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photos by Konstantin Sergeyev

Hard Skin at Bruar Falls on 10/25/10
Hard Skin

There are few punk/hardcore shows on the way in the next few weeks, but we'd be remiss without mentioning the surprise Hard Skin show that took place at Bruar Falls on 10/25/10. The show was one of two NYC shows for the comedic UK Oi band, as they also played Europa with Forgetters on Friday, 10/22 with The Rival Mob.

"Fat Bob had mentioned at the forgetters show on Friday that Hard Skin were playing on Monday night before they skipped back across the pond. Given the the rarity of their shows and the proximity to Drew's place, it seemed prudent to make it across the water to Colonial Williamsburg....

...The Hard Skin boys took the stage around the 11 o'clock hour and stirred the room up with a whole lot of Oi! Bruar may be a little small to contain such friskiness, but it was a pretty polite crowd despite the large drunk punk contingent and truth be told, the JS-NYC/ab rock Voltron was no paragon of sobriety by this point either. I had a good time, even given the curious tire deflations I returned to find on my iron steed when we got outside. Luckily, they were deflated and not punctured and Drew had a pump, so the good guys lived to ride another day. Good times all around. Not sure where/if HS are maintaining the web presence in this day and age, but you would do well to spend your weak American dollar on some of their swag and bring them back. Set to Googling, fresh-cut, and remember Hard Skin are good clean-cut fun." [Jaded Scenester]

Pictures from the Bruar Falls show adorn this post. Forgetters will play Bruar Falls TONIGHT (11/2) with Younger Lovers and Little Victory.

The Rival Mob is next scheduled to play with Sheer Terror at Webster Hall on November 28th. Breakdown, The Templars, Stigma, and Seizure Crypt are also on board and tickets are on sale.

Madball will play The Studio at Webster Hall on 12/13 with Lionheart, Bitter End as part of a string of dates for the trio. Incendiary will join them as local support. Ticket info is forthcoming, but full tour dates are below. Madball recently dropped their new LP Empire and parted ways with drummer Jay Weinberg (son of Max Weinberg).

Easy Action, featuring John Brannon of Negative Approach, will team up with The Men to play The Acheron on 11/15. The all ages show kicks off at 8PM. Easy Action tour dates are below.

The Queers will play Mercury Lounge on Jan 22nd. Tickets are on sale. The show is part of a short string of East Coast dates in 2011 that also includes Maxwell's one day before NYC; additional dates are below.

In a show dubbed "Brooklyn's Finest" (though BBG would beg to differ), Life of Agony will team up with Biohazard and Vision of Disorder to play Best Buy Theater on 12/16. Tickets are on sale.

And finally, LA's Youth Brigade (not the DC one with releases on Dischord) will play Mercury Lounge on 11/14. The show will be proceeded by a documentary on BYO Records and the band. Tickets are on sale.

All tour dates and more pictures of Hard Skin at Bruar Falls are below...


