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7 Seconds & Bouncing Souls on tour in 1994
7secs and BSouls

Twenty years is a major milestone for any band, but in a genre like punk rock that thrives on boundless energy, ducking authority, and youth, it's a particularly notable achievement. This year marks the 20th anniversary of The Bouncing Souls, and yet more clicks on the odometer in the touring van. The band kicks off a set of dates this week with fellow NJ luminaries Lifetime and punk rock legends 7 Seconds.

7 Seconds know a thing or two about longevity. The band is currently approaching it's 30th (!) year and prides itself on being one of the longest standing hardcore bands in existence, joining the esteemed ranks of Bad Brains, DOA, and Circle Jerks among others. Vocalist Kevin Seconds has been the face of the band since inception, spending the last few years on the road as a solo acoustic act, similar to like-minded punks Chuck Ragan, Walter Schriefels, and Greg Attonito of The Bouncing Souls.

On the eve of the Bouncing Souls / 7 Seconds dates in NYC (which impact 8/21 & 8/22, Lifetime opens on 8/20 & 8/23), we got a pair of punk rock veterans to sit down for an interview... with each other! Greg called in to speak with Kevin Seconds while on the Warped Tour, and the two discussed their upcoming tours in their respective bands and as solo artists, as well as what it means to still be a punk in 2009. Read it below....


The Bouncing Souls (Greg) @ Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008 (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)
Bouncing Souls

Kevin Seconds
Kevin Seconds

Bouncing Soul Greg Attonito: When I thought about doing this interview, there was a couple of questions that I wanted to ask that people don't really ever ask you.

Kevin Seconds: (Laughs). Okay?

GA: One of them is ... around the first time we met you guys on tour, the 7 Seconds guys played this game. And I believe it was called Stonehenge?

KS: Yeah. (Laughs). Yes, we did play that.

GA: Can you describe Stonehenge for us?

KS: Well, let's see, I think it originated from our gigs in Sacramento. I just sort of did it with the guys from 7 Seconds and then we started doing it with other bands and then we would be playing in a city somewhere and someone would yell out from the crowd. And I'm like; "Who the fuck is that?" (Laughs). But essentially it's's really a dumb game, as you know... you're just standing with a group of people and if one person yells "Stonehenge", then everybody has to freeze until the person who yells "Stonehenge" says, 'Break'. So you try to do it when people are either in the middle of talking or walking. It's ridiculous, which is why it's kind of funny. Then there's all these rules like you can't do it while someone's working, or when there's an emergency situation, and then there is Midwest Coast rules, the East Coast rules, the West Coast rules....

GA: Yep!

KS: Yeah, you know, every once in a while we break it out when it's appropriate. I forget about that!

GA: I always thought it was really cool. I saw my first game of Stonehenge at a Chinese restaurant when we were eating with all you guys. (Laughs).

KS: (Laughs). You guys were with us on your early tours, right? You guys are great to hang out with and watch every night.

GA: Likewise. How's the coffee shop doing?

KS: We ... well, we closed - Allyson and I closed the café about four months ago. It got to be kind of political and stupid I just didn't have any more energy to put into it. It was like draining me, you know... dealing with that kind of stuff. It just made me realize that as much as I love the café, and it was a fun thing to run, it was sort of like buying a full time job.

GA: Right.

KS: So we closed it down and I miss it, but at the same time, and who knows? We may some day do it again if we get the bug. I'd rather just go travel and be a bum. But it's been pretty nice and it's actually enabled me to hit the road more, do more art and do more...

GA: Right, right. More music...

KS: That's kind of, that's really where my heart is and where I want to be. Even now at 48 years old.

GA: Yeah. I remember when we did the acoustic show, you were talking about recording in the coffee shop you have upstairs and ...I forget exactly how you said it, but it kind of stuck with me. You can go and escape into your music... whether it's recording or performing.

KS: Yeah. When we jumped into doing it, my wife Allyson and I wanted to make sure that we never got too caught up and that we played at the same time because we're still both musicians... we still paint and draw and take photos and other stuff. We wanted to maintain that art part of it as well.

GA: Yeah.

