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Colin Meloy in Ohio, June 1st '09 (unruly badger)

Ah, yes, young Meloy....Colin, isn't it? Yes, yes...jolly good. I must say he is a springy lad...most flexible...hewn of wands, you know...they splice them down by the river...he was part of a group that lost contact with the main tribe, and drifted to Montana. I found him in the bushes, whistling to a frog. He later said it was me, perhaps he was right. A majestic performer, at ease with himself, his audience and his material in away that makes me quite...envious. He is...well, he's not old, you know...still green of leaf and...always springy, did I mention? Oh yes, well, the thing is: he's young but he goes back a long way. That's right - he leads from the old path. The deeper your roots, the broader your branches, I always say. Especially if you're a tree. Colin has magnificent roots, he showed me them in a forest. What did you say? Prog Folk? Or Fog Polk? In San Francisco, probably, I know he was there...or was I there?...yes, we were both there, but not at the same time. I get confused with the other chap...not Dr Partridge...he's sitting over there, I think it's, Colin is me he's the ultimate British rock a way that he couldn't be if he was from Britain, because he's have to come from some sector of society that the other sectors would resent him for....(Canon Morrisey, that's the fellow - or is he dean now?) Colin has it in perspective and can be it in a way that only an outsider can. So he has the brogues, and the lamps, and the canvas...the pavilion...the lashes and the brand...although he's most careful with them both...and most of all, he has the voice. With a little technological help, he could yet be duetting with
Sandy Denny

- if he hasn't already. Hmmm? Did I say he was springy? Ah yes...young Meloy....

- Robyn Hitchcock [to Paste]

The Decemberists are still on the road, playing their new album Harzards of Love from start to finish -- they'll be touring North America (with some time off) till August. Updated dates are below. The band visits NYC's Radio City Music Hall on Wednesday, June 10th (TONIGHT). Tickets are still on sale.
"Apropos, the stage backdrop was a silk screen draped with tumbling, gauzy cocoons and lit in blood and chlorophyll. Meloy, dressed like he wanted to borrow just a moment of your time to discuss the Good News, played the role of Narrator/William the Forest Prince. Becky Stark, as Margaret, wore a white sequined gown of the sort usually found in a giant trunk in the attic; I'd bet anything it originally came with a giant cone-shaped hat. Shara Worden, as The Forest Queen, dressed in a loose black dress and silver tights, leaving her free to steal the show with some body-rocking that was extemporaneous and silly and improbably sexy." [Washington City Paper]
Becky Stark and Shara Worden are reprising their guest spots on Hazards of Love, and more, live. See a video of Stark, Worden and Meloy cover Heart's "Crazy On You" on tour, below.

Speaking of guests, Robyn Hitchcock, who played some guitar on Hazards, is opening select dates for the Decemberists with his band, the Venus 3. That group consists of Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows) and Bill Rieflin (Ministry). They'll open the Decemberists' Radio City gig.

The guys in that band -- McCaughey and Buck, specifically -- are also in The Minus 5. That group will release an album called Killingsworth on Yep Roc on July 7th. From that record, the song "Scott Walker's Fault" features Colin Meloy on lead vox. Meloy also sings on Robyn's newest disc.

Robyn Hitchcock has his own NYC headlining show on Thursday, June 11th (the night after the Decemberists gig) at the Bell House. Tickets are still on sale. The openers for that show will be Ken Stringfellow and Takka Takka.

Takka Takka's singer and guitar player Gabe Levine was recently interviewed by MC Steinberg on NY Noise, and Gabe recently went solo - playing and recording under the name Samuel Izdat.

Storefront Hitchcock, a 1998 concert film directed by Jonathan Demme and featuring Robyn Hitchcock, is now streaming online. See that video, and an exclusive interview with Hitchcock from SXSW earlier this year, with all Decemberists tour dates, below...

The Decemberists w/ Becky Stark & Shara Worden - Crazy On You

The Decemberists - 2009 Tour Dates
06/10 New York, NY Radio City Music Hall ^
06/13 Manchester, TN Bonnaroo Music Festival
06/20 Minneapolis, MN Walker Art Center Rock The Garden *
07/17 Redmond, WA Marymoor Park % @
07/18 Portland, OR Edgefield % @
07/19 Portland, OR Edgefield % @
07/21 Vancouver, BC Vogue Theatre @
07/22 Vancouver, BC Vogue Theatre @
08/01 Newport, RI Newport Folk Festival
08/02 Montreal, QC Osheaga Music & Arts Festival
08/03 Toronto, ON Kool Haus $
08/05 Madison, WI Orpheum Theatre $
08/07 Chicago, IL Lollapalooza
08/08 Indianapolis, IN Murat Theatre $
08/10 Louisville, KY W.L. Lyons Brown Theatre @
08/11 Royal Oak, MI Royal Oak Theatre $
08/14 Pittsburgh, PA Byham Theater $
10/03 Austin, TX Austin City Limits Festival
@ with Blind Pilot
^ with Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3
% with Andrew Bird
$ with Heartless Bastards
* with Calexico, Yeasayer and Solid Gold

