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photos by Andrew St. Clair

Kate Nash @ Terminal 5 - November 19, 2010
Kate Nash

Lady Gaga @ Terminal 5 - May 2, 2009
Lady Gaga

Visual similarities to Lady Gaga aside, Kate Nash headlined Terminal 5 in NYC on Friday night as part of a North American tour, with excellent UK band Peggy Sue, that ended at Wellmont Theater in NJ one night later. Trachtenburg Family sideproject Supercute! opened the NYC show too. You might remember they also opened for Kate at Bowery Ballroom. Except back then, the youngsters were a trio. They recently lost a member and are looking for a new one (hide your kids!). I quote...

"In yet another of their trademark twists on the cliches of the music business, teenage indie-bubblegum sensations SUPERCUTE! (opening for Kate Nash at Terminal 5 this week!) have just lost a founding member of the band, but they didn't lose the member for the usual reasons.

Fourteen-year-old JUNE LEI is not out of the band for her heroin addiction!

She's not out of the band because she's always late (due to her heroin addiction)!

She's not even out of the band over 'creative differences' (about heroin addiction)!

JUNE LEI has quit the band because she thinks her PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION (she's a freshman in high school) is more important than SUPERCUTE, or touring the world and making money and appearing in the NYTimes and many other periodicals.

(Maybe she wants to see how Cosmopolitan's boss Cathie Black "runs" the schools as NYC's new Schools Chancellor!)

(Evidently June NEEDS the extra schooling, because anyone who thinks an American diploma is worth more than a soiled donut in an alleyway is farrrrrr behind the curve!)

And while many college graduates have tried to explain to June that college is a waste of time and (a LOT of) money - it's like a full-time job YOU pay $50 an hour to work at! - and you learn a lot more in real life, she's stuck in the gutter of life's bowling emporium, trusting that rut and enjoying that "groove"!!

WE HERE AT EMPIRE GOODNESS cannot understand her position but to each, his or her own.

But we are very sad to see her, the George Harrison of the band, walk away from such great chemistry.

99% of musicians will never get paid to tour the world and goof off and make art with their friends, but June thinks she can just go right back to that in the future if she likes. She doesn't realize how lucky she was to be touring the world at age 14, without even trying!"

Details on how to apply for the job, along with more pictures from the Friday nightTerminal 5 show, with a somewhat readable copy of Kate's setlist, below...













Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

Kate Nash


you need to be

* female (effeminance doesn't count, Mr. Bloomberg!)
* under 18 and above 13... ish
* have good taste in music (that means hide your Hillary Duff box set!)
* have some natural musical talent (singing or playing an instrument but you don't have to be a virtuoso)
* live in NYC
* be available for gigs, touring, etc, and have parents who understand the importance of art and music
* be named after a month [kidding] [maybe]

PREFERABLY HOME-SCHOOLED AND BRUNETTE WITH BROWN EYES, although these things aren't dealbreakers.

Rachel and Julia can teach you the rest.

PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD, because replacing members isn't as easy as people think, even for the biggest acts on earth.

(When was the last time you were craving some Van Hagar?)

And good luck to the ladies, because none of us want to see SUPERCUTE! as a duo.




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you can tell Daddy Trachneburg wrote that email. so pervy...

Posted by Anonymous | November 22, 2010 2:01 PM


Posted by Anonymous | November 22, 2010 2:05 PM

Please explain why it's so pervy.

I thought it was just plain ol' dumb.

Posted by Anonymous | November 22, 2010 2:13 PM

how is it pervy? he's a dad of a teenage girl.

Posted by Anonymous | November 22, 2010 2:26 PM

super cute is super ugly.

Posted by Anonymous | November 22, 2010 6:44 PM

So not getting a college education means you can end up bilking the system and living on food stamps like the Trachtenburgs? Or maybe it means you can cluelessly have temper tantrums in front of City Council. Rachel wouldn't know how to affect any real change, other than her clothes.

But, no, let's please not criticize little girls.

Posted by Anonymous | November 22, 2010 8:22 PM

It wasn't the dad that wrote it. It was Christopher Broduer (aka Touching You). DUH!

Posted by Anonymous | November 23, 2010 1:05 AM

Correct - though the DUH was uncalled for. The quoted verbiage above might seem like it's from Supercute, but in fact it *was* written by Chris (Touching You) Brodeuer, and was sent to Brooklyn Vegan (and other outlets) WITHOUT SUPERCUTE'S KNOWLEDGE. And IT DOES NOT REPRESENT SUPERCUTE'S OPINIONS ABOUT JUNE LEI. Supercute loves, respects, and misses June Lei very much. I've written a note to BV asking them to revise or put an addendum to the post above to indicate that the posted sentiments are NOT the band's.

Posted by Alec Cumming | November 23, 2010 7:47 AM

Oh my...i hope she gets over the heroin addiction.

Posted by Anonymous | December 2, 2010 12:38 PM

i hate to point it out, but this article is quite nasty, it's her own choice if she thinks carrying on her education would be best, and yes, she might be giving up what hundreds of people dream for, but if a few years, what if they weren't popular, or couldn't make money from their music? if she hadn't completed her education, she'd have nothing to go back to, and I think that this personal attack on her is horrible, because it must not have been easy to leave the band she started.

Posted by Emily | December 2, 2010 12:53 PM

I agree, Emily, it's horrible, especially as it makes the Lei's think that Julia and Rachel think those things about her. They don't - which makes the very existence of this article painful (and the lack of a a single response from BV for a revision or rebuttal = shameful). The bully who wrote the "press release" will no longer have anything to do with the band. I can only imagine how June is feeling about this whole wretched experience. I really pray that the bad feelings will stop and that kindness and love and respect will rule the day once more.

Posted by Alec Cumming | December 2, 2010 10:03 PM

This is incredibly tacky. I feel bad for those girls, especially Rachel.

Posted by Keanu | December 3, 2010 10:38 AM

June is probably feeling like every other female who has been harassed by Chris Broduer. Whoever would even let their teenage daughter in the same room with him is likely as delusional as he is. Is anyone pressing charges against him yet? Doubtful! Why does Brooklyn Vegan have to apolagize? He is the person who sent it then.

Posted by Anonymous | December 3, 2010 6:32 PM

If June decided to KEEP on STUDYIng it means she is a clever girl.

Supercute!, please. give space to real acts, real bands, real music . Please. we don't need 3 ( ugly ) little and stupid pigeon songs no more.

Everyone knows... under those baby smiles there are so many dreadful examples of perversions ( a coke addict daddy, Touching You and documenter oral sex in the cinemas, Anorexia , no family roles, and God knows what )
Education is far more important than playing all over ( the world ?? ) and whatever you think it's cool.
Life is very hard, especially for real musicians who find so hard to express themselves in this non values reality.
on top of this, in Europe no one absolutely cares about this stupid band.

we don't talk out of jealousy, there is nothing to envy about this. we feel sorry for you. One day you will understand why.
please do yourself a favor TINA, stop selling out your poor daughter who is so fucked up now in the head she doesn't ever realize what is going on. Get a job, kill the bedbugs in your flat, be a mother.

Send your girl to college.

Posted by Anonymous | December 4, 2010 5:53 AM

Jeez louise, I can't believe how many haters the Trachtenburgs/Supercute! has. Good gawd, leave them alone.