KS: And, you know, it was nice to have the upstairs room. The studio. We did a lot of really cool sessions and had some great performances up there too. The building itself is awesome and it's just one of those things where we felt so fortunate to find it when we did. But there's a lot of things at play. When you have people that are involved and you have this definite idea and vision and they're kind of going, "Hey, why don't you put up a big screen TV, man? Football on Monday." That sounds like a cheesy bar and it's not really what I want to do. You know what I'm saying?

GA: You don't want to have a sports bar.

KS: Yeah, yeah. I wouldn't know how to run it, I wouldn't want to do it. The key was to always try and maintain the music and the art element aspects of it. We wanted to contribute in our home town because it's slowly dwindling. It's like all these crazy Yuppies moved in from the Bay area and there are no art galleries to go to. Do any of you guys run your own business on the side? You have a record label, right?

The Bouncing Souls @ Generation Records (more by Jacob Blickenstaff)
Kevin Seconds

GA: Yeah, we have a label. We have people running the day to day business stuff and we'll just like poke our nose in now and then when things need to be talked about.

KS: Is there a recording studio too?

GA: Yeah. We recorded all of the new backing song stuff which we're already releasing for the 20 year anniversary album on the first of every month.

KS: That's great.

GA: Slowly bought all the gear. And now we're getting some pretty cool stuff and we recorded another band and it's sounding really good.

KS: You guys are like releasing a song at a time on the Internet, right?

GA: Yeah, we're releasing it on the Internet and on four 7"s which are coming out throughout the year. The best part about that, which we found from experience, is... You know how releasing a CD now.... It's like everybody gets everything so fast that it's just like gone in a second. I remember when putting out a record it was like a big deal.

KS: Yeah.

GA: It was like, the new 7 Seconds record! 7 Seconds is putting out a recording that's coming out in September and everyone was... it was a big deal!

KS: Yeah. People had been waiting for it, there was like this kind of buzz going on, people would come out to the shows, and it would kind of be better... more lasting power or something...

GA: Totally.

KS: I read what you guys had done and thought "this is a great idea". You're sort of tying in the current technology with the idea that you're still putting out stuff and you guys have a huge audience where people are going to go along with new ideas. And I think it's great. You guys got to be creative, and it's just a whole different ballpark. Yeah. You know, you guys have got to eventually put everything out on CD like at the end of the year or something?

GA: Yeah.

KS: That's great. And you guys are out playing and touring so often that it backs it up. It's one thing that people are releasing stuff, but we'll put out a record like every five years or whatever and then do one tour and then we're dormant for two or three years. That's not the way to do it. And we're just getting like lazier and lamer... So, I was going to ask you guys, so it's your 20 year anniversary. How does it feel? Do you think to yourself "how the fuck did this happen"? How'd we do it for the last 20 years? Does it really even matter?

GA: Yeah. You're a great person to be talking about this because you're kind of like a half a generation ahead of us and we really looked up to like 7 Seconds.

7 Seconds
7 Seconds

KS: Yeah.

GA: You guys were kind of paving a path for us... it's easier now, it's more well known, people know how to do it, you know, the times have changed a lot more. It being our 20th anniversary, people look at us now as more like an established band not a music trend. It's funny though because I still feel like people like you and Bad Religion, who are on the Warped Tour with us, are really still paving the way because we're figuring out how to like grow older as a punk rocker. You know what I mean?

7 Seconds in the 80s
Kevin Seconds

KS: Yeah. Which, you know, always seems so kind of like contradictory in a way. I always used to say, I don't want to be up there when I'm 30.

GA: Right, right.

KS: I don't want to do this when I'm 40. But I remember seeing in bands, you know, over the last ten years, older bands that get up there and they kind of look haggard and they kind of look like, you know, they're not really putting ...

GA: Yeah.

KS: I want to still love what I do and I don't want to, you know, be cranking out song after song and just, you know ...

GA: Yeah.

KS: So that's the thing, seeing you guys like last year in Texas and a couple of shows I played with you guys in L.A. or Southern California... you guys are like better than ever before. The energy is even bigger and the passion and drive of the songs... it feels like you guys have lived in this thing now, it's so solid and ... you guys are on a winning streak. I changed my attitude, maybe it's because as I got older I was like, "well, sure I still want to do this, but, should I be doing this?" "Should I be travelling, touring around the world playing music in this big youth oriented genre? " I think the youth is still inside you. It's still going to come out.

