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Fiery Furnaces @ Barack Rock (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)
Fiery Furnaces
Fiery Furnaces

The Fiery Furnaces play (Le) Poisson Rouge tonight (June 11th) with Newspeak. That ensemble will debut a piece by the Furnaces' Matthew Friedberger titled "U.S. Cold Storage Pleads Its Case To The NLRB" (slightly different than originally reported). Tickets are still on sale.

At the show, The Fiery Furnaces will play "among other things, a version, complete and re-arranged, of their not-yet released album, I'm Going Away," performed 'in the round.' I'm Going Away will be showcasd at the band's other tour dates, below, as well. That record comes out July 21st on Thrill Jockey.

On Sunday, June 14th, Matthew Friedberger and Fiery Furnaces drummer Bob D'Amico will perform with King's Crescent at a Northside Festival show at Spike Hill. The lineup for that gig, curated by Martin Bisi, also includes SUSU, Kerry Kennedy, Alina Simone and Bisi himself.

On King's Crescent, Amico wrote in March...

i have another sorta-new band with my good friends jeff steinhauser on guitar, jeff martini on bass/vox, matt friedberger on organ and me on drums. the band is called Kings Crescent. right now we're playing mostly the music of our funk heroes from New Orleans- The Meters. we will expand our repotoire a bit and incorporate some of our other soul/funk heroes as well....and some Minutemen jams played in the vein of those heroes.
A live video of the Furnaces playing "Single Again" off their 2005 EP, with all tour dates, below...

Fiery Furnaces - 2009 Tour Dates
Jun 11 Le Poisson Rouge - New York, NY
Jun 12 Middle East - Boston, MA
Jun 13 Wellfleet Beachcomber - Wellfleet, MA
Aug 06 Brillobox - Pittsburgh, PA
Aug 07 Fountain Square - Cincinnati, OH
Aug 08 The Black Cat - Washington DC



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in case this was missed in the other thread (sorry to repost), just added tonight:

Kittens Ablaze

The Brunettes (Sub Pop)

Art Sorority for Girls

This Frontier Needs Heroes

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Posted by Anonymous | June 11, 2009 4:33 PM

Eleanor, rocking the Freddie Mercury hairstyle!

Posted by Anonymous | June 11, 2009 4:38 PM

"in case this was missed in the other thread "

Actually that was covered here:

Posted by brooklynvegan | June 11, 2009 4:46 PM

Matt on guitar all night -- no keys.

Thought the new stuff sounded pretty cool, stoked to hear the album.

Posted by Anonymous | June 12, 2009 6:57 AM

"The respondent, a Delaware corporation, operates cold storage plants throughout the United States including a plant in Dallas, Texas in which it processes, packs and stores divers food products."

I always find it cool when they spell 'diverse' that archaic way.

Posted by Anonymous | June 12, 2009 1:45 PM

FFs were incredible last night. Really loved the show...

Posted by Anonymous | June 12, 2009 3:53 PM

Did anyone go see Matt's show with King's Crescent?

Posted by Anonymous | June 18, 2009 6:43 AM

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