Posted by Anonymous | December 4, 2010 5:11 PM

Lots of families get messy and confusing...all of them. The kids turn out alright and the parents do their best to figure it out as they go. The Trachtenburgs love Rachael and are loving people. Its difficult to raise a kid in NYC. It is a hard city to live in...but the one thing that draws in the most people is the TOLERANCE! Those of us who live our lives big and messy and beautiful and different feel safe and alive in NYC. Remember this you namby pamby stone throwers! Your opinion is yours to keep...but try and give a MOM a break if you have a heart. This sounds like a bunch of small town chatter...let the girls make the choices they need to and move on. The 'adults' are being very ugly and small.

Posted by Michelle Murphy | December 6, 2010 3:34 PM

christopher brodeur's a creepy embarrassment. the tratchenburgs should be ashamed of themselves for foisting him on their kid and other parents' kids as well... maybe if they were functioning adults they would also know how to be parents

Posted by anonymous | December 7, 2010 7:34 PM

Neither Supercute nor any Trachtenburg authorized the press release and statement about June Lei's leaving the band. Brooklyn Vegan should apologize and print a retraction. The Trachtenburgs have never criticized anyone for going to school. Their parenting choices are theirs alone, and they neither preach about the evils of public education nor make fun of young girls. The statements Brooklyn Vegan published by an unauthorized source mischaracterize June Lei's decision to leave the band. Though June's departure was a sad matter for Rachel and Julia it was never met with anger, and they supported and continue to support June's decision. Supercute does not support fascistic martialing of one's views on anyone. Several comments respond as if Supercute had anything whatsoever to do with the content Brooklyn Vegan published. Supercute did not authorize anyone to communicate with press on their behalf and reponding to this article as if it was issued by Supercute is responding to misinformation.

Posted by JP Marin | December 7, 2010 10:48 PM

i am shocked and disgusted at the events that have unfolded over this delicate situation. Everyone needs to step back and assess immediately. Think before you speak. Think before you act. This is a sensitive matter for all involved. Treat it accordingly.

Posted by Anonymous | December 7, 2010 11:24 PM

I'm a wee bit confused. I read the article -- twice in fact -- and the quoted portion reads like a sarcastic comedy bit. I think some folks are reading this all wrong and I don't think there's anything here to be sore about. I read it to mean that June DOESN'T have a heroin addiction, and that that's a surprise to find a musician who doesn't in this day and age.

Let's pretend the article said: "June Lei has a heroin addiction, but she isn't quitting the band because of it." Now, that would be slander and defamation of character, assuming June Lei doesn't have this affliction.

The real culprit here is the newspaper (or blog in this case). Why is the entire article not credited to a reporter? What valid news source prints quotes such as these and doesn't name the source? That's simply irresponsible journalism.

Posted by Voice of Reason | December 8, 2010 12:13 AM

Christopher X Brodeur (Touching You) is a pathological liar and serial stalker and has been desperately CLINGING to the career of Rachel Trachtenberg for years, variously describing himself as her manager or her future husband or current lover. He brags around town that she is madly in love with him, blah blah -

There is nothing Supercute about this situation, Christopher Brodeur is super CREEPY.

Posted by Tanya | December 9, 2010 1:15 AM

Tanya. you must step back and re-observe the situation. but this time as if you've never observed it before. that is the solution.

Posted by Anonymous | December 9, 2010 2:41 AM

Why haven't the Trachtenburgs or Rachel made a comment or retraction on this blog?

Posted by Anonymous | December 9, 2010 9:14 AM

The reason why Rachel and the Trachtenburgs are only commenting in private and anonymously is because they rightly fear that the obsessive jerk Christopher X Brodeur (Touching You) who has been stalking them for years will poison their careers with his unique kind of lying effluent. His technique is to maliciously spread lies and hope to bully and seek revenge.

But it will not work, they have washed their hands of this SUPER-CREEPY jerk and I doubt very much he will be able to continue to cause them fear. The hammer is falling on Christopher X Brodeur, he doesn't have much time left. And no one listens to this little man or his lies.

Posted by Concerned Dad | December 10, 2010 4:24 AM

For anyone who thinks Tina and Rachel Trachtenburg's aren't best friends with Christopher Brodeur(Touching You), just look at this video from checkerphil.

Posted by Anonymous | December 10, 2010 2:09 PM

is this even happening? its like a dramatic soap opera that few people care about is unfolding in the brooklyn vegan comments section

Posted by Anonymous | December 10, 2010 2:18 PM

It's sad and outright creepy that Christopher Brodeur poses as an anonymous person two posts above and posts a video from 5 years ago, before the Trachtenburgs caught him in a string of lies that he had been spreading so that he could trick them into allowing him into their lives.

What's really sad and pathetic is how even though he knows that the Trachtenburgs are no longer "best friends" he's still trying to convince people they are - with this video from 5 years ago!

Why would he do this? It's so obviously not true, so who does he think he's fooling? He's so delusional that he even does this on a thread such as this one where both Tina and Rachel are likely to see it, and might possibly catch on to the fact that it is Christopher himself who is posting it. This would then have the opposite of the intended effect. Right?

If you go around spreading lies around town about how you are still engaged to someone who dumped you years ago and everyone in town is well aware that she dumped you years ago, wouldn't that make you look even worse in everyone's eyes.

Isn't he the least bit embarrassed to do that because then the Trachtenburgs would have a clear confirmation that he is in FACT a lair. The Trachtenburgs know that Chris is no longer friends with them and Chis himself knows that he is no longer friends with the Trachtenburgs, so with his posting here of this video, he literally PROVES TO EVERYBODY INCLUDING HIMSELF THAT HE IS A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.

(To cover his tracks he even included a few obvious punctuation and grammatical errors so that he could deny it was himself who posted it)

So now the Trachtenburgs know what deceptive lengths Christopher Brodeur is prepared to go to cling on to Rachel's career. It's Rachel's career which Christopher feels will open doors for him. He needs to latch on in any way he can to Rachel's business as if only he knows the right direction to take it, (usually leading directly to him plotting some way to tie in his delusional battle with Bloomberg with her identity as an artist…yuk… I'm sure Rachel has realized by now that making an industry of an obsession with whatever current mayor at this time is, is probably not the very best subject for an artist to focus on.

Posted by D | December 12, 2010 11:31 AM

Wow, a lot of people really don't like Christopher Brodeur, so I'll take this time to add my two cents. Christopher X Brodeur (Touching You) is as obsessive stalker who latches onto people by being useful to them. He will offer to help "promote" you. (like the lovely press release above which precipitated this current deluge of exposure of this weird guy.

He'll offer to be your rodie for little money and move your equipment and do the dirty work to ingratiate himself to you. He did this to the Trachtenburgs so that he could be in the "limelight" (and in his world they did represent the people who had the most press visibility)

By being close to someone who actually did tour, he could follow them and along the way relish what scraps of "fame" he could savor for himself. So by making himself useful he is able to get into people's lives.

This is how he got into the Trachtenburg's lives. but behind their backs he would always drop snide remarks regarding rachel and especially their parents because eventually he would have to marginalize them for his primary reason why he was attracted to them in the first place and that was his obsession with RACHEL TRACHTENBURG.