GA: That's what's cool about seeing how you did it, because when you get to be... I'm almost 40 and soon you realize that this whole youthful thing is a bunch of bullshit anyway. It's all how you look at life.

KS: Yeah.

GA: And then, of course, as a teenager and at 20 years old you look at older people and you and think "I don't want to do that. I don't want to be that."

KS: I don't know, it's just one of those things. It's kind of more in your heart than anything else. It's more of what's inside you than your actual age. I still love playing energetic music and doing it with as much gusto as I possibly can muster at 48 years old. It's like a thrill for me now, it's like I'm on a mission to keep the spirit alive.

GA: (Laughs). Yeah, I know for me, to see how you've been doing and how great the music is... Every time I've seen you doing the solo stuff, it was just like, "Kevin just keeps getting better."

Kevin Seconds @ Fun Fun Fun Fest (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)
Kevin Seconds

KS: (Laughs). Thank you.

GA: And that is so motivational. It's really great to see that because the last thing I ever wanted to be was that band where people might say "yeah, these dudes were good like maybe five or six years ago".

KS: Yeah. And be devastated because they're just a shell of their former selves. It happens, but you just don't want to see it. (Laughs). I have to think twice about playing...

GA: Yeah. I would rather not see them at all.

KS: Yeah, yeah. This wasn't supposed to become a job. It's become a job for a lot of us and one of the greatest jobs in the world, but it shouldn't feel like a fucking job. You shouldn't have the same attitude that you'd have if you were going out and working on houses or in a bank. During the Fun Fun Fun Fest last year, I saw DOA and they were great. Joey was up there going nuts and the guy's 50 something years old and they're having fun. And I thought, man, this is cool.

GA: Yeah, yeah.

KS: They've been at it this long and they're still rocking, you know, it's like... pretty great.

GA: That's cool. Well, excited to be getting out on the road again and it's going to be a lot of fun. I have to say I'm really stoked that you guys are all coming out to do the shows out on the East Coast. People that I have been running into have been saying "it's going to be so awesome."

Greg Attonito & Ari of Lifetime
Bouncing Souls

KS: Oh, yeah, definitely. We're psyched! We just did our first show in about a year and a half up in Reno about three weeks ago. I was really nervous actually... I was like, man, are we going to pull it off? It was pretty phenomenal, and we had a really great packed house. We kept calling it our "warm up shows" for the dates we have with you guys, but it was pretty spectacular. Afterwards we knew we could pull it off. I'm pretty excited. We always love to play with you guys. Speaking of tours, when you and Shanti came to town, you were doing a promotion for the kids book that you put out together. Have you been here and there doing any other touring solo wise with Shanti?

GA: Yeah. Shanti, Vic from The Slackers, and I did nine dates on the East Coast in the Spring. It was a total blast. We ended up just doing a whole bunch of stuff together.

KS: Vic's phenomenal. (Laughs). It's like, I got to know him a little bit last year when we went out on the East Coast and we did some gigs together. I was completely blown away by his ability to pull it off musically and the kind of guy he is. You just want to hang out with him. We stayed with him and I haven't been inspired like on a musical or an art level in a long time. He was just... wow, this guy is really living.

GA: Yeah, I think I remember that when we started the tour, we went over to his house and he was talking about it. "Kevin Seconds like stayed at my house". It was like the coolest thing.

KS: (Laughs). It was a blast, man.

GA: Anyway, after Shanti and I did that book tour, we also got an offer to work on a music TV show with PBS.

Greg & Shanti
Greg & Shanti

KS: Oh? That's great.

GA: It's going to be like a puppet show, but a kind of modern day rock and roll Muppet Show. It's going to be kind of a long creative process.

KS: Yeah, that's great, Greg. That's really cool.

GA: Yeah. And we're going to, of course, like invite all our musician friends on to the show, like Muppet Show style! The general idea is pretty fun... imagine the Chelsea Hotel, but in the puppet world. All these puppet characters live in the hotel and some of them make music, some of them make art.

KS: (Chuckle) Oh, oh, that is great!

GA: And then, of course, the idea is Kevin Seconds is in town on tour. He's staying at the hotel.

KS: Can I get a job... can I be the junkie? I haven't done heroin for a few years. (Laughs) Yeah, best of luck with that, man. That's great. It goes to show that what you guys put together is really fun and everybody loved it. So Greg, you're on the road right now with the Warped Tour. Who have you been paying attention to out there?

