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Spectrum (aka Peter Kember)

Peter Kember (born 19 November 1965) is a British musician, more usually known as Sonic Boom and was a founding member of Spacemen 3. Kember and Jason Pierce (born on the same day in Rugby, Warwickshire) formed Spacemen 3 in 1985. Sonic Boom's first solo album, Spectrum (the same name he eventually gave his new band), was recorded in 1989 while Spacemen 3.... In 2010, Peter Kember produced MGMT's second album, titled 'Congratulations'. Congratulations is musically adventurous, featuring nine psychedelic, space-inspired tracks that were no doubt, influenced by Kember... [Wikipedia]
On May 19, 2010, MGMT surprised the crowd at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn by joining the show's headliner Spectrum on stage during the encore for a reportedly 19 minute version of Spacemen 3 song "Suicide".Update via
"MGMT keyboardist Ben Goldwasser and frontman Andrew VanWyngarden joined the group onstage at the start of its encore for the Silver Apples' "A Pox on You." The musicians later returned for a jam leading out of Spacemen 3's "Suicide" that featured Goldwasser on synthesizer and VanWyngarden on auxiliary percussion. The musicians then both switched to effects pedals and other digital toys for the improvisational number that closed the night. The jam segments spiraled on for almost 20-minutes."
One night earlier, Lost cast members showed up to watch Lost at the same Brooklyn venue (Knitting Factory is having the Best Week Ever). It was Spectrum's 2nd NYC show in less than a week. The first was part of the Joshua Light Fest at Abrons Arts Center.

That said, it's not the first time Sonic Boom and members of MGMT played live in public together. An older example is in the videos below...

mgmt and spectrum at the dome finsbury park feb 2009

SPECTRUM MGMT Feb 27 2009 The Dome Tufnel Park North London



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They also played together on a Silver Apples song, before Suicide.

Posted by Anonymous | May 20, 2010 8:47 AM

I've been checking out Sonic over the years since the early 90's and some of his recent shows have been utter crap. I sort of gave up on the guy. What was the set list like last night?

Posted by Anonymous | May 20, 2010 9:06 AM

I felt the same way, but it was a lot of Spacemen 3 and old Spectrum classics. How You Satisfy Me, When Tomorrow Hits, Revolution...

Posted by Anonymous | May 20, 2010 9:30 AM


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Posted by Anonymous | May 20, 2010 10:33 AM

Sonic was awesome last night. God, I wish I could have seen Spacemen 3 back in the day.

Posted by C | May 20, 2010 12:16 PM

I agree, his shows where he performed alone were crap. He'd charge top dollar, play for like 20 minutes and pretty much put the room to sleep. Last night was incredible.

Posted by sonicmilk | May 20, 2010 12:57 PM

Saw spectrum at Velvet Lounge in DC with about 100 people. He did not dissapoint. Expand your musical vocabulary a bit and maybe you'll "get it." Sorry dude wasn't running around in silly costumes or wearing the coolest of cool shirts.

Posted by Colonel K | May 20, 2010 4:36 PM

The Erik Morse biography of Spacemen 3/Spiritualized is well worth reading. Sonic and J. Spaceman are true musical pioneers.

Posted by Anonymous | May 20, 2010 6:24 PM

Damn, I saw Spectrum at the Joshua Light show the other day, I would've loved to have seen this, Suicide is one of my favorite Spacemen 3 songs, at least I've seen it live a few times already.

Posted by Anonymous | May 21, 2010 12:16 AM

One of those guys did play with Spectrum on Saturday during Suicide. So you did see it, you just didn't realize it.

Posted by Anonymous | May 21, 2010 12:55 AM

One of those guys did play with Spectrum on Saturday during Suicide. So you did see it, you just didn't realize it.

Posted by Miller | October 26, 2012 12:12 AM

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