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DOWNLOAD: Pissed Jeans - Dream Smotherer (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Pissed Jeans - False Jesii Part 2 (MP3)

Pissed Jeans @ Market Hotel 4/17/09 (photo by Richard Petrucci)
Pissed Jeans

Pissed Jeans played Brooklyn's Market Hotel twice earlier this year - once with Fucked Up on Inauguration Night (January) and again (as you can see above) in April. There's a video of the April gig below.

The group's new record, King of Jeans, is out today (8/18) on Sub Pop who write...

If 2005's Shallow was Pissed Jeans coping with moving out of their parents' homes, and 2007's Hope for Men their initial reaction to the mechanical lifestyle of a wage-earner, King of Jeans is their formal and uneasy acceptance of adulthood, by way of one hell of a rock record. Working with renowned producer Alex Newport (who holds a Fudge Tunnel pedigree and has worked with such luminaries as At the Drive-In, The Locust and Sepultura), Pissed Jeans have pushed further into the raw, minimal core of heavy rock music with King of Jeans. Masters of the mundane, beasts of the banal, high priests of the humdrum: these four, white, male high school graduates hardly look further than their own appendages for artistic inspiration, content to execute their own brand of brash and heavy punk music in the Joe Carducci-approved standard rock formation of guitar, bass, drums and vocals. From simple minds and simple fabrics comes this King of Jeans. And there can be only one.
Two tracks from King of Jeans are posted above. It's streaming in full at at Album art and tracklist are below.

Pissed Jeans is not playing Mercury Lounge with Kurt Vile. Kurt Vile is playing though. Stay tuned for Pissed Jeans NYC show announcements.

Pissed Jeans will be back in NYC on October 7th with Kurt Vile & The Violators and Coconuts. Tickets for the Mercury Lounge show go on sale Friday, August 21st at noon.

That's one of many shows on Vile's packed fall schedule, which is in full below. He'll also be bringing the Violators along for an appearance on WFMU's Brian Turner Show (91.1 FM or online) today (August 18th) at 3pm.

Over the weekend Kurt played shows at both Cake Shop and Silent Barn with Blues Control. Videos from the Silent Barn show, along with all tour dates, album info and videos are below...

The Silent Barn: Kurt Vile // Part One (Ray Conception)

The Silent Barn: Kurt Vile // Part Two (Ray Conception)

Pissed Jeans
1. False Jesii Part 2
2. Half Idiot
3. Dream Smotherer
4. Pleasure Race
5. She Is Science Fiction
6. Request for Masseuse
7. Human Upskirt
8. Lip Ring
9. Spent
10. R-Rated Movie
11. Dominate Yourself
12. Goodbye (Hair)

Pissed Jeans | NYC @ Market Hotel | Apr 17 2009

Pissed Jeans - 2009 Tour Dates
August 18th, 2009 @ Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco, CA w/ Mi Ami, Culture Kids
August 20th, 2009 @ Satyricon in Portland, OR
August 21st, 2009 @ Chop Suey in Seattle, WA w/ Pig Heart Transplant
August 22nd, 2009 @ The Media Club in Vancouver, BC
August 29th, 2009 @ Pi Lam in Philadelphia, PA w/ Air Conditioning, Jail, M Ax Noi Mach
October 7th, 2009 @ Mercury Lounge in New York, NY w/ Kurt Vile & The Violators, Coconuts