So often behind their backs he would comment about Tina's food intake or weight and he would always snicker to help drive the cruel jab home, and he would attempt to belittle Jason and portray him in very unflattering terms, Jason would be always portrayed as a pathetic drug user and a weak person and other underhanded and always exaggerated examples.

And he would always brag about his relationship with Rachel, this was the thing that gave him legitimacy she was the one who would put Christopher X Brodeur on the map.

He still uses the term Mayorcxb as his email address to keep alive the only tangible thing that he "Achieved" (a failed attempt to get on a primary ballot! and another failed election attempt.) And what is the laurel that he rests on? A: Some record that he broke gaining votes in some isolated area in harlem or the bronx where he "set records" during his FAILED ATTEMPT. He'll be focusing on that for the rest of his life. He's a very sad and delusional man. And he should find his own career and stop CLINGING TO THE CAREER OF A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL WHO DOES NOT WANT IT.

Posted by Bowery Poetry Club | December 12, 2010 5:57 PM


Posted by Anonymous | December 12, 2010 6:18 PM

No one cares about any of these people, except Lady Gaga. Some retared incompetent keeps writing comments to make it look like theres some drama behind this post. But seriously, fart harder ladies and gents...

My yawn from this post is the size of Michal Moores exit hole.

Posted by Anonymous | December 12, 2010 6:22 PM

yawns indeed - i've never heard of these people. who cares about a bad teen girl band with a stalker.

(don't all teen girl bands have stalkers?)

what's new

Posted by step-n-fetchit | December 14, 2010 3:23 AM

Is this fight between Christopher Brodeur and the Trachtenburgs fake? Perhaps a publicity stunt because Rachel and Tina guess listed Christopher to the Kate Nash concert and they were all friendly then, less than a month ago.

Posted by Anonymous | December 14, 2010 10:41 AM

the only reason he showed up at the kate nash show is that he is as obsessed with kate nash's fame as he is with rachel's fame.

there is an ever present THREAT from Christopher Brodeur that he will make the trachtenburg's life miserable if they do not allow him to cling to their coat tails here and there and at the kate nash show for example. they would rather not have this creepy guy clinging to their careers but the consequences of saying no is that mr. CHRONICALLY UNEMPLOYED AND HOMELESS brodeur will then go to some public library and churn out lies about how the trachtenburgs are "lying about everything, and are the biggest pieces of shit on the earth and blah blah blah…"

he's basically a one man lie machine as one of his victims recently wrote about him. if you reject this creepy guy from your life he just begins a campaign of pathological lying as one of the commenters above pointed out.

Posted by dina | December 27, 2010 2:24 AM

I personally know June and she is a VERY smart girl. She is above average and a lot smarter than the perverted dumb ass that wrote the article. I thought it was a shame that she was throwing that away for a very unpromising future in music. I'm very happy that she left the band and chose her education over Supercute!

Posted by Anonymous | January 24, 2011 9:18 AM

by Christopher Xanadu Brodeur


After 3 MONTHS of allowing people to post provable LIES, I can finally REBUT them!

(It wouldn't allow any more comments previously. &%$#@!!)

the Salem Witches were NOT ACTUALLY WITCHES. Humans often LIE, and you can rarely trust the mob.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


[author slips into something more comfortable... a pair of boxing shorts and gloves!]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



the "haters" on here (probably girls who were in love with me who I blew off like that evil Tanya ODebra whose own partner Diane ODebra used to always have to apologize to everyone for!) are INSTANTLY proven to be lying for ulterior motives:


Just do it.


If you see NUMEROUS MAJOR MEDIA ARTICLES ABOUT ME and my political wizardry and fighting CORRUPT GOLIATHS, --- AND NOT anything to do with me and the Trachtenburgs ----then this debate completely ended RIGHT THERE.

YOU SEE above a bunch of sneaky, "anonymous" right wing scumbags (apologies to scumbags!) making up the DUMBEST lies to smear me, and you can SEE they have an AGENDA irrespective of this fun press release by me that was harmless (and EVERYONE agrees the American Education System is GARBAGE, so that should've tipped you off that people like JP were LYING to you for ULTERIOR motives).



Game Over.

Shall we continue this beat down of this Human Abortions?


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have been on the COVER of half the newspapers on EARTH just for my heckling the 9/11 Commission in May 2004.

Where were the Tburgs?


(Or trashing a green room and not picking up after themselves because they have a sense of entitlement!)

[By contrast, in my Mayoral Platform of 2001 and 2005 I included that I was going to make it a CRIME to not pick up after yourself! You can't carry your PIZZA PAPER PLATE 4 feet and throw it in the trash on your way out??? Cool. We'll hit you with a $100 fine you selfish, lazy monsters! Keep it up. With the MILLIONS we raise, I would fund ROOF PATIO decks on most buildings! Hooray!]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The NYTimes (a local paper here you may have heard of) has done FIFTEEN articles about me --- THREE with GREAT PHOTOS OF ME.

Look it up.

ZERO had anything to do with the Tburgs, Kate Nash, or anyone in the music biz, IDIOTS.

(And Kate Nash is a superhero. She, OUT OF THE BLUE, asked me to open some of her shows on the 2008 tour! She heard that I was the Tburgs official opening act when she saw them in London in 2007 and knew they wouldn't pick a lame act and she's so generous and NOT EVIL LIKE MOST HUMANS. ASK my now-enemies The Tburgs about this if you doubt me. Do NOT take my word.)

(Am I in love with her? Absolutely. And you can see photos of her giving me a piggyback ride on tour etc. I'd marry her in a second, but I'm not her type I fear.)

(Life is cruel like that.)

(Life is almost as cruel as HUMANS ARE EVIL!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[author googles his name just out of curiosity to see what comes up first...]

[which he probably should've done BEFORE telling you to, but he's not very calculating like that...]

there is only ONE thing linked to the Tburgs, and... it's actually ABOUT MY POLITICAL ACTIVISM!

(it's The video of them saying "Free CXB!" when I got 12 months in Rikers island for misdemeanor SPEECH, ie, writing COVER STORIES for NYPRESS [which is a piece of garbage])

GAME OVER. My critics just got caught LYING to you all again!

Shall we smash them some more?


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

NOTE: Googling "CXB" vs "Christopher X. Brodeur" vs "Christopher Brodeur" will provide DIFFERENT results!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


[here comes a left jab!]

[aw, who am I kidding? ALL my jabs come from The Left!]

[just kidding... maybe: I have an essay from 1991 entitled "Now I Know Why They're Called 'The Left' Cuz I'm Outta Here!" which was about how there are only TWO types of humans: FAKE LIBERALS and FAKE CONSERVATIVES. For some reason most humans have no integrity. But fake liberals are WORSE than fake conservatives, for many obvious reasons.]

when you google my FULL name, there are FIVE photos (out of many online) that show up:

FIRST is the photo my ex Delfino took as I was being assaulted by another right wing goombah who was despised in the COMEDY INDUSTRY. (The Apiary and others wrote about this dispute.)

The Tburgs have NOTHING to do with it!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


There are TWO photos of my world-famous heckling of the 9/11 Commission, ending all debate if the critics above are sincere or have SECRET agendas!

Game Over.

But let's keep bashing right wing liars!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The second photo is my photo from the...


Nothing to do with the Tburgs!


(Seriously, I can disprove everything my critics say a thousand times over. THAT's why they attack me behind my back! I only found about this BV post from a friend who told me about it!)

