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Digable Planets

After a successful reunion in 2005, some shows (some canceled) in 2006, and a tour in 2008, Digable Planets' planned tour earlier this year was called off due to reported "irreconcilable differences."

Now the jazz/hip-hop fusion group is back...kind of. Cee Knowledge (DoodleBug) and and Ishmael Butler (Butterfly) will be touring this fall and performing Digable Planets material, but they'll be without founding member and key MC Ladybug Mecca (who is now going by "LadyBUGMEK"). The first date on the tour is October 13th at Brooklyn's Southpaw. Tickets are on sale now. hmmm.

Also at the shows will be the current projects of both members, Butterfly's band Cherrywine and Cee Knowledge's band C.F.O. (aka Cosmic Funk Orchestra). Their MySpace describes the setup as "a review [sic] that includes a 3 piece band, a deejay and will perform songs from their respective solo careers as well as Digable Planets classics."

One of those "solo career songs" - "Sparkles" off Butterfly's Shabazz Palaces which came out in June - is posted below.

There's also the new commercial for Tide detergent which makes use of the group's classic "Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)." That, a past-reunion video, and all tour dates are below...

Digable Planets

Digable Planets - Tide Commercial

Digable Planets Reunion (w/ Ladybug) @ Paradiso in Amsterdam

Shabazz Palaces

Digable Planets: Butterfly & Doodlebug - 2009 Tour Dates
Oct 14 941 Theater Philadelphia, PA
Oct 16 THE ASYLUM Portland, ME
Dec 03 KEY CLUB Los Angeles, CA



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ladybug MEHcca

Posted by Anonymous | September 22, 2009 4:48 PM

OMG! Digable Planets! Such a wonderful career! Will Men Without Hats and Dexy's Midnight Runners open?

Posted by Anonymous | September 22, 2009 4:51 PM

Digable Planets' 2 records were both stellar listens, and ground-breaking in the context of hip-hop's history. But it's not Digable Planets w/o Ladybug. I saw the reunion show at Irving Plaza in '05 (or '06?), and it was incredible, due in large part to the suprisingly amped-up energy Ladybug displayed. She's mellow on wax but anything but on stage. I'm sure it'll still be a good time at Southpaw; just a bummer she won't be there. Maybe Lil' Mama will jump up on stage like she did at the VMA's.

Posted by Ryan | September 22, 2009 4:52 PM

Maybe they can bring 90 other people on stage and twirl t-shirts around. Edgy!

Posted by Anonymous | September 22, 2009 5:25 PM


Posted by Anonymous | September 22, 2009 5:30 PM

Maybe they could take fish eye lens shots of awful DIY shows with snotty white brats running around, or shoot crowds of people to make it look like there were more folks there than what were. Edgy!

Posted by Anonymous | September 23, 2009 12:21 PM

i like it!

Posted by luis vuitton | October 17, 2009 11:40 AM

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Posted by lv sale | October 18, 2009 9:14 AM

so i see you only publish negative comments about us but anything that doesnt put your uninformed ass in a positive light dont get are obviously some misguided friend or die hard fan of mary ann viera i dare not call her ladybug cause butterfly gave her that name and mecca was the name i gave her so she really dont have a real identity of her own in the music industry...forgetchu and this wack ass blog!!!

Posted by cee know the doodlebug | October 19, 2009 3:27 PM

To the "one hit wonder" commenter above... if those 80s bands are your only reference, and you don't know the status of those two albums ...

you're a herb.

Posted by ddnnll | December 20, 2009 10:01 PM

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Posted by utron | January 26, 2010 4:43 AM

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Posted by buysellmore | January 26, 2010 5:35 AM

well, I don't care who gave her that name she is and always will be *LadyBug* and I don't "Dig" the way your punk-ass is comming off on her she has a identity you blast her how dare you! she was the main reason the dam group took off!You don't wana hear the truth but you want to represent the truth, well, the truth is ya'll suck with-out her! now can you can "DIG" that!

Posted by lhdollbaby | August 13, 2011 7:31 AM

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