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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: D.I.S. - "Speak Of Hate" (MP3)

Psychic Limb at Cake Shop (more by Samantha Marble)
Psychic Limb

After a weekend of ragin' (if you went to MDF), grillin', or just plain chillin', it might be a good idea to blow off some (more) steam at TONIGHT's killer Monday night lineup at Lit. D.I.S. will headlining the fourth anniversary of Precious Metal (congrats Curran!) with a show alongside the always fun Psychic Limb and Olde Ghost. $6, as always, gets you in.

The show is part of a larger tour for D.I.S., who have released their new LP Critical Failure via Deep Six Records. Check out the lead track "Speak Of Hate" above. D.I.S. features Leon Del Muerte of Phobia/Exhumed/Intronaut among their ranks.

Full D.I.S. tour dates, as well as some video, are below.

DESTROYED IN SECONDS @ the Crossing 5/9/09 Palmdale,CA

Psychic Limb at Cake Shop 4/24/10

Psychic Limb at Cake Shop 1/23/10

D.I.S. - 2010 TOUR DATES
5/31/2010 Lit Lounge - New York, NY
6/01/2010 Belvedere's Bar - Pittsburgh, PA w/ Circle Of Dead Children, Liquified Guts
6/02/2010 El Refugio de los sin Patria - Chicago, IL
6/03/2010 The Pi House - Lincoln, NE w/SFN, Mother Pile, Violator X
6/04/2010 Curtis Bar - Denver, CO
6/05/2010 Burt's Tiki Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT w/ MDC, All Systems Fail, Nine Worlds
6/06/2010 Yayo's - Las Vegas, NV w/ Life's Torment, The Naturals + More



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