Kurt Vile - 2009 Tour Dates
Aug 18 kv & the violators live on WFMU (brian turner!) jersey city, New Jersey
Aug 19 Kurt Vile & the Violators: concert in the park (rittenhouse square) philly, Pennsylvania
Aug 25 Galaxy Theature w/ BUILT TO SPILL, WOODS Santa ANA, California
Aug 26 Troubador w/ DUNGEN, WOODS Los Angeles, California
Aug 27 Echoplex w/ Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band Los Angeles, California
Aug 28 Muddy Waters w/ WOODS Santa Barbara, California
Aug 29 mexican summer/folk yeah outdoor fest Big Sur, California
Aug 30 Bottom of the Hill w/ DUNGEN, WOODS San Francisco, California
Sep 01 Berbati's Pan w/ DUNGEN, WOODS Portland, Oregon
Sep 02 Basement 1287 w/ EAT SKULL Eugene, Oregon
Sep 03 House Party w/ EAT SKULL San Francisco, California
Sep 04 tba w/ EAT SKULL Sacramento, California
Sep 05 FYF Fest w/ EAT SKULL + others Los Angeles, California
Oct 02 AKA Music Philadelphia
Oct 03 Kungfu Necktie Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Oct 07 Mercury Lounge w/ Coconuts New York, New York
Oct 08 Vassar College w/ Indian Jewelry Poughkeepsie, New York
Oct 11 Al's Bar (WFRL's Boomslang After Show) Lexington, Kentucky
Oct 12 Video Saloon Bloomington, Indiana
Oct 13 Empty Bottle Chicago, Illinois
Oct 14 7th Street Entry Minneapolis, Minnesota
Oct 17 High Dive w/ Crystal Stilts Seattle, Washington
Oct 18 Holocene w/ Crystal Stilts Portland, Oregon
Oct 21 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco, California
Oct 22 Crepe Place Santa Cruz, California
Oct 23 Spaceland Los Angeles, California
Oct 25 Casbah San Diego, California
Oct 27 Modified Arts Tempe, Arizona
Oct 29 Bash Riprocks Lubbock, Texas
Oct 30 Mohawk Austin, Texas
Oct 31 Lounge on Elm Street Dallas, Texas
Nov 02 Hi-Tone w/ Lovvers Memphis, Tennessee
Nov 03 529 w/ Lovvers Atlanta, Georgia
Nov 05 Black Cat Washington DC, Washington DC



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mercury lounge is for fags.

Posted by Anonymous | August 18, 2009 12:27 PM

"mercury lounge is for fags."

And where is for the homophobes?

Posted by Anonymous | August 18, 2009 12:29 PM

pianos duh.

Posted by Anonymous | August 18, 2009 12:32 PM

"mercury lounge is for fags."

The sad thing about this is that one might assume that comment came from some uneducated, religous, conservative, frat-bro. In fact it probably came from a "liberal" "hipster" whose real gripe is that the show is not at a "cool" "DIY" venue like Market Hotel. Ironically their use of the word "fags" proves that this "hipster" is nothing more than a "bro" in disguise. It's a sad, sad time.

Posted by Anonymous | August 18, 2009 12:44 PM

is it true that silent barn has bedbugs?

Posted by Anonymous | August 18, 2009 12:47 PM

"is it true that silent barn has bedbugs?"

Bowery fighting back against the Mercury Lounge comment? See what you started alt-homophobe-bro??

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Posted by Anonymous | August 18, 2009 1:42 PM

So it ends up that Pissed Jeans aren't on the bill of that Mercury Lounge show

Posted by brooklynvegan | August 18, 2009 3:11 PM

is it true that mercury lounge is a lousy, uninspired snoozefest?

Posted by Anonymous | August 18, 2009 10:17 PM

is it true that terminal 5 is the least liked venue in new york city?

Posted by Anonymous | August 18, 2009 10:18 PM

does a venue really determine whether the show is going to be a success? if the people in attendance are into the music and the band goes out and kicks out the jams...well then it's probably gonna be a good time.

Posted by Anonymous | August 18, 2009 11:05 PM

11:05 You make no sense. People rate their own personal experience of a show based on a variety of things, but most importantly if they were engaged by the performers in a meaningful way. The quality of a venue (drink prices, atmosphere, scene, etc) can attribute to the enjoyment or lackthereof on any given occasion, while frequently becoming a negative distraction. Regardless of if the band 'kicks out the jams' as you say, people could still have an unpleasant time. So your answer is 'Yes'

Posted by Anonymous | August 19, 2009 2:01 AM

"mercury lounge is for fags."

I thought it was Williamsburg that was for fags.

Posted by gregory | August 19, 2009 8:09 AM

"mercury lounge is for fags."

Posted by luis vuitton | October 17, 2009 12:33 PM

Sounds like they have alot of good material. Someone finaly wrote some songs about starting out when they moved away from home and had to get a job just to pay bills.

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