[NOTE: I didn't post the one comment above that some stupid liar claimed was me. And the fact that I'm posting THIS pretty much confirms that! I FIGHT FAIR. If you have to CHEAT, then you MUST BE WRONG!]

Email Alec Cumming or John Lei or anyone else who attacked me and say "If you are right and CXB is wrong, then I want to see you debate him in public. If you refuse (like most right wingers do) that will convince me that YOU were lying about him."

They'll STILL refuse a public debate. Because THEY don't even slightly believe any of their bulllllshit!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The THIRD photo is a horrendous photo of me that makes me look like I have Prognothisism of the skull!

[Cue the technical death metal!]

That AWFUL photo is from Snevil's interview with me in 2001 (before I knew the Tburgs!) for my run for mayor on the GREEN PARTY line, from the NYWaste newspaper.


So far... for those of you keeping score, my critics haven't been correct even ONCE yet!

(And they aren't right about a SINGLE fact as you'll see!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Even Bloomberg's top staffers like Deputy Mayor Howard "The Hooker" Wolfson read Brooklyn Vegan, as do others who are criminals who I have EXPOSED AS CRIMINALS.

They want revenge and Character Assassination is what Right Wing MORONS do.

(The first Google link that pops up is a Wikipedia page about me that has been locked and obliterated b/c my enemies around the glob who are right wing nutjobs vandalized it so often!)

(Along with a few fans of Delfino my ex, who smeared me endlessly after I was forced to dump her for being violent and dishonest. We were the greatest couple and I tried for FOUR YEARS to get her to stop lying and assaulting me, but I failed.)


I CHALLENGE ANYONE WHO SAYS I'M A BAD PERSON TO A PUBLIC DEBATE where you can list ANYTHING bad I ever did and I will prove you are lying 100%.


The LIARS above who attack me, from Alec Cumming (who stole tens of thousands from his daughter julia --- which Rachel and Tina told me) to Concerned Dad (who I'm guessing is John Lei, June's Dad who was NOT ADULT ENOUGH TO SPEAK WITH ME; he just smears me BEHIND MY BACK like a coward who doesn't believe a word he says) (and Supercute say he's a PSYCHO and he FORCED June to abandon her friends b/c JOHN LEI thinks an Education is GOOD FOR YOU b/c he's Chinese and thinks America's schools are good [NO THEY ARE NOT, and right THERE proves all my critics, like JP are OBVIOUSLY lying!]....)

(REMEMBER: criticizing people anonymously is a NAZI technique. LIBERALS believe if a person is making an HONEST criticism, you MUST do it HONESTLY AND PUBLICLY.


(That shit's like 500 years old and it says Civilized People have a RIGHT to tell their side of the story AND confront the sneaky a-holes who spread gossip and lies in secret. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO SEE WHO IS ACCUSING YOU OF SOMETHING so you can expose their agenda or conflicts of interest!)

(DUH: it's like when a judge threw me in jail for allegedly "harassing" Team Bloomberg. The Press somehow LEFT OUT that the judge was APPOINTED BY BLOOMBERG and if he had obeyed the law and stopped the lying prosecutors, he'd RISK LOSING HIS PENSION OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! That changes EVERYTHING, DUH!!!!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I AM POSTING THIS first half to ensure the Blog can handle my SPECIFIC and well-supported comments (ie, lots of words for you superficial republicans!) .

I will follow with even MORE asskicking of the Limbaugh Brigade!

After these messages....

Posted by CXB | March 9, 2011 2:23 AM

...where our Noble Hero kicks some more ignorant right wing ass!

CAN OUR HERO SUPER-CXB continue to obliterate EVERYTHING the liars above say?

(what do you think?)

* * * * * * * * * * * *


There's NOT ONE LINK where I'm being written up FROM my Tburg "connections"!

There's one about the DOCUMENTARY MADE ABOUT ME: "The Promise Of NY" and my RUN FOR MAYOR!

(Weird. I don't seem to be even 1% famous for being the official opener of the Tburgs for 8 years!)

(And if I'm as bad a guy as the trolls above claim WHY ON EARTH would the Tburgs ask me to come on tour with them AROUND THE PLANET? Would YOU want to voluntarily be stuck with a person who is anything less than THE MOST WONDERFUL PERSON EVER, in cramped vans driving tens of thousands of miles? Sharing bedrooms, hotels, airport floors? AGAIN, all the facts prove my critics are RE-TARD LIARS!)

(Apologies to re-tards.)

(cf my song "You Give Retards A Bad Name" about Bloomturd.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


(I really shouldn't be typing right now. I have TWO court cases tomorrow in TWO separate boros --- Brklyn and Manhattan!)

(It's 2:30 am!)

(Both court case are about ME BLOWING THE WHISTLE ON CRIMINALS WITH POWER. I'll show you the Complaints if you doubt me!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


There's a GOOGLE link about my BOOK "Perverted Little Creep" published by a Google Millionaire! (Pure coincidence.)

"PLC" is one of numerous SMEARS right wing nutjob Rudy Giuliani called me on WABC radio to Assassinate My Character and Kill The Messenger.

As you can plainly see, it's an ad hominem attack (that's latin for "fucking moron can't disprove my points so fucking moron just flings cheap insults like they're 8 years old because they're a fucking moron!")

Giuliani used the same "he stalks women!" smears as the right wing nutjobs above.

HOW BAD FOR HIM that, when we got his female staffer under oath on the witness stand in one of my most glorious trials, SHE ADMITTED THAT SHE WAS ORDERED BY HER BOSSES TO PLAY THE VICTIM!!!



But we should keep basing the shit out of these Limbaughs on OTHER TOPICS besides my "trying to get famous via the Tburgs or Supercute!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I'm FAR MORE FAMOUS than The Tburgs and SUpercute!

The highest the Tburgs have risen is as the first unsigned band on CONAN OBRIEN (NBC).

They were seen by a few million people.

the highest I've probably risen so far is maybe the 9/11 Commission Televised Hearings, where I was seen by HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE INTERNATIONALLY!

Even the famous 9/11 Widows begged me to come to DC with them and do it again!

Friends in AUSTRALIA and other parts of the world contacted me to say "um, dude... you're ON THE FRONT PAGE OF OUR PAPERS HERE!!!"


Shall I continue?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


(Long story for another day. It involves Gil Mantera's Party Dream [whom you should see live! I love those guys and so does Kate!] and all of us in Austin at the dreadful SXSW in 2008.)


Shall I continue?

(NOW you are seeing why my critics attack me anonymously or behind my back, and WHY not one of my critics has ever been willing to debate me in any public forum. Even Giuliani refused to debate me on WABC 22 times when I confronted him. He'd cut my mic, and then insult me like a retard child!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The girls picked the name "PINKY SWEAR" and I told Rachel that was a dealbreaker for me and I would no longer "assistant manage" them.

"SUPERCUTE" was MY name!!!!

I also told them ALL CAPS (man, do i LOVE all caps!) and they MUST have an exclamation point at the end.

RACHEL has seen me be right tens of thousands of times


Rachel and Tina were my two best friends on earth for years (until they sold me out b/c Alec Cumming, who stole all of julia's money illegally --- according to Julia!*) GAVE RACHEL AN ULTIMATUM:

RACHEL had two "choices":

betray one of her best friends (CXB) and hurt Supercute


betray one of her best friends (Julia) and hurt Supercute!

