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Lou Reed

Lou Reed, John Zorn, Sonic Youth and others will play a benefit concert for Tuli Kupferberg, the Beat poet and original member of the Fugs, at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn on Jan. 22. Mr. Kupferberg, 86, has had two strokes over the last year, which have left him blind -- although he still manages to regularly post video jokes to YouTube -- and the tickets for the concert, which is being produced by Hal Willner, will help pay his medical expenses. Among the others performers are the singer John Kruth; Ed Sanders, Mr. Kupferberg's fellow Fug; and Peter Stampfel of the Holy Modal Rounders (who also played on early Fugs albums). Tickets are $75 to $125 and are available at or (718) 254.8779. [NY Times]
Hal Willner, who's putting together the show, also organized the "I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues?" night at the Lincoln Center's American Songbook Festival, which is coming up on Wednesday, January 27th (featuring Rufus Wainwright, Bill Frisell, Van Dyke Parks and others).

In December, Lou Reed took part in the NYPL talk with fellow VU members Maureen Tucker and Doug Yule. A recording of that night is posted above. Coming up, Reed's "Metal Machine Music" is going to be performed by Fireworks Ensemble at Columbia's Miller Theatre on Friday, February 5th. Tickets are still on sale.

Tuli was one of the Fugs who played a benefit show at the Bell House in April.

Some of the above mentioned Tuli videos are posted below...

Tuli Kupferberg Be Here Now

Tuli Kupferberg Was it really Possible?

Tuli Kupferberg Every Little Meaning has a Movement

Tuli Kupferberg Celebrity Children's Photos

Lanny Kenfield I Bombed Them My Way



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good bless tuli kupferberg

Posted by Anonymous | January 6, 2010 7:58 PM

$75 is too much. i am going to try and sneak in and audio record the show.

Posted by Anonymous | January 7, 2010 12:35 AM

^ How very charitable of you - I'm sure Tuli will appreciate it.

Posted by Anonymous | January 7, 2010 10:18 AM

I was thinking back on the Live 1969 albums most as I read...if you don't know who Doug Yule is or that Lou and Mo did ubearably chic things like tossed a football you're an IDIOT!

Posted by Black Spring | January 7, 2010 10:34 AM

Tuli Kupferberg is the living embodiment of honesty and joyfulness! Sometimes his cynical observations on the nature of those in power are stinging but that's because the truth hurts. "Kill for Peace" is a prime example of Tuli's insight on the manipulation of language to justify a cause. Another great line is the song/slogan "Nobody for President".

All the Best to Tuli and family/hope to see you at the benefit.

Tim and Lynn McCarthy (Providence, RI).

Posted by Tim McCarthy | January 7, 2010 12:58 PM

too expensive. try to sneak in through a back door.

Posted by Anonymous | January 7, 2010 2:28 PM

Will there be full sets by the performers? Especially Sonic Youth. Anyone know? BV?
It crawled into my hand, honest.

Posted by donn | January 7, 2010 4:11 PM

Is there a list of the groups and performers who were at last nights benefit concert?

Posted by Ron Todd | January 23, 2010 10:59 AM

Tuli would've crashed this one. If every rich performer who borrowed from Tuli the past 40 years kicked in 5 thou he'd be set for life.

Posted by Trocchi | May 21, 2010 8:25 AM

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