GA: There's a handful of really good bands. There's POS, he's a rapper from Minneapolis. The Architects from Kansas City. There's TAT, she's really good. Bayside from New York. Westbound Train, who I've seen for the first time and are a really good soul/ska band. There's a few bad bands out there as well.

KS: Do you guys still all drive, or do you have someone else driving?

GA: For the Warped Tour we have a friend of ours driving. He's been driving overnight pretty much every night. Once in a while we'll help him out, drive for a couple of hours in case he needs to sleep.

KS: Yeah.

GA: But other than that he's pretty much doing all of it. Yeah.

KS: I actually love to drive... I prefer it. I'm a lousy passenger. It's when I get all of my best thinking done.

GA: So what about you Kevin, who have you been really enjoying when you are on the road?

KS: For the last two years I've been doing a lot more of solo acoustic stuff. Playing in Sacramento, I've done songwriting over the last seven or eight years and open mics, but I always had this kind of love/hate thing for it. A lot of people I would see were just influenced by people who I just can't handle... music like Dave Matthews Band or whatever.

GA: Oh, yeah. (Laughs).

KS: But over the last couple of years there have been a lot of great song writers. I love Chuck Ragan, I think he's amazing live. Frank Turner, out of England, is really pretty amazing... I think that what I am into is more like punk/pop as opposed to pop/punk... a little more punky. Bands like The Copyrights, those guys are really big now and it's not so obviously "hey we love the Ramones, we're going to sound like the Ramones". Andrew Jackson Jihad are just phenomenal... just acoustic guitar and stand up bass... they're going to be huge. They are doing so well right now in the underground. For a while I was tuning into radio shows and was always looking for new stuff. It got to the point where I was going back to playing Black Flag and The Jam and Generation X. So it's kind of nice to be excited about kind of new and upcoming stuff again. Definitely.

GA: Speaking of new stuff, how is that radio show working out for you?

KS: The radio thing was just something I've always had an interest in. I did some college radio when I lived in Reno like 20 years ago and here in Sacramento... random appearances, interviews, or the occasional guest host slot. Then a big alternative station approached me and asked if I wanted to do a punk rock show once a week for three hours. I told them "only if I can play what I want and I don't have anybody in the studio with me." So I would play stuff like The Clash and The Avengers on mainstream radio on Friday nights, it was just a kick and lots of fun and people really liked it. Since then I've been doing a lot of Internet stuff, on Tuesdays and it's more geared towards punk rock. Although it's getting harder to program that every week because it isn't simple to put together a two hour show every week that incorporates everything punk rock.


Bouncing Souls

Special thanks goes out to Greg Attonito and Kevin Seconds! Tickets for the shows at Webster Hall and The Trocadero are on Ticketmaster.

All Bouncing Souls Tour Dates....

USA / Special New York and Philadelphia Shows
Aug 20 2009 WEBSTER HALL New York, New York w/ Lifetime and None More Black
Aug 21 2009 WEBSTER HALL New York, New York w/ 7 Seconds and Tim Barry
Aug 22 2009 TROCADERO THEATRE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania w/ 7 Seconds and None More Black
Aug 23 2009 TROCADERO THEATRE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania w/ Lifetime and Tim Barry

Aug 27 2009 Uergrou Cologne
Aug 28 2009 Reading Festival Reading
Aug 29 2009 Academy Dublin
Aug 30 2009 Leeds Festival Leeds
Sep 1 2009 Cafe La Peche Paris
Sep 2 2009 Entrepot Brugges
Sep 3 2009 Backage Munich
Sep 4 2009 2 Days a Week Festival Wiesen
Sep 6 2009 Rock Planet Pinarella
Sep 8 2009 Music Box Lisboa
Sep 9 2009 Sala Live Madrid
Sep 10 2009 Sala KGB Barcelona

Canadian Tour w/ Youth Brigade, Off With Their Heads and more!
Sep 23 2009 - Montreal, QC - Foufounes Electrique
Sep 24 2009 - Ottawa, ON - Ritual
Sep 25 2009 - Guelph, ON - Vinyl
Sep 26 2009 - London, ON - Call The Office
Sep 27 2009 - Toronto, ON - Opera House
Sep 30 2009 - Winnipeg, MB - The Pyramid Cabaret
Oct 1 2009 - Regina, SK - Riddell Centre
Oct 2 2009 - Edmonton, AB - Starlite
Oct 3 2009 - Calgary, AB - MacEwan Ballroom
Oct 4 2009 - Banff, AB - Wild Bills
Oct 6 2009 - Victoria, BC - Sugar Nightclub
Oct 7 2009 - Vancouver, BC - The Rickshaw Theater

+ More dates coming soon!