WHO AGREES WITH THIS CREEP that that's a fair "choice" for a teen girl!

He's a classic bully and I am AGAIN challenging him to a PUBLIC DEBATE. He will refuse just like Limbaugh, GLen Beck, Hitler, Bloomberg, and the rest ALWAYS refused public debates.

(Meanwhile, we liberals like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart NEVER decline a debate. Because the FACTS back us up!)

(*When I PUBLICLY confronted Alec about the stories that he stole his daughters' money [his WIFE pays the child support b/c Alec is still 8 years old!] he REFUSED TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS which means it was 100% true!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


ALEC (very big and scary) threatened little Rachel that I, their brilliant manager, who got them tons of great press (including Rachel's photo in the NYTimes TWICE!!!) had to go or else he would BAN his slave, er, his Property, er, his daughter from being in Rachel's band!


(Alec doesn't even have custody of Julia! He neglected her her whole life and only took an interest in her once SHE STARTED TOURING THE WORLD IN SUPERCUTE! He's a failed musician who is trying to SPONGE OFF HIS DAUGHTER (again). )


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


GOOGLE "HAUNTED PUSSY" a band I created (but Delfino named them) and see how much acclaim and press we got!

(And that was with no effort! We got radio airplay and even made WNYU's Top 20 in their ads in papers! We never sent our demo to other radio stations and then we broke up when Delfino and I ended our engagement.)

HAUNTED PUSSY WAS ACCLAIMED ALL OVER! (ex: SPIN magazine gave us "Best Band NOT On The SIREN Fest Bill" after we crashed it!)

(Fischerspooner had us play their private salon parties and then open for their sold out show at Irving Plaza! Then they took us to the after party with Scarlet Johansson, Drew Barrymore, blah blah blah.)

(Full Disclosure: If i wasn't dating Delfino at the time I probably would've made sweet love to Scarlet!)



SEVEN different writers (!!) at NYPress alone independently raved about my band The Liquid Tapedeck [Fast Forward Flood] --- NOT KNOWING CXB was in the band! [I wore a mask and a wig and was named "Peter Etc"!] Not even U2 got SEVEN different writers to rave about them in NYPress!


(I am awesome!)

TIME OUT even printed a funny promo photo of ours!

I have thousands of factoids like this.

(OH yeah: don't forget that NYPress ALSO did FOUR cover stories on me (as CXB) --- more than ANY president or celebrity IN ALL HUMAN HISTORY! NOT BAD!! NONE had anything to do with the Tburgs, Supercute, or Kate Nash, YOU FUCKING DUMB LIARS!)

[author draws Alec Cumming's face on a piece of paper and places it in the toilet bowl. then he drops a major deuce upon it!]


(I haven't even begun disproving all the OTHER superlies about me above!)

(You'll notice my enemies are ALWAYS VAGUE, while I am always specific.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


BY STRIKING CONTRAST, The Tburgs did NOT take my management advice and went from playing to 3000 people a night to 30 [on a good night!].


SUPERCUTE! took 90% of my career advice, b/c Rachel is like my kid sister and best friend and she saw me prove STupid Adults wrong every single day every single time.

She knows I'm the smartest person ever (not saying much, I'll admit) and the most reliable and trustworthy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Let me clarify that I don't dislike "haters".

I'm the biggest hater ever!

I hate almost EVERYTHING, from Radiohead to Bob Dylan to Beck to Mars Volta to Spinal Tap to The State.

The DIFFERENCE is that I can back up everything I say, with logic and reason.

I'm not an ignorant fucktard like most "haters" are.

(And most of them are really trolls. They're not even sincere in their hate!)

(Mostly they're just bored at their temp jobs!)

[author wonders if he should pity them and decides against it...]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



most of you noticed the SUSPICIOUSNESS of the hate and scorn being thrown at SUPERCUTE and the TBURGS above, when the anonymous poster is NOT attacking me.


it doesn't pass the smell test.

These people are NOT SINCERE.

(If you hate SUPERCUTE or Rachel, that's your right. AS LONG AS YOU ARE BEING HONEST, and not attacking them for a bogus reason. EX: you suck on uke and are bitter that they get more press and better gigs than you. That's not fair.)

There are LEGIT reasons to attack SUPERCUTE as well as the TBURG FAMILY SLIDESHOW PLAYERS.

Heck, there may even (hypothetically) be a reason to legitimately dislike me!

(I'm kidding. I DARE you to name one!)

(Oh right. My critics ALWAYS choke when it's time to put up or shut up.)

[Even my girlfriend Kate Nash is slagged by INSINCERE people all the time. In England, they attack you for success whether they like your music or not. Humans are LEMMINGS above all else. Argh!]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


If I watch an Yngwie Malmsteen video on YOUTUBE, I'm going to try and EDUMACATE the lemmings out there by pointing out how SHITTY a guitarist he is, using FACTS.

the swedish dork can only play in neo-classical scales. He's a ONE-TRICK PONY.

HIS FANS (Most of whom are 13 years old) GET VERY ANGRY AND SO THEY GO TO MY VIDEOS and post that my music sucks.

THE LAYMAN who looks at my videos will see comments about how badly I suck (even though my guitar videos are DAZZLING!) and NOT REALIZE the posters slamming me had a MOTIVE TO LIE.


THE TBURGS have always been slagged by many, and almost never was it LEGIT or HONEST.

(Do you REALLY think all GAY PEOPLE deserve to have been beaten and murdered for 20,000 years??? WHY are right wing kooks like Alec Cumming and John Lei trying to stop Gays from Marrying? HUMANS ARE SAVAGES WHO ATTACK ANYONE WHO IS UNUSUAL OR UNIQUE b/c it makes the Savages feel "powerful" or better about themselves. Nothing new.)

(I never criticize something without being honest and explaining WHY I don't like it.)

(if you don't like my music, that's fine. JUST BE HONEST. Don't make up shit b/c your girlfriend has a crush on me so you're angry at me! SHEEESH! It's 2011. TIME TO GROW THE FUCK UP!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


...ONTO THE PRESS RELEASE ABOVE BY ME, which was so interesting and fun, several blogs including this one REPRINTED IT!

THE GUY WHO THREATENS GIRLS AND ROBS THEM (Alec Cumming) REPEATEDLY has tried to pretend that it was "unauthorized" and that I tried to make it appear that RACHEL AND JULIA ATTACKED JUNE.

ONE commenter points out how RE-TARDED that is, b/c they didn't have a SECRET AGENDA like most of the commenters.

THE PRESS RELEASE IS "BY EZEKIAL WONG" at the header (not reprinted here, but it clearly says "we here at EMPIRE GOODNESS") not "WE" of "SUPERCUTE"!

WHO AGREES with this crook ALEC CUMMING or this slaveowner JOHN LEI (who ruined his poor daughter's life by forcing her out of SUPERCUTE so she can get an EXPENSIVE college education and there'll be NO JOBS for her anyhow!) (they're gonna have to move BACK to China!) THAT MY PRESS RELEASE SUGGESTS IT IS BY RACHEL AND JULIA???


(Oh wait. I already proved these guys are RETARDED. Proving them wrong is as easy as murdering 100,000 Iraqi Women & Children!)

