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Marnie Stern will be one of the bowlers (but not one of the performers) at a Stereogum "Gumbowl" charity event tonight at Brooklyn Bowl. You can't watch her bowl yet, but you can go to the concert afterwards (that she is not playing)....

"While the doors have to be closed during the tournament in order to film it all for charitable posterity -- and be sure we'll present you with the footage -- we're celebrating afterward by throwing open the gates for a FREE CONCERT, headlined by Woods, and featuring an opening set from the 'Gum-beloved rising sextet Effi Briest, DJ magic from Ms. St. Vincent Annie Clark, and loitering by our celebrity bowlers, who may or may not still be wearing the sweet-ass bowling jerseys we're throwing on them. We want you there (if you're 21 or older (sorry, kids!))." - Stereogum
They had an RSVP for the concert part, but now they just say "THERE WILL BE SOME "TICKETS" AT THE DOOR! COME EARLY IF YOU WANT IN. DOORS OPEN AT 9PM". Brooklyn Bowl is a big place. The flyer is below.

Other charity bowlers include The Blow (who has a show coming up at Joe's Pub), Nick Islands Thorburn Diamonds (who has 3 NYC shows coming up), Alan Neon Indian Palomo (who has multiple NYC shows coming), and Tim Les Savy Fav Harrington (who has a scheduled Brooklyn show too). The full list of bowlers is also below.

If you want to catch Marnie Stern play live, her next show will be at Glasslands on Friday, June 18th along with White Hinterland, Anni Rossi, Translations and True Womanhood. It's not free, but you get a discount if you RSVP to that here.

Anni Rossi will also be playing Pianos the night before (6/17).

More info on the Gumbowl and flyers are below...

Marnie Stern


Well this oughta be fun. A few things we love: Charity, bowling, music, and comedy. What we are doing about it: Combining all of them for a very special event. Stereogum and Videogum are partnering with the folks behind the Microsoft KIN to present the inaugural 'Gum Bowl, bringing together so many of our favorite musicians and comedians so that we can then break them up into warring teams for a charitable celebrity bowling tournament.

Starring: Musicians Marnie Stern, Nick Thorburn (Islands), Tim Harrington (Les Savy Fav), Alan Palomo (Neon Indian), Jemina Pearl, Himanshu Suri (Das Racist), Kip Berman (The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart), Sondre Lerche, Doveman, Elizabeth Harper (Class Actress), Khaela Maricich (The Blow), Dawn Landes, and comedians Jon Glaser, Michael Showalter, Patrick Borelli, Baron Vaughn, Gabe Liedman, Kumail Nanjiani, Larry Murphy, Max Silvestri, our very own Gabe Delahaye, and a great many more.



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Posted by Anonymous | May 25, 2010 10:15 AM

When is Marnie going to headline some shows?

Posted by Eduardo | May 25, 2010 10:17 AM

Wow is that a lame ass bowling line up. Hopefully the follow up video will get the 375 views from the entirety of people who care about those bowlers.

Man is indie rock out of good ideas (not to mention stars that folks would actually care about).

Posted by Anonymous | May 25, 2010 10:29 AM

"When is Marnie going to headline some shows?"

On June 18th according to the flyer I see above

Posted by Anonymous | May 25, 2010 10:33 AM



Posted by anonymous | May 25, 2010 10:35 AM

There are over rated guitar players, and then there's Marnie Stern. She set a new precedent for overrattedness

Posted by Anonymous | May 25, 2010 10:42 AM

Stereogum is so hip and ironic. Bowling with indie rockers in Brooklyn! Wow, such cutting edge campy laughs!

I hope the guy from Look at This Fucking Hipster is there with his camera.

Meanwhile, Stereogum is so full of shit about Woods. "Their first NYC show since the release of their new LP". Um, dudes, Woods played less than a week ago in Manhattan.

Posted by Anonymous | May 25, 2010 10:47 AM

Why would I want to watch other people bowl?

Posted by Anonymous | May 25, 2010 10:58 AM

Marnie blew me. It wasn't anything special..just ok.

Posted by Anonymous | May 25, 2010 11:17 AM

Overrated bowler and blower. How unfortunate.

Posted by Anonymous | May 25, 2010 11:25 AM

I agree with the overratedness. Just because she is a girl and does the stupid Eddie Van Halen thing doesn't mean she is a good guitarist.. She is and incredibly sloppy guitar player.

Posted by Anonymous | May 25, 2010 12:23 PM

pfft, everyone knows stereogum just wants to be cool like martha stewart.

Posted by Anonymous | May 25, 2010 12:47 PM

Anyone know if Marnie will be bowling around the US or is it just this one NYC show?

Posted by Anonymous | May 25, 2010 12:51 PM

12:23, look who's talking.. You're and incredibly sloppy typist.

Posted by Eggs1234 | May 25, 2010 12:59 PM

anyone know what time WOODS takes the stage 2nite?

Posted by Anonymous | May 25, 2010 5:03 PM

I could care less about Marnie Stern's technical ability and if she's sloppy--her last album blew my mind and was the most original thing I've heard in many a moon.

Posted by LKJ | May 25, 2010 7:28 PM

Funny that originality for some reason equals good these days. I am going to record myself taking a shit while playing acoustic guitar with a lot of reverb and press it on vinyl only. I'll be the next crystal wolf deer

Posted by Anonymous | May 26, 2010 12:03 AM

Marnie can do one finger tapping. How incredibly talented!

At least Van Halen had songs to back up Eddie's wanking.

Posted by Anonymous | May 26, 2010 2:10 AM

@ Anonymous 5/26 12:03: Liking something that's original is also predicated on it BEING GOOD, dillweed. That kind of goes without saying, unless you dropped out of Critical Thinking 101 to go drink some PBR and do coke.

Posted by LKJ | May 26, 2010 2:18 PM

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