Comments (47)

who cares? these people are all money grubbing no talents.

and they overcharge their fans, most of whom are children

Posted by Bob | August 19, 2009 3:52 PM

I'm going on Friday. I'm pretty excited. It'll be at least my 6th time seeing the Bouncing Souls and I have never once been disappointed.

Posted by TheFatPunk | August 19, 2009 4:00 PM

that convo was one long dick sucking session.

Posted by JT | August 19, 2009 4:01 PM

that convo was great. thanks for putting this together.

Posted by Anonymous | August 19, 2009 4:06 PM

JT @ 4:01 pm = failed musician

Posted by Anonymous | August 19, 2009 4:07 PM

"they overcharge their fans, most of whom are children"

get a job

Posted by Anonymous | August 19, 2009 4:20 PM

Bouncing Souls + 7 Seconds + Tim Barry @ Webster Hall = $22.


Posted by Anonymous | August 19, 2009 4:23 PM

^ They're also giving their new album away for free online.

Posted by Anonymous | August 19, 2009 4:38 PM

I'm going tomorrow night...the only over charging will be Webster Halls bar. I think it's 7 bones a beer.

Go and listen to all those new cool bands you discovered at All Points West. Ugh.

Posted by Dave | August 19, 2009 5:43 PM

why do 37th wave punkers think there's anything valid about the music they listen to?

these bands suck, and they're *only* in it for the money.

Posted by Bob | August 19, 2009 7:35 PM

Wow, you're an ass.

Posted by Anonymous | August 19, 2009 8:49 PM

7 Seconds haven't been relevant for 25 years and Bouncing Souls for 15.

Consider them Vegas acts.

Posted by Anonymous | August 19, 2009 8:56 PM

im going to see the bouncing souls for the first time tomorrow. out of curiousity, do bouncing souls shows have mosh pits?

Posted by Anonymous | August 19, 2009 9:10 PM

8:49 has clearly never tried to set up shows for these kind of aging punk rocker assholes.

anyone who has can vouch that they are the lowest of the low in terms of rocker douchbaggery. in addition to being statutory date rapist types, across the board, they'e the types of guys who'll go out on tour with one original member and call it a "reunion," then sell $60 hoodies at the merch table.

and their fans are insufferable: a combo of drunk angsty teenagers who don't know any better, and loser punk "lifers" who are plainly depressing to be around. it's a sad sad scene.

Posted by Bob | August 19, 2009 9:12 PM

gotta agree, punk in the 2000's is pandering to the lowest common denominator of rebelling teenagers. ignorant sloganeering politics and even sillier musical ideas.

the worst of it is they're propped up by the fucked up "all ages" circuit, which only exists because all the better music has been cloistered away in over 21 bars. These guys basically have based their careers on a fucked up system that keeps young people out of the better shows. Dumbass punkrock is all that bothers to play the smaller underage shows. lame! fuck this shit.

Posted by Bob | August 19, 2009 9:19 PM

Bob is clearly an industry douchebag with an agenda who uses terms like "circuit".

Posted by Anonymous | August 19, 2009 9:25 PM

bands like these are the sort of people who would, say, deliberately not call an original member of the band to play on a "reunion" tour so that they don't have to split the money one more way. in a word these bands suck, and the music is terrible. stop worshiping pop punk guys!

Posted by Bob | August 19, 2009 9:32 PM

Bob, can you please shut up now. Just to prove you are completely full of shit, Bouncing Souls have never broken up so this is not a reunion, and 7 Seconds are playing with all original members. What exactly is your real issue?

Posted by Anonymous | August 19, 2009 9:36 PM

I've got no agenda, I don't work with bands like these and I never would. They're awful to watch and are assholes to deal with, 99% of the time.