(Alec and John BOTH supported the invasion of Iraq b/c both are RIGHT WING NUTJOBS!)

(Oh no? THEN WHEN ARE WE DEBATING IN PUBLIC, ya right wing nutjobs?)


They either LIED or they are IMBECILES.

Either way, only a fool would trust them.

Shall I go on?


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

LOOK AT THE DISHONEST POST BY JP MARIN (who had a secret reason to try and turn the Tburgs and others against me: Tina let him start taking Rachel to the movies alone (!) and JP knows Rachel had a schoolgirl crush on me and HE intends to try and sleep with Rachel or Julia, with Tina's [Rachel's PIMP!] and the ONLY way to acheive that is to get Rachel's BIG BROTHER OUT OF THE WAY).

AND WE KNOW HE'S LYING, b/c The TBURGS are VERY LOUD AND PROUD about how much they HATE the Education System here and elsewhere.

(DUH: otherwise they'd have put her into a slimy school!)

JASON AND TINA BOTH are very adamant that "education" is a BRAINWASHING TOOL BY THE ELITE to teach you that The US GOVT IS HONEST! TRUST CAPITALISM! THE WAY TO WIN IS TO DEFEAT OTHERS! [aka "Physical Education!"] OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WERE GREAT (when they refused to give women the right to vote or free the slaves)! [Our founding fathers were FRAUDS. They even tried to make Washington "KING" but he turned them down!!!]

JP OWES US ALL AN APOLOGY, but he's a right wing nutjob too.

(If I'm WRONG, JP, you know how to reach me! SILENCE = GUILT.)

(NOTE: I emailed JP several times and he PLED THE FIFTH EACH TIME. Take a flying guess why!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


(NOTE: I rejected all my "education" in life --- walked out of elementary school, and was thrown out of high school for challenging the bogus authorities, and never went NEAR college and even my ENEMIES have called me "brilliant" my whole life.)

(NOTE: RACHEL TBURG is not only smarter than all other teens, she's smarter than any 30 year olds I know! BECAUSE she didn't go to Retard School!)

[author wishes Tina would have the courage to COME CLEAN in public and say "everything CXB said is true, but I was scared to say so b/c right wing bully ALEC CUMMING threatened to destroy SUPERCUTE and fuck Julia's life up AGAIN"! She's often one of the braver people author has ever met.]

[Jason is a total coward.]

[THAT's a legit criticism of him: he's a jewish stereotype!]

[I loved Jason so much but he did a LOT of really evil things to me which I'll omit here b/c it's too much of a digression.]

{And HE was the one who destroyed the Tburg Family's career --- not Rachel or Tina.] [Ask for details if you care.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


GO BACK and read some of what these SUPER-RETARDS WROTE!

(How hyper- ironic that they praise the American Education System, eh?)

one LIAR (pretending to be a retard) says Rachel took a "temper tantrum" in front of the City Council!



No temper ever appears.

No tantrum ever appears.

Rachel calmly reads a script I mostly wrote and she added some nice bits.



Her testimony was also the SMARTEST and BOLDEST of the day!

(Listen to people gasp when she is the FIRST person on Earth to PUBLICLY criticize the Naked Emperor as the "WORST MAYOR EVER"!)

HEAR how she drops concrete bombs about Bloomberg being a FINANCIAL DISASTER!



FUCK YOOOOOOOOOO cowards and poseurs who don't have the integrity or 'nads to STAND UP TO LIARS AND BULLSHIT.

(ALEC CUMMING HAS NEVER ONCE IN HIS LIFE STOOD UP FOR ANYTHING. He's a SELFISH ASSHOLE which is why he neglected his daughter. He actually belongs in jail, but they don't jail RIGHT WING KOOKS. The Job of POLICE is to PROTECT Right Wing KOOKS!)

(IF I'M WRONG WHY NOT DEBATE ME, You right wing kook!)


NBC... who helped Bush and Cheney STEAL THE WHITE HOUSE and trillions of dollars and murder 4000 American soldiers in Iraq alone!


It's no surprise he STILL has no principles!


WHEN has he ever stood up for the underdog?


He cares about MONEY, MONEY, and a little thing called MORE MONEY!

I can't even believe I'm debating this no-brainer shit!


(And no one dissents more than SUPER-CXB!)

Even right now I have FIVE criminal trials pending, ALL for... MISDEMEANOR SPEECH!!

(That SHOULD tip some of you off!)





[author is going off on a tangent here and tries to bring it back to the topic at hand...]

YOU GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF STOOOPID LIARS and you're going to destroy SUPERCUTE (again)!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Let's wrap this up (like Alec's dad should've) (za-za-ZING!)...

(kidding!) Alec is a nice guy mostly. He just doesn't have a brain nor a heart. And I thought John Lei was nice but the way he got all fascist on JUNE was evil I thought. And then HE tried to destroy SUPERCUTE, creating a DOMINO EFFECT, which got TINA and JASON to attack me to try and scapegoat someone else!

Tina says the PRESS RELEASE ABOVE WHICH I WROTE (and Tina and Rachel said I could BEFORE i did!) IS WHY SHE IS TRYING TO PUT ME IN JAIL NOW, to help a bunch of sleazebags lock me up.



(Note: I'm not slagging prison. It's great! Free health care, free rent, free food, free EVERYTHING, (endless footrubs!) and I can write songs all day long! I'm talking PRINCIPLE here.)

(OH CRAP... I just wrote another clever tune: "Footrubs & Group Hugs" about jail!)

(Sounds better than my other jail songs like "Chocolate Vagina" [uh... get it?]!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


(She is a totally functioning addict.)

[KIDDING!!!! Sheesh you right wingers have no sense of humor!]


(That's a bad habit of mine.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


(What? She can dish it out but not take it? Well then SUPER-CXB IS COMING TO THE RESCUE to stamp out hypocrisy!)

(For all I know HER DAD is behind the whole thing and June thought it was funny to! HE PLEADS THE FIFTH IF YOU ASK HIM ABOUT IT!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

NOTE another RE-tard above who says "June SHOULD get her education NOW or else she'll have nothing to fall back on if SUPERCUTE fails"!!


[author begs aliens in outer space to PLEASE beam him back up...]




My critics are SUPER-FUCKTARDS!

(Hey, can any of you play instruments? Maybe you can tour as SUPERCUTE!'s opener!)

This is ANOTHER smoking gun that "education" produces TOTAL IMBECILES!



(Oh no? WHo wants to put $5000 down and we'll ask June in 5 years, 10 years, and 15 years if she's glad she jumped [or was pushed] out of SUPERCUTE!)


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

OH YEAH, let me disprove "TANYA" who is clearly a product of... AMERICAN EDUCATION!

IT's OTHERS who joked about me dating Rachel etc.

(Before I met the Tburgs, I did a few funny songs about dating 14 year old girls because [let's see if the "educated" fucktards can figure it out on their own...] [nope?] ... IT'S A ROCK CLICHE and I have always been the #1 smasher of Rock Cliches!)

(Jerry Lee Lewis. Elvis. Jimmy Page. R. Kelly... and a zillion others! RINGO at age 30 did a song called "You're 16, you're beautiful, and you're mine" DID YOU THINK HE WAS SINGING ABOUT A 57 CHEVY you amazing fucktards?)

(At this point I think it's clear we should OUTLAW "education"!)