Hard Skin at Bruar Falls

Hard Skin

Hard Skin

Hard Skin

Hard Skin

Hard Skin

Hard Skin

Hard Skin

Hard Skin

Hard Skin

Hard Skin

Hard Skin

Hard Skin


Nov 10 2010 Jefferson Community Center Jefferson, SD
Nov 12 2010 BRASS RAIL Peoria, IL
Nov 15 2010 WILLY'S Marion, IN
Nov 17 2010 Broadway Joe's Buffalo, NY
Nov 18 2010 THE GREEN BOTTLE w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Oshawa, Ontario, CANADA
Nov 19 2010 CASBAH w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA
Nov 20 2010 THE BLIND DOG w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Windsor, Ontario, CANADA
Nov 21 2010 SNEAKY DEE'S w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Nov 22 2010 MOON OVER MARIN w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth London, Ontario, CANADA
Nov 23 2010 CLUB VINYL w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Guelph, Ontario, CANADA
Nov 24 2010 CAFE ROCK LE STAGE w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Trois Rivieres, Quebec, CANADA
Nov 25 2010 L'AGITEE w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Quebec City, Quebec, CANADA
Nov 26 2010 UNDERWORLD w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Nov 27 2010 THE WAREHOUSE w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Gatineau, Quebec, CANADA
Nov 28 2010 VICTORY TAVERN w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Timmins, Ontario, CANADA
Nov 29 2010 KILROYS w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Thunder Bay, Ontario, CANADA
Nov 30 2010 THE ROYAL ALBERT ARMS w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
Dec 1 2010 WALKERS w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Saskatoon, Saskatchew, CANADA
Dec 2 2010 AVENUE THEATER w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
Dec 3 2010 ALBERT PARK w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
Dec 4 2010 THE ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION w/ Shai Hulud, Counterparts, Hundredth Lethbridge, Alberta, CANADA
Dec 9 2010 THE VAGABOND w/ Madball, Bitter End Miami, FL
Dec 10 2010 THE ORPHEUM w/ Madball, Bitter End Tampa, FL
Dec 11 2010 THE MASQUERADE w/ Madball, Bitter End Atlanta, GA
Dec 12 2010 THE BREWERY w/ Madball, Bitter End Raleigh, NC
Dec 13 2010 SHAMROCK'S IRISH PUB w/ Madball, Bitter End, Cancer Bats Huntington, WV
Dec 14 2010 ALTAR BAR w/ Madball, Bitter End Pittsburgh, PA
Dec 15 2010 LOST HORIZON w/ Madball, Bitter End Syracuse, NY
Dec 16 2010 THE BARBARY w/ Madball, Bitter End Philadelphia, PA
Dec 17 2010 BOGIE'S w/ Madball, Bitter End Albany, NY
Dec 18 2010 JERKY'S LIVE MUSIC HALL w/ Madball, Bitter End, Product Of Waste Providence, RI
Dec 19 2010 THE STUDIO AT WEBSTER HALL w/ Madball, Bitter End, Incendiary New York, NY

Nov 11 Mohawk Place Buffalo, NY
Nov 12 Club Hell Providence, RI
Nov 13 Cafe Nine New Haven, CT
Nov 15 Acheron Brooklyn, NY

Nov 17 Austin Entertainment Tent
Nov 19 Oklahoma City Conservatory
Nov 21 Phoenix Chasers Lounge
Nov 23 San Diego Casbah
Nov 26 Los Angeles Troubadour
Nov 28 Santa Cruz, CA The Blue Lagoon
Dec 9 Minneapolis Triple Rock Social Club
Dec 11 Chicago Reggies Rock Club
Jan 21, 2011 Hoboken, NJ Maxwell's
Jan 22, 2011 New York City Mercury Lounge
Jan 23, 2011 Boston TT the Bear's
Jan 26, 2011 Quebec, Canada L'Agitee
Feb 1, 2011 Toledo, OH Frankie's Inner-City



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Queers - 1/21 @ Maxwells

Posted by qweebaroo! | November 2, 2010 12:12 PM

"Queers - 1/21 @ Maxwells"

updated, thanks!

Posted by brooklynvegan | November 2, 2010 12:21 PM

How did this post leave out Suicidal Tendencies / Cro Mags / Underdog at T5?? Nov 14th

Posted by Anonymous | November 2, 2010 12:25 PM

ha,ha ... dude's wearing a flight jacket. Need to break mine out; haven't worn that sheznit since 1990.

Posted by Anonymous | November 2, 2010 12:47 PM


youth brigade nov 11

street dogs dec 14

Posted by blag | November 2, 2010 12:48 PM

Hey 12:25, thats because I posted it in September:

Thanks for reading!

Posted by BBG | November 2, 2010 1:32 PM

this so lame ...its symbolic of contemporary culture instead inventing we ape/slag old cultural form ... yawn

Posted by Anonymous | November 2, 2010 7:15 PM

The LOA, Biohazard & VOD show should be moved to Studio 1!

Posted by Anonymous | November 3, 2010 9:06 AM

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