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MIA @ Gotham Hall - 5/19/2010 (jaymesue84)
Adult Swim

"FOR decades, the upfront week in mid-May -- devoted to previewing the coming television season for advertisers -- was reserved for the big broadcast networks. Recently, however, the cable channels, emboldened by gains in ratings and advertising revenue, started sneaking onto the schedule.... Among the other events planned this week by cable channels are a party with a "Jersey Shore" theme, from MTV, part of the MTV Networks unit of Viacom; a party sponsored by the Adult Swim programming block on Cartoon Network, part of the Turner Entertainment Networks unit of Time Warner; and presentations by two Turner channels, TBS and TNT." [NY Times]
The Adult Swim party took place Wednesday night at Gotham Hall, and as you can see above, they got a performance by M.I.A., though according to party attendant J-Rod, "Gotham Hall as a venue is fun to be in, but the acoustics stink. Can't hear M.I.A.'s vocals at all. Looks dope, tho."

M.I.A.'s upcoming shows include ACL and Governors Island.

M.I.A.'s new album "/ \ / \ / \ Y / \" will be out July 13th via N.E.E.T./Interscope/XL. The first single can be bought at iTunes and streamed below...



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Posted by biter | May 20, 2010 11:38 AM

Wish I was there even if the sound was shit. but I alreayd got my ticket for HARD M.I.A. at Governor's Island. XXXO

Posted by Carmelita | May 20, 2010 4:21 PM

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