I just think this whole genre is a crock. It only persists to siphon money from idealistic teenagers' pockets. It's personally annoying to me that you guys want to canonize a bunch of jerks that aren't talented and are in it for all the wrong reasons.

If you had any idea how childishly selfish and cynical the average "punk rock" band veteran is, you'd agree. Instead you're blissfully naive.

All told, I don't really give a shit what you guys think is awesome. But if you knew the reality of the situation... Really though, it's fine. Go ahead and think I'm just some asshole with an axe to grind. It's obviously comforting to you to keep believing in these punk rock shitheads.

Posted by "bob" | August 19, 2009 9:43 PM

Hey Bob, where do you put on shows? I want to avoid you at all costs

Posted by Steve | August 19, 2009 10:02 PM

Anyone who knows the Souls personally would NEVER call them selfish or think that they are only in it for the money. They have struggled for 20 years just to stay on the road, touring their asses off. They have barely survived financially up till this point and have added so much to punk rock and the lives of so many kids. I will be forever grateful for the overwhelming generosity of the Souls, they are the truest and kindest hearts I've known. Anyone who disagrees is just clearly misinformed and ignorant about how much bands make out of a show. $22 to see two icons is nothing!

PS Willie nelson, Elvis Costello, icons like these are charging over $100/ticket these days. That is something to complain about!

Posted by chb | August 19, 2009 10:59 PM

Bob, it's not the Bouncing Souls fault that you're a bitter industry hack.

Posted by Anonymous | August 20, 2009 12:26 AM

"Bands like these?" Uh so what you are really saying is that you've never worked with the Bouncing Souls or 7 Seconds, so I'm not really sure why you're shooting your mouth off as if you know what you're talking about in any way. Quit bringing up these bullshit hypothetical situations that don't involve ANY of the bands mentioned here - anyone who knows the Souls knows they are barely scraping by and are the nicest guys on earth!

"Statutory date rapist types?" I think you're projecting, buddy.

Sorry you have to deal with "bands like these" but if you're not actually talking about THESE BANDS maybe you should shut your pie hole already.

Posted by Anonymous | August 20, 2009 11:28 AM

I wonder if Bob's wife knows more about music than any of you or is world-weary?

Posted by Anonymous | August 20, 2009 11:45 AM

Ouch. Somebody ("Bob") is a failed musician. And has a tiny weeny.

Posted by will | August 20, 2009 1:58 PM


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion obviously, but you're coming off as some indie-better-than-thou douchenozzle. We get it, you probably listened to these bands years ago and you outgrew them. Great. Get over yourself already.

You say that they have one original member... but 7 Seconds is playing all originals, and The Bouncing Souls never broke up, so I don't get what you're talking about these "veteran" bands that re-unite. They haven't left yet to begin with.

I love all forms of punk rock, from the 1st wave to new bands today. I guess you can say I'm a "lifer", but I'm doing something I enjoy, going to shows that I still love. In the words of Minor Threat: "At least i'm fucking trying... what the Fuck Have You Done?"

My guess? You wanted to go to a show and it sold out. Don't worry, you could probably find a scalper.

Posted by the unit | August 20, 2009 3:51 PM

I've never been ripped off at a Bouncing Souls show. I've never paid over 25 dollars for 3 good bands when they come to town.

Posted by urzishra | August 20, 2009 4:08 PM

im excited to see the bouncing bobbys and 10 seconds tomarow i think its going to be really cool

Posted by cool | August 20, 2009 4:23 PM

i like cool Dr. money im going to see him how much is the show?

Posted by grandpa | August 20, 2009 4:36 PM

i think is 22 dollars

Posted by Robert | August 20, 2009 4:37 PM

i have the money for you grandpa meat me in the front

Posted by cool Dr money | August 20, 2009 4:39 PM

thank you i like your cool Dr money

Posted by grandpa | August 20, 2009 4:40 PM

if the show starts at 6:30, then what time do you think it'll end by?

Posted by Anonymous | August 20, 2009 10:59 PM

rest assured that the show tonight was really great. the bands were awesome, the crowd was insane, no tough bouncers or barriers. a dude in a wheelchair crowdsurfing? check. good times all around!