Robyn Hitchcock - 2009 Tour Dates
Jun 10 - Radio City Music Hall New York, NY
Jun 11 - The Bell House Brooklyn, NY
Jun 13 - Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival Manchester, Tennessee
Jun 28 - Glastonbury Festival Glastonbury
Jul 16 - Latitude Festival Suffolk, England
Jul 17 - Latitude Festival Suffolk, England
Jul 19 - London Barbican London
Oct 2 - Austin City Limits Festival Austin, Texas
Oct 3 - Austin City Limits Festival Austin, Texas
Oct 4 - Austin City Limits Festival Austin, Texas



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Posted by Anonymous | June 10, 2009 1:25 PM

If we play find the black guy tonight at Radio City, will anybody win? Bouncers don't count!

Posted by Goddamn your jean brand got me throwing my hand | June 10, 2009 1:38 PM

if you want to see RH/V3 get there early...they only played a scant 30 minutes last night.

Posted by Anonymous | June 10, 2009 1:41 PM


OR go to Bell House tomorrow and hear a FULL set!

Posted by rajah of rehab | June 10, 2009 2:13 PM

I have a pair of orchestra tix for the show tonight at radio city. last minute found out i can't go. don't know if they frown on these type of posts but i figured i'd find fans here. below cost! printed tickets in hand. thanks!

Posted by Scott | June 10, 2009 2:39 PM

Peter Buck came out on the encores and Colin and band did a version of Begin the Begin which was sweet!

Posted by Anonymous | June 11, 2009 7:20 AM

Anyone have a full Decemberists setlist?

Posted by Skinner | June 11, 2009 9:19 AM

I will try from memory...

First set:
Hazards of Love in its entirety

Second Set: (out of order)
Cranes Wife 3
July July
Billy Liar
Chimbley Sweep
Bachelor and the Bride
Draculas Daughter>O'Valencia
Begin the Begin W/Peter Buck
Sons and Daughters

Might be missing 1?

Posted by Anonymous | June 11, 2009 10:06 AM


You forgot about the cover of Heart's "Crazy On You" at the end of the second set! WTF?!

Posted by Anonymous | June 11, 2009 10:18 AM

Shara and Becky did a great version of the Wilson sisters during "Crazy On You".

Posted by drewo | June 11, 2009 10:18 AM

Last night's setlist--

1st half of show:
Hazards of Love in entirety

2nd half:
Crane Wife 3
July, July!
Billy Liar
The Bachelor and the Bride
Dracula's Daughter
The Chimbley Sweep
Cover of Crazy on You by Heart (joined by Becky Stark of Lavender Diamond and Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond)

Cover of Begin the Begin by REM (joined by Peter Buck)
Sons & Daughters

Posted by Cristina | June 11, 2009 10:19 AM

that show was great.
except for the first half. i've never seen a band musically masturbate for so long on stage (although to be fair, i've never been to a phish or dead show). but i guess it got the kinks out for an amazing second set.
and it was a really good night overall

Posted by Anonymous | June 11, 2009 1:09 PM

saw show in philly, very similar except they didn't play 'bachelor and the bride' that would have been sweet. great show, great set, great band! can't wait to see 'em again!

Posted by brian | June 11, 2009 3:48 PM

Well, I didn't know where else to put these comments on last night's Robyn Hitchcock show at the Bell House (great venue!), so . . . .

Awesome show - esp his hilarious between-song banter! Here's a partial set list as best I can remember (but there are definitely a few missing, and the rest are surely not in the right order):

What You Is
Brenda's Iron Sledge
Adventure Rocket Ship
I Often Dream of Trains
Out of the Picture
Flesh Number 1
Saturday Groovers
N.Y. Doll
Pulse of My Heart(?)
City of Shame
Madonna of the Wasps
Up to Our Necks
Queen Elvis
Waterloo Sunset
Give It to the Soft Boys
Roadhouse Blues(!)
Goodnight Oslo

Posted by JasonNYC | June 12, 2009 3:31 PM

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