road, the one-time Grateful Dead fanzine [Relix] has officially gone the way of its somewhat peers No Depression and Harp... [Stark Magazine]
The current issue of Relix, slightly modified, is pictured above.

ALMOST INSTANT UPDATE: Idolator says that, "contrary to earlier reports claiming its imminent closure, Relix editor-in-chief Josh Baron has said that his magazine is going to continue publishing."

UPDATE 2: sources close to the magazine say that, though they are publishing one more issue of Relix, there is a good chance it will be their last.



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Can't help but feel that something is missing here.

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 12:57 PM

Good riddance Relix.

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 1:13 PM

I feel the worst for the hippies behind bars on bogus drug charges (brah!) that are no longer going to get pen pal letters from sad old ex-hippies looking for love in the Relix

Posted by dave | February 5, 2009 1:32 PM

Relix had really good pictures though

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 1:40 PM

What's shocking is that Relix still exists at all.

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 1:40 PM

ok, relix was the best but it's an end of an era, end of magazine publishing in general. they are going to all fall like dominos.

Posted by dee | February 5, 2009 1:46 PM

relix was a good mag but I think websites like jambase, pitchfork, bv etc basically put it out of business. Unless they start giving them away for free (ad supported)

Im still amazed anyone reads Rolling Stone btw

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 1:52 PM

I can't believe they lasted this long. I was expecting this for a long time.

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 1:55 PM

according to an inside source, relix is sticking around, but the metal mags are dunzo

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 2:00 PM

Great photos in Relix like that brilliant cover shot above.

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 2:14 PM

it looks like mickey hart is dropping a deuce

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 2:20 PM

mickey hart looks like a troll in that picture.

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 2:20 PM

fare thee well

Posted by Sugar Bologna | February 5, 2009 2:36 PM

Did anyone even know or care that Relix was still around? Fuck 'em.

Posted by james | February 5, 2009 2:38 PM

There was a publication that knew how to pander.

Posted by j | February 5, 2009 2:42 PM

wow, that's amazing. i bet if vice or something similar went under, you'd all be in an uproar. it's just an interesting news story on the state of music publications (and print media in general).

and all three magazines were terrific sources of news, information and reviews for their specific audiences.

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 2:47 PM

I can't believe Metal Maniacs and Metal Edge are no more. Those were two of my favorite magazines and it sucks I won't be able to buy them anymore.

Posted by Jonathan | February 5, 2009 3:44 PM

what is amazing is that people still feel powerful by mocking "hippies". I wonder why they threaten and intimidate so much?

Posted by nygrump | February 5, 2009 3:49 PM

i blame south park.

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 3:57 PM

they should have printed it on sheets of acid

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 3:58 PM

that's the cover of relix? i thought it was the cover of an aarp mag

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 4:14 PM

AMEN nygrump 3:49! Why the rancor?

Posted by alien.soundtracks | February 5, 2009 4:48 PM

"Can't help but feel that something is missing here."

You mean from the photo? Yeah, your mom.

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 5:31 PM

Pigpen is missing!

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 5:39 PM

the fucking media!!!

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 5:43 PM

"Why the rancor?"

You do know what site this is, don't you?

Posted by Anonymous | February 5, 2009 7:07 PM

As former longtime publisher of Relix (1980-2000), I think the current magazine has continued to do an incredible job of getting new and old music out there to the most loyal music enthusiasts ever! Kudos on all of their hard work, they are STILL the only magazine that does what it does. As for you hippie bashers, you should be thanking the hippies for helping to get you free of the republican political regime! The free thinkers are still doing all of the work while so many just complain about the state of the world. The economic meltdown is the cause of so much loss, including the fact that magazines are going out of business. Instead of bashing a culture, look at the big picture and understand WHY things have gotten so bad! Try putting some positive energy out there, man!

I hope Relix thrives through these hard times, but I will mourn its passing...not only for myself, but for the many, many bands who'll have no venue to support them, and the many, many music freaks who'll have no source to read about the music they love.

I am writing a book on Relix's first 27 years (yes, it's been around for over thirty five years!), and it is a document of an era, a meeting place for Deadheads, the birthplace of jambands, and a source to find REAL music. I am proud of my role in this amazing publication's history, and though I am no longer involved in it, I know the music industry would suffer tremendously under its loss.

Toni Brown

Posted by Toni Brown | February 6, 2009 1:50 PM

Grateful Dead Forever,
Forever Grateful Dead
Rock on Ms. Brown

Posted by Jon | February 7, 2009 8:47 AM

Wtf?! Not fair!! I just discovered Metal Edge, it's fucking awesome, and now they're done?!?!?!?!


Posted by VampireCowboy | March 13, 2009 10:58 PM

What a shame! Metal Maniacs was and always will be the best American made Metal magazine ever. I had a subscribtion for quite a few years,and I always looked forward to what/who would be in the next issue.To me,it was the only TRUE Metal magazine,whereas a lot of other Metal mags[even Metal Edge-the commercial side of the music]had a lot of bands that[in my opinion]weren't that good.Plus with Maniacs,they focused on the more brutal side of Metal[like Death Metal,Black Metal,Grindcore,and also focused on underground/unsigned acts,which I thought was really cool[since I even sent them a demo of an old band of mine in the past,and they reviewed it in the "Firing Squad" demo review section.To make a long rambling short,its a damn shame that this magazine will no longer be around,and now I'm stuck having to pay fucking double digit prices for those English magazines like METAL HAMMER,and TERRORIZER.As for HIT PARADER or CIRCUS, I wish they would stop being made instead.

Posted by Colin Adams | February 25, 2010 11:22 PM

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