Posted by Anonymous | August 21, 2009 12:04 AM

ive never been to webster hall for anything either. Is the live music venue the same "place" as the club? Do they throw concert goers out by 10 so the club people come in? can concert goers stay in the club and leave when they feel like it or are they herded out? any info on the process would be great.

Posted by Anonymous | August 21, 2009 1:46 AM

I want Greg all for myself....

Posted by Anonymous | August 21, 2009 1:55 AM

The Souls are crap! In the years they've been going they only have about 2 percent worth of half decent material... shocking.

Posted by Anonymous | August 21, 2009 4:12 AM

No $60 hoodies. I think they were selling $20 hoodies and $15 t-shirts.

Plus $10 posters that were for cancer research...oh yeah, those sure are some selfish bastards!

Posted by TheFatPunk | August 22, 2009 12:44 PM


so many people i met at the show have gone to more than one of these and are going to the philly dates too. i might venture down to the philly show sunday, there's rumors popping around that kid dynamite might pop up...[not sure of the cred of these rumors]

i haven't seen so many stage dives in sooo long. 7 seconds put on a phenomenal show!!! it was like traveling through a time vortex to an 80's hardcore show! the crowd wasn't even super young or anything like that, i was kind of surprised!

i think this was one of the best new york crowds i've been a part of yet. i don't think i caught one cell phone in the air taking video or 'tweeting' which is a rarity. everyone was part of the pit and everyone wanted to be. amazing.

the bouncing souls totally delivered too, and tim barry [even though i came in not knowing what to expect] put on a super awesome show too! great!!!

thanks for making me aware of this brooklyn vegan!

Posted by :: smo :: | August 22, 2009 9:58 PM

They must've got lucky with the sound engineer that day lmfao!!!!!!!!! Engineers can do so much these days...

Posted by Anonymous | August 23, 2009 7:03 AM

was @ the fri nite gig. 7 seconds were outstanding. came full circle after seeing them @ the old ritz 20 something years ago.

souls delivered but what was up w/ the short set? 20 years distilled into an hour? i didn't dig that...

Posted by peckinpah | August 23, 2009 2:17 PM


pop punk is for children, these guysae basically jocks

Posted by Anonymous | August 24, 2009 12:33 PM

i went to grammar school and high school with Pete, Greg, and Bryan of Bouncing Souls....first of all, don't believe their crap of being from the streets of New Brunswick NJ...they're 3 rich boys from Basking Ridge NJ and graduated from Ridge High School where they formed as a garage band imitating the Red Hot Chili Peppers, they were unoriginal then and 20 something years later nothing's changed. Kevin Seconds? He's the genuine article. Bouncing Souls? If everyone stopped eating their crap tomorrow, they'd be ok, they could all just move back in with mommy and daddy....

Posted by from B R | August 24, 2009 9:59 PM

^ Wow, you're how old and you still bitch about what their band sounded like in high school? You must be a happy guy.

Posted by Anonymous | August 24, 2009 10:08 PM

Uh wow, they never claimed to be from "the streets" of anything! They are very open about being from the suburbs of Basking Ridge and never claimed to be from poor backgrounds (though they DID live in New Brunswick for a time, they don't claim to be from there originally). May I guess that you are still living in Basking Ridge and are bitter about it?

Posted by Anonymous | August 24, 2009 11:12 PM

Anonymous doesn't sound so anonymous, I've found my own way in life, not completely stuck in the past like you sound. (btw, I'm 41, how old are you? like it matters anyway...) Basking Ridge? Moved out and never turned back when I was 18, 20+ years ago. Bitter? not for one fact my kids like the Bouncing Souls and are 'star-struck' when I tell them I knew them when. Just wish for them they had moved on in their own growth musically instead of being stuck, they sound exactly the same now as they did in 10th grade. Sorry if I struck a nerve.....

Posted by from B R | August 25, 2009 4:03 PM

br - i don't think it's ever been a well guarded secret that most hardcore is by & for middle class suburbanites... i've had a long conversation w/ greg & he didn't sweeten his background. dude is genuine, hardworking guy... (ever check how many dates they play a year?)

i'll give ya the early r.h.c.p. influence. i find the early stuff just as unlistenable now as i did then...


your ears are aren't too reliable. there's been some great songs since 2001 & summer vacation. guess you just can't hear.

Posted by Anonymous | August 27, 2009 7:50 AM

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