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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Beach Fossils - Time (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Campo-Formio - El Joke (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Total Slacker - Crystal Necklace (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Diehard - Cool Kids (MP3)

Total Slacker
Total Slacker

Tonight's the last show of The Babies' three-night Williamsburg run, this one part of a five-band bill at Glasslands. I didn't go to their show last night at Brooklyn Bowl with Real Estate, but most of the word I heard from friends who was pretty positive, including BV's own Andrew Frisicano. (When did Babies add the "The" to their name, btw?) The show tonight (1/6) is a solid line-up, maybe the most interesting of the three. Beach Fossils, who get better each time I see them, are set to have a busy 2010, with singles on Woodsist and Captured Tracks and a debut album in March that's a joint release between those two labels. The first taste of that is the song "Time" which you can download above. Sounds like they've dropped the weird vocal effects that I've disliked in the past, so that's the last I'll say on that subject. They're big hopes for this year. Beach Fossils head out on tour with The Beets and San Francisco's Christmas Island in February (Cake Shop on 2/9), and those dates are at the bottom of this post.

Also playing are Total Slacker, whose music sounds a lot like their name -- hazy, lazy with some majorly sarcastic lyrics. I spent much of this morning listening to the songs on their MySpace, none of which get above Galaxie 500 velocity but have high repeat listenability. ("Video Store Rental Guy" is pretty funny.) You can download one of them, "Crystal Necklace," at the top of this post. Total Slacker have a few more shows lined up if you can't make it to Glasslands tonight and those dates are at the bottom of this post. Also also playing tonight: Washington DC's True Womanhood and The Sundelles.


Thursday (1/7) at Union Pool is the record release party for local band Diehard's new EP, Oh So Premier. I wrote previously that they "channeled mid-'90s indie rock" and I think that comes through on the very tuneful tracks on the new record -- you can download "Cool Kids" from it at the top of this post. Singer Ezra Selove has one of those Indie Rock Voices, like Quasi's Sam Coomes or the Delgados' Alun Woodward, that sounds good paired with distorted guitars and female vocals (in this case, guitarist Liz Schroeter). These guys are good. Also playing: Mr. Dream, a band that features two rock journalists (Former Pitchfork and Village Voice writer Nick Sylvester and P4k's Adam Moerder), and experimental art-folkers My Favorite Things.

Also Thursday night (1/7): can-bashing Philadelphians Drink Up Buttercup play The Studio at Webster Hall. Their debut album, Born and Thrown on a Hook, is out March 23 on Yep Roc. The show also features Alex Bleeker and The Freaks, which is the country-folky side project from Real Estate bassist, and a few others.


Friday night (1/8) at Silent Barn is a real international affair, with bands from France (Subtle Turnhips), Puerto Rico (Campo-Formio) and two completely different parts of Brooklyn (My Teenage Stride and Electricians). There's not a lot of information out there about enigmatic Franco-garage punks Subtle Turnhips but apparently they've been around for a long time. You can download their entire new album for free from their website. One of the tracks from is is linked above.

Campo-Formio describe themselves thusly: "An intense power trio influenced by the sounds since proto-punk. We have a lot of energy to blast people's faces in our live performances. A twangy, shimmery guitar with a creative strumming, a deep bass and intense drum patterns beautifully present one ugly presentation." You can check out their creative, Unrest-like strumming on the track "El Joke" at the top of this post. In addition to the Silent Barn show on Friday, Campo-Formio also play Meat Town in New Bruswick, NJ on Saturday (1/9) and then Don Pedro's on 1/15 and Arlene's Grocery on 1/16.

Flyers and tour dates after the jump....


Beach Fossils - 2010 Tour Dates
Feb 09 Cake Shop New York, New York #
Feb 10 Cafe Nine New Haven, Connecticut #
Feb 11 The Cottage Boston, Massachusetts #
Feb 12 Bard College Annandale Hudson, New York #
Feb 13 Death By Audio Brooklyn, New York #
Feb 15 Terrordome Philadelphia, Pennsylvania #
Feb 17 Blue Nile Harrisonburg, Virginia #
Feb 18 Terrace @ Princeton University Princeton, New Jersey #
Feb 20 Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York @
$ w/ Frankie and the Outs, Surfer Blood, We Are Country Mice
# w/ The Beets & Christmas Island
@ w/ Crystal Stilts, The Beets, Christmas Island, German Measles

Total Slacker - 2010 Dates
Jan 6 Glasslands - w/ - The - Babies, - Beach - Fossils, - True - Womanhood, - and- The - Sundelles Brooklyn, New York
Jan 20 Death - By - Audio w/--family trees---Reading Rainbow ! Brooklyn, New York
Jan 30 SHEA -- STADIUM - w/ Fluffy Lumbers--Golden Girls--Sisters--Weekends-- BROOKLYN, New York
Feb 9 Cake Shop w/==The Beets--Beach fossisls-- Christmas Island !!!!!!! BROOKLYN, New York



Campo-Formio - 2010 North American Tour Dates
Jan 8 The Silent Barn Ridgewood, New York
Jan 9 Meat Town USA New Brunswick, New Jersey
Jan 11 Campo-Formio + Dios Mio (wi) + Teenage Whoreworms (pa) + J.L&V(pa) @ Jr's Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jan 12 Somewhere in DC DC, Washington DC
Jan 13 Somewhere in DC DC, Washington DC
Jan 15 Campo-Formio, Stupid Party, THRILLER, Nude Beach @ Don Pedro's Brooklyn, New York
Jan 16 Arlene's Grocery New York, New York

Subtle Turnhips - 2010 US Tour Dates
Jan 8 Silent Barn ridgewood, New York
Jan 12 The Smiling Moose Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



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I'll be the first.


Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2010 5:14 PM

total slacker? yeah, they are pretty talentless and shallow.

Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2010 6:01 PM

get in on the in joke

Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2010 7:09 PM

Diehard?! Come on! Thought u were givin props to clevo hardcore bands/scene?!?! I'll always die

Posted by Cleveland! | January 6, 2010 8:09 PM

i love total slacker! they dropped out of school to be in total slacker
they dropped out of school to be in total slacker they dropped out of school to be in total slacker

TOTAL SLACKER- they dropped out of school. for this

for this. this.

Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2010 8:39 PM

Screaming Females and Natural Child area also playing the show with Campo-Formio on January 9th in new brunswick

Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2010 8:42 PM

Campo-Formio sounds energetic. Their other songs from their myspace are pretty interesting.

Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2010 8:48 PM

pearis single-handedly killed the beach fossils vocal vibrato effect.

Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2010 9:10 PM

babies: john waite's band

they had TONS of hits in the 70s. "Back on My Feet Again." "Every Time I Think Of You." ok that's all I can think of but they were excellent.

Posted by Anonymous | January 7, 2010 12:23 AM

total slacker represent everything that is pathetic and vapid about the current "DIY"/"lo-fi" scene. there is nothing positive or interesting about this band. they are the idiotic and gimmicky tendencies of wavves, beach fossils and any number of other one-trick ponies taken to the nth degree. when they put out a woodsist/captured tracks co-release in the next few months "lo-fi" will be dead and the members of the band will remove their masks (like tom cruise in MI:2) to reveal ourselves pointing and us and laughing.

dear total slacker: just because you took one too many hits of the multi-colored bong you bought with the weekly allowance your parents thought you were using to take the subway to job interviews doesn't mean you should fire up garageband and record a song about tacos, or worse, crystals.

plus, the drummer is beirut's younger brother.

Posted by the dolphen | January 7, 2010 3:52 AM

total slacker will never appear on captured tracks, come on. total slacker is complete fashion-kid garbage.

as for the rest i completely agree with you the dolphen

Posted by Anonymous | January 7, 2010 3:58 AM

Amen Dolphen. Theres toooo many lo fi whatever garage bands playing gimmicky crap and the fans are so full of themselves.

Posted by Anonymous | January 7, 2010 4:12 AM

It's funny how the hipster chicks in band photos all stand the same way. Shoulders up, hands to the side, head tilted. There must be some kind of hipster workshop course at small liberal arts colleges or something.

Posted by Gary Glitter | January 7, 2010 9:20 AM

"It's funny how the hipster chicks in band photos all stand the same way. Shoulders up, hands to the side, head tilted. There must be some kind of hipster workshop course at small liberal arts colleges or something."

Haha good catch! Alice Glass must have a great score.

Posted by Dr. Ira Cohen | January 7, 2010 11:26 AM


Posted by Anonymous | January 7, 2010 2:30 PM

Yeah, total slackers are catchy- kid pop, but people love it!

Posted by todd | January 9, 2010 1:17 AM

if by people you mean soulless cynical hipsters with blogs, ok

Posted by Anonymous | January 9, 2010 1:44 AM

haha, that is kinda funny! I heard the skinny guy in Beach Fossils is related to Beirut or something

Posted by Anonymous | January 9, 2010 1:20 PM

whoa, way to maliciously attack. whatever happened to making music for the sake of jamming with friends. it's not like anyone in these bands is pushing their music as hard as bloggers and "haters". just relax and have fun. it's fucking FREE. ha

Posted by Anonymous | January 15, 2010 7:46 PM

Instead of being scathing, i'll keep it brief for purposes of karma.

I find total slacker to be an incredibly banal and uninteresting band, and that they are playing lots of shows recently is only emblematic of the fact that at its most popular frothy surface, the underground music scene in nyc is made up of easy to digest bands who play rehash jangle pop or whatever you call it. Lots of people like it because they don't want their art to challenge them, or they don't want their music to fall outside of a very predictable box. What makes T.S. particularly annoying to me is the affect- the lead singer is pretending to be chasing the dragon, doing some kind of thurston moore impression without doing anything actually interesting on the guitar, the drummer who simply CANNOT keep the most simple of beats, which in my opinion should get them booed off the stage, and the use of kitch dreamcatcher / crystal / etc imagery, which is fucking played out, and especially transparent when it's quite clear that you aren't actually invested in those things in any way beyond them being symbols of hipster cool to dangle in front of dumb people's faces.


i said that as nicely as i possibly could. over and out.

All that said, if they were playing less than twice a week i think i'd probably care way, way less.

Posted by YO | January 29, 2010 12:43 PM

Oh, and what about those question marks on Sunday's text in the concert poster below? No, that isn't saving a spot for a Smiths reunion or U2 debut on the Coachella stage, it's the way that Yorke presents himself as a solo star, the marquee at his Orpheum concert had the same punctuational flourish.

Posted by منتديات | January 12, 2011 3:12 PM

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