YES, Rachel has had a crush on me since she was like 11, and so too did many of her friends and Tina and Jason knew this.

My WHOLE life zillions of girls have had crushes on me (probably for my luscious flowing locks) (they don't call me "Mr. Brooke Shields" for nothing!) and I don't take it too seriously.

I look like a friggin' rock star!


Girls are BRAINWASHED to worship Rock Stars.

it's all hack. it's all lame and cliche.

EVERYONE in our circle saw Rachel had a schoolgirl crush on me!

(NONE of you ever had a crush on your teachers??? LIARS.)

Rachel had NO OTHER GUYS in her life more than me, so her crush was almost automatic.

(JULIA was covering my great song "The KKK Are A Bunch Of Fags" on uke at age 13! She's a smart girl! Too bad her dad tried to ruin her life!)


MANY PEOPLE saw a 10-year-old member of the Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black get ONSTAGE in the East Village and READ A LOVE POEM TO ME IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!!

(I even have the video of it, you right wing LIARS.)

(The girl's MOM told me she was a huge fan of my music and sang my songs!)


"...I really like your singing and your hair looks very real..." (!!!)


"...I really love you but not like that cuz I'm only 10 but I'd let you tickle me while we listen to Iron Maiden's "Children of The Damned"" (!!!!!!)

C'mon! Many chicks say I look like David Cassidy!

[author WISHES!]

[author gets a little chub...]


You right wing kooks aren't merely UNEDUCATED, you also have ZERO EMOTIONAL MATURITY!

(...Which is another serious crime of the "education" system! The peer pressure garbage and GroupThink that Rachel and I both avoided, and Tina and Jason had to UNLEARN has RUINED our world!)

I even have a crush on Tina (who's like 55 years old!) and Jason!

WE ALL have crushes on people of many different ages --- older AND younger.


THIS is why right wing kooks like Alec and John denounce gays (while secretly touching little boys).

it's WHY right wing kooks chant "family values" while cheating on their families!!

(We really need to just round up all right wingers and put them in concentration camps in North Dakota. Let those retards "retard" each other!)

I'VE EVEN TOLD TINA that I WOULD have a crush on Rachel if she didn't still look 11 years old!

(I'm a LIBERAL --- NOT a RIGHT WINGER: I like CURVES on my girls!)

(For you Slowwww readers out there, I'm taking another cheap shot at these kooks: they like little boys or girls who have no curves... like little boys!)

(We LIBERALS think they should TAX THE CHURCH and also shut it down under organized crime statutes for their Rape Factories. RIGHT WINGERS think we should CONTINUE to have taxpayers spend $30 BILLION a year to subsidize these rapists!)


It's like trying to reason with a fucking SARAH PALIN FAN!



These are the same looneys who insisted the earth was flat and didn't care if Galileo could PROVE the earth was NOT the center of the universe!

For 300 years the RIGHT WING told us tobacco was GOOD for you and so too was red meat!


the right wing has never once been correct ever ever ever .

(They can't be. They despise facts and fly only on kneejerk emotions and GroupThink!)


* * * * * * * * * * * *

LOOK at the retard who tries to say I'll offer to be your roadie for little money!


ASK THE TBURGS (who I am no longer friends with b/c of Alec's dirty right wing tricks) if I ever asked to go on tour with them ONCE!


They asked me!

I was never their roadie or anyone's!

(I would help carry shit and set up shit b/c I'm not a RIGHT WINGER [ie, selfish assholes who only care about themselves].)

Just ask my girlfriend, Rachel.


(You can clearly see several right wing posters above attack me for making "jokes"! WHAT KIND OF INSANE PIECE OF SHIT hates wit and kidding? Oh right: republican nutjob pieces of shit who were EDUCATED in American schools and American Colleges!)

(AMERICA IS WEST IRAN if you didn't notice. No other nation in western civilization is half as right wing as us. The rest of the fucking world legalized gay marriage while we passed insane laws like The Defense Of Marriage Act!!!! [SORRY: BILL CLINTON WAS ANOTHER RIGHT WING TROJAN HORSE, duh!])


Hey John Lei.

YOU can stay here and keep my country. I'm going to CHINA!

Looks like those COMMUNISTS even destroyed the mighty USA in ECONOMIC arenas!!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


[and boy are my arms tired!]

Posted by CXB | March 9, 2011 4:24 AM

by Christopher Xanadu Brodeur

I really would LOVE to continue to obliterate EACH and EVERY lie by these right wing scumbags.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

the Tburgs made HUGE sacrifices to take me on tour over and over (that's how awesome and wonderful I am).

For instance, I do NOT have my driver's license anymore, making me more worthless than most artists OR roadies!

DUH: I could never take turns driving the tour vans! (This forced Jason & Tina to do tons more labor!) (And driving 20,000 miles around this stupid-large nation isn't as much fun as it sounds!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

the liar who signed "bowery poetry club" again makes the typical Right Wing Smear to divide and conquer, that I am TRYING TO RIDE THE COATTAILS of SUPERCUTE and others!


Even my ENEMIES admit I'm one of the most talented motherfuckers EVER, from my illustrations and photography to my instrumental skills, singing skills, writing skills, and on and on.

(I won my FIRST award for "BEST OF NY" just 4 months after arriving here from Boston! And I was sleeping in a bush at the time near NYU and not even trying!!)

(Gee, I wonder what the word "BEST" means? Does it mean I'm BETTER than everyone else? EVERYONE else? Yes. That is EXACTLY what it means. Fucktard.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


when I WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE I get ZERO credit for my skills!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

EX: I WROTE MOST OF JESSICA DELFINO'S HITS and built her entire career. But now that we've broken up, SHE IS MAKING MONEY DOING MY SONGS and smearing me from a zillion stages (behind my back) and no one knows they're MY songs!!

EX: all the work I've done to help SUPERCUTE become successful, I get ZERO credit for!

I HURT MY OWN LIFE by helping others, you FLYING FUCKTARDS!

EVEN JP MARIN --- who smears me above --- cannot deny he was hanging out with me at ART AROUND THE PARK on Ave A, and of the 100 paintings by numerous artists, MINE was a zillion times more popular than everyone else's! [I videotaped the crowds marveling at my work and photographing it, LIARS.] In fact, mine was literally more popular than everyone else's COMBINED!

If that's not superhuman proof enough.... the SECOND most popular painting?


(I did TWO!)

I detect a pattern here somewhere.

(Bet the right wingers don't, though!)

= = = = = = = = = =

JUST WATCH THIS FUCKING VIDEO PROOF of how I'm one of the greatest rock stars EVER (but Mick Jagger and Robert Plant didn't do politics or expose fucktards or have hundreds of right wingers try to stop their careers by falsely jailing them or smearing them online anonymously!)

= = = = = = = = = = =


Er, "Bowery".


I exposed the Bowery Poetry Club for ripping off artists, and doing hundreds of other slimey things to artists AND working to help RIGHT WING SUPER-NAZI BLOOMBERG STEAL THREE ELECTIONS!

They have an ULTERIOR motive to smear me and want to discredit this whistleblower!

= = = = = = = = = = = = =


= = = = = = = = = = = = =

BEFORE I WAS BORN, "nice guys finished last" and "no good deed goes unpunished".

