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by Bill Pearis

Nitzer Ebb

Westword: What was the catalyst for the recent reunion, this tour and the new album?

Bon Harris: Douglas got in touch with me, sent me an email, and said that he'd been doing some shows with FixmerMcCarthy. Because Douglas had been doing some live shows in Europe, people were asking about the Ebb and if there was any chance of the Ebb every doing shows again. Douglas said he doubted it because he and I hadn't spoken for seven years at that point. But he called me and it just so happened that I had been doing a lot of studio projects and was looking for a change of pace.

So he caught me at the right time and I said, "Let's meet up and talk about it." Mute had been working on doing a Best Of release as well and we spoke to them and the idea was that that would give Mute the push to finish the Best Of and we would do a handful of shows to promote it and that was going to be it. When we got back together and did the shows, we were having such a good time with it and the response was so good and the demand was there and we decided to see what happens and here we are three years later with a new album. It's been interesting because there have been long-standing fans who have been at the shows but there has also been a whole crop of people, younger kids in their early twenties who have only heard the hand-me-down tales and have got the records and stuff but have never seen us. For a lot of people it's kind of a strange thing and with Depeche Mode a lot of people in Europe are going nuts because that's kind of their dream team show.

The correct way to pronounce their name is still a mystery, but industrial/EBM act Nitzer Ebb are back with their first new album in 15 years, Industrial Complex, and -- as previously reported -- currently on their first U.S. tour in a decade that will bring them to the Gramercy Theatre in NYC this Friday (12/4) (tickets).

In the late '80s, when Front 242, Moev, the Neon Judgement, The Weathermen and other such groups were college radio staples, Nitzer Ebb were near the top of the heap thanks to iconic shout-a-long singles like "Join in the Chant" and "Control, I'm Here." The new album is being sold at shows and via iTunes currently (officially out January 22, 2010), mixes acoustic drums (moreso than I remember them doing in the past) with the band's usual clanking rhythms and throbbing synths, and you might have even heard songs from it if you watch Fringe, C.S.I. or went to see the new Saw movie.

After their U.S. tour, Nitzer Ebb will open for their onetime Mute Records label-mates Depeche Mode on their upcoming 2010 European tour. If you're old like me, you might have even seen these two groups -- the "dream team' -- tour together on DM's Violator tour way back in 1990. For me, it was at the Starlake Amphitheatre outside Pittsburgh, where I interviewed Nitzer Ebb after the show for my college radio station. I thought I was going to solve the "nitt-zer"/"nite-zer" debate once and for all by asking singer Douglas McCarthy which was the official pronunciation. "I say both," he admitted. "It doesn't really matter."

All 2009 Nitzer Ebb North American tour dates, and a couple videos, are below....

"Join in the Chant" live in San Francisco, Nov 2009

"Lightning Man" music video

Nitzer Ebb 2009 North American Tour Dates
12.1 Toronto @ Mod Club
12.2 Montreal @ Le Foufounes
12.3 Boston @ Paradise
12.4 New York @ Gramercy Theatre
12.5 Philadelphia @ The Starlight
12.6 Fairfax @ Jaxx
12.8 Jacksonville @ Jackrabbit's
12.10 Atlanta @ Masquerade
12.11 New Orleans @ The Hangar
12.15 Tucson @ The Rock
12.16 Tempe @ Marquee Theatre
12.17 San Diego @ Brick By Brick
12. 18 Ventura @ Majestic Ventura
12.19 Santa Ana @ Galaxy



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can't wait for friday!

Posted by Anonymous | December 1, 2009 10:00 AM

Great to see Nitzer Ebb covered here. It should be noted that they did play some U.S. shows a couple years back. Irving Plaza was the NY venue, if I recall correctly.

Posted by Anonymous | December 1, 2009 12:10 PM

Yeah, I guess I'm old like you. I saw that tour in '90 @ Giants Stadium. Depeche Mode - The Jesus and Mary Chain - Nitzer Ebb.

Good times.

Posted by Anonymous | December 1, 2009 2:27 PM

surprised to see something on nitzer ebb on BV and i love it!

Posted by Anonymous | December 1, 2009 2:30 PM

12:10-yes, your right. it was irving a couple years back

Posted by Anonymous | December 1, 2009 2:31 PM

DM and Nitzer added a last minute show at Radio City after that Giants Stadium show.. Good times indeed..

Posted by Anonymous | December 1, 2009 2:59 PM

First time I saw a video by Nitzer Ebb was on Night Flight in like 1986.

Posted by Anonymous | December 1, 2009 6:10 PM

another old man checking in.. also saw them w/ depeche mode in 1990.. one of the 1st shows I ever saw. now where did I leave my walking cane??

Posted by Anonymous | December 4, 2009 12:36 PM

as good as ever

Posted by aaron | December 5, 2009 10:51 AM


Anybody have a set list for the Gramercy show? Please e-mail me at

Posted by halovox | December 5, 2009 1:38 PM

GREAT crowd as well and full of energy
wonder if that guy found the lens to his glasses..probably not

how about the one lucky guy who got to crowdsurf I never seen someone so happy heheh

Posted by zincink | December 5, 2009 6:45 PM

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