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by Black Bubblegum

"Am bummed that I missed Tragedy at Studio B, , but I have to tell you..." -Ted Leo

Tragedy @ Studio B - July 12, 2009

Due to a layover on their way to Europe, crusty hardcore gods Tragedy did their part to help shutter the stages of Studio B on July 12th with a little help from Morne (mems-Grief, profiled here), Blacklisted, Brain Handle, and Brain Killer. I got to the venue moments after the great Blacklisted started. I unfortunately missed Brain Handle and Brain Killer.

"We don't take requests", vocalist George Hirsch quipped from on stage, not that the band needed to. Blacklisted ran through some favorite selections of older material, as well songs from the excellent Heavier Than Heaven, Lonlier Than God from last year. As far as stage presence and performance, Blacklisted as a band is as impassioned as Hirsch's lyrics, and the barefooted vocalist took command of the crowd with ease. I'm a big fan.

Morne followed with their crusty Amebix/early Neurosis slant, drawing from their new LP due on Feral Ward. Their sound has infinite potential, but I found them to be less than energetic on stage. Nerves? They had second billing above Blacklisted (which I didn't understand) and were sandwiched between two of the greatest current hardcore bands today.

Though there are a few notable exceptions to this rule (like Blacklisted), I think hardcore should have an element of danger to it. A fire. A pissed off quality transcends the musician's ability, propelling the music forward with an intangible, urgent quality. Tragedy has that rage, which is why this band is so compelling both on record as well as on stage. They did not disappoint on Sunday night, save for the fact that the sound was muddy at different vantage points and their show clocked in at under an hour. I could have gone for two.

"Lemme just put it this way. I usually follow the "No crowd-surfing/stage-diving for kids over 175lbs" rule pretty fucking strictly. It definitely makes the show more enjoyable for the majority. For Tragedy, I smashed that rule to fucking pieces for the first time in years. I definitely heard "Not Fucking Fodder", "Call to Arms", "The Day After", and "The Ending Fight". They also played one, possibly 2 new songs as well. Could this mean a new album? Who knows?! Shit dude, for a bunch of semi-drunk dudes they were tighter than Nancy Reagan's asshole and heavier than a 10 ton weight. EURO-FRIENDS: GO SEE TRAGEDY." [NGNV]
Pictures of the last two bands, some videos, and more Blacklisted and Morne tour dates, below...


















Tragedy - The Day After Live at Studio B. July 12th, 2009 from Jack Crank on Vimeo.

Part 1: Morne - Eyes live at Studio B, Brooklyn NY July 12th, 2009 from Jack Crank on Vimeo.

Part 2 Morne - Eyes at Studio B, Brooklyn NY July 12, 2009 from Jack Crank on Vimeo.

Jul 31 2009 Sound and Fury 2009 Oxnard, California
Aug 1 2009 Sound and Fury 2009 Oxnard, California
Aug 2 2009 Sound and Fury 2009 Oxnard, California
Aug 16 2009 Starlight Ballroom- This is Hardcore 2009 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Aug 12 2009 KOPI Berlin,GERMANY
Aug 13 2009 ajz Neubrandenburg,GERMANY
Aug 14 2009 doedsmaskinen Copenhagen,DENMARK
Aug 15 2009 alte meierei Kiel,GERMANY
Aug 16 2009 lobusch Hamburg,GERMANY
Aug 17 2009 az Osnabrueck,GERMANY
Aug 18 2009 Az Mülheim,GERMANY
Aug 19 2009 acu Utrech,NETHERLANDS
Aug 20 2009 @onderbroek Nijmengen ,NETHERLANDS
Aug 21 2009 az de noodzaak festival Gent,BELGIUM
Aug 22 2009 la miroiterie Paris,FRANCE
Aug 23 2009 @kalkbreite Zurich,SWITZERLAND*
Aug 24 2009 Schrottbar Biel,SWITZERLAND*
Aug 25 2009 pmk bogen Innsbruck,AUSTRIA
Aug 26 2009 komma Esslingen,GERMANY*
Aug 27 2009 ajz Aachen,GERMANY**
Aug 28 2009 TBA,GERMANY**
Aug 29 2009 Paranoia Fest Dresden,GERMANY
Aug 30 2009 007 Prague,CZECH
Sep 1 2009 Ciprus bar Budapest,HUNGARY
Sep 2 2009 ekh Vienna,AUSTRIA
Sep 3 2009 pod radhostem Roznov,CZECH
Sep 5 2009 Play fast or don't Fest Hradec Kralowe,CZECH
Sep 6 2009 TBA Zdunska Wola,POLAND
Sep 7 2009 @ Tektura Lublin,POLAND
Sep 8 2009 TBA Warsaw,POLAND
Sep 9 2009 @ Rockz Gdynia,POLAND
Sep 10 2009 TBA Wroclaw,POLAND
Sep 11 2009 ZORO Leipzig,GERMANY
Sep 12 2009 Friese Bremen,GERMANY



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Um ok, so His Hero Is Gone's "Fifteen Counts of Arson."

The reason that I like this record so much, uh, aside from the fact that it's amazing is, um, I feel like it was kind of overlooked when it actually came out and now it's like this absolute classic record. But, uh, when it was actually reviewed, when it came out, it really didn't do very...I mean it did well, but it didn't do extremely well. Rolling Stone at the time gave it like..I think 2 out of 5 stars or something like that. And then when they re-released it they said it was 5 out of 5 stars, when they did the next review. But it was just a very important record in my formidable years and, um, it's a classic pop record.

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I don't get it.

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"less black bubblegum on this blog please. thanks"


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Nancy Reagan does indeed have a VERY tight asshole.

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Once again, Morne gives Dusseldorf the shaft. 12 shows in Germany and not one fucking show in Dusseldorf. At least I can catch them at the az de noodzaak festival in Belgium. Shit's gonna be crazy.

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More black bubblegum please.

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black is my fav. flavor of b-gum.

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