You right wing monsters destroyed GOOD people like Henry David Thoreau, Galileo, Tesla, Gandhi, Biko, RFK, MLKjr, that hippy fag Jesus, yet we never saw LEFT WINGERS kill Reagan, or Cheney, or Nixon, or CEOs [shoutout to my boy Unabomber!] or even try, b/c we civilized people are too nice.

ALEC, JOHN LEI, JP, and many others NEED TO "MAN UP" and APOLOGIZE AND ADMIT THEY WERE WRONG, but I bet they won't.

AND SUPERCUTE is going to get totally fucked over by losing their genius "assistant manager".

Rachel and Julia are two of the smartest and coolest people I've ever met. The fact that they're young is even more impressive.

And BOTH asked to be in my band THE MUNCHIES (think Monkees meets Archies) and they told me Kate wanted to be in the band.


And he didn't even just hurt all of us.

He hurt HIMSELF.

(Remember when the Nazis' stupidity got Germany LEVELED by Allied bombs?? This is all right wingers accomplish in the end.)

(Reagan MURDERED the USA by tripling our debt!)

(FUN FACT: the Cold War was 100% fabrication by the rich industrialists who owned all the media and made BILLIONS of our taxdollars to bankrupt America. WHY do they care? They have mansions in Switzerland, Bermuda, etc.)


THERE IS NO OTHER POSSIBILITY, and it's happened precisely 100% of the time in mankind's history.

The New Nazis destroyed America so badly it can't be fixed, and we see the result:

A CIVIL WAR IS BREWING, and 90% of Americans are actually left-wingers at heart and poor or middle class (they just don't fucking vote or get off their fucking asses) --- see my brilliant joke that "the reason the right wing always wins is because the left wing doesn't get up until 2pm!" --- but the Nazis hold all the money and weapons.

YOU MUST DECIDE which side you're on.

I know Alec and John are (very) confused.

But most of us aren't.

EGYPT is just the beginning.

MILLIONS of americans lost their homes! THEIR JOBS!

They are being backed into a corner and there's only ONE WAY OUT.

The prison walls are crumbling, and it's not going to be pretty when they finally crack open.

EVERYDAY you see more murder, violence, people "going chinese" (that's the new slang for "going postal" since so many mass murderers lately in the west are chinese!) (and email gave the postal workers less work so they could relax!) and EVERYTHING going wrong.


(WHY do you think Commander Charlie Sheen is getting so high?)

(As your rebel leader in Sector Five, I'm just going to hand him 3 "Charlie Masheen Guns" (Damn I'm clever!) and a giant bag of coke, and maybe a few small nukes and send him into the heart of the Pentagon!)

There are 100,000 times more of us than them.

ST. PATTY'S DAY, I want you all drunk in the streets with your "BLOOMBERG MUST RESIGN" posters! (EVERYONE is fed up with this midget-hitler! The time is here. We can get him to quit without firing a single shot.) (He doesn't even want the job anymore. He used us and made $15 billion doing it!)

MEANWHILE, words can't describe how sad I am at losing one of my five favorite people in my entire life, Tina Tburg, as a sister / mother / biz partner / best friend, but this is a WAR and there will be casualties.

[My next hit single is called "Tina Is Collateral Damage!"]

JASON I still love, but I will NEVER forgive him for dozens of evil things he did, and I will NEVER forgive Tina. Nor Tammy Hart of Soundfix. Her acts were some of the most evil I've ever witnessed, and even though I loved her more than words can express, she ruined so much of my life and art and music.

Alec and John and JP I could maybe forgive. They were just misled by Tina.

(They're not very bright. It's like being "innocent by reason of insanity"!)

(I crack myself up!)

Rachel and Julia I still don't know about. Both of them are awesome and they both seemed to recognize my brilliance and trustworthiness and listened to me and 100% of the time everything went PERFECT when they did.

But both remained SILENT as everyone lied about me, and we know that SILENCE is the greatest evil EVER.

(DUH: SILENCE and APATHY created the Nazis and 100% of evil. Apathy is the OXYGEN of evil. Bush ONLY stole the 2000 election b/c he knew NONE OF YOU WOULD DO SHIT. Bush only stole 80% of your life's earnings b/c he KNEW your apathy would unlock the door for him.)

AS FOR THE REST OF YOU 'TARDS... don't come crying to me when the SUPER-NAZIS are at your door.

Learn to fight your OWN battles.


Operation Get Bloomberg The Fuck Outta NYC.

St. Patty's Day.

Spread the word.

Or don't.

He's fucking you 20,000 times harder than he's fucking me!

(He's giving me free teeth cleanings in Rikers! I can't complain!)

with love and sadness,
Captain Crusader


Commander Cranium


your humble servant and hyper-genius, SUPER-CXB!

(Just kidding about the humble part!)

PS: to Brooklyn Vegan... I still have never read your blog other than this, but thanks for [finally] allowing me to defend myself against these mighty maggots.

(And to my future bride in the Resistance, [Kate Nash] put on that sexy dress, cuz you're going UNDERCOVER as the most dangerous British secret agent in history. Operation Fuck Shit Up is almost ready to begin!)

(But let's make out first.)

or youtube "Animal Jail" and take it from there.

and pardon any typos. i didn't have time to proof read any of this.

Posted by Anonymous | March 9, 2011 5:12 AM

"I'VE EVEN TOLD TINA that I WOULD have a crush on Rachel if she didn't still look 11 years old!
(I'm a LIBERAL --- NOT a RIGHT WINGER: I like CURVES on my girls!)"

Whoa, Touching You, are you actually saying you'd be into Rachel Tburg if her tits and ass were bigger? That's just, gross, man, because it's demeaning. Damn dude. Also, your dating history does not exactly show you being all that interested in women with "curves." Umm Rev Jen? Jessica Delfino? Not the most buxom ladies. Therefore, YOU ARE LYING because your dating history says you're into waifs and tomboys, buddy. Bam! You done goofed! Consequences will never be the same!


Posted by Anonymous | March 10, 2011 8:08 PM



RE-READ THE POSTS BY "D", "Tanya", "concerned dad", "bowery poetry club", "dina" and a few others.


It's OBVIOUS if you look again!

And his name is... HARRY STUCKEY aka VOX of the cheesy "VOX ILLUMINATI".

(He's an infamous pedophile who I've exposed for ripping off artists so THAT's why he tries to hammer down your throats that I'm clinging to Rachel.)

ASK TINA TBURG (who I am no longer friends with) and she will also tell you, "yup... that's definitely Creepy Stuckey!

STUCKEY robbed me, Tom Ritchford, Kerry Farias, Laruocco, Delfino (who had a plump butt, so there goes this liar who just posted more smears and didn't use their real name b/c they are FAKE) and hundreds of other artists.

Nobody likes the guy (ala Bloomberg) so he has to BRIBE everyone (ala Bloomberg) to hang out with him.

ASK JESSICA DELFINO (who is now my arch enemy) about HARRY STUCKEY.

She'll tell you he's the biggest scumbag she's ever met!

EVERYONE says Stuckey is a right wing Karl Rovian' sleazebag who has never dated a girl who looked over 16!

(Delfino was 34 when I was engaged to her!!!)




If they did, there wouldn't have been any Bush, Bloomberg, or STuckey in the FIRST place!!

- cxb

Posted by CXB | March 11, 2011 4:58 AM

And besides being able to tell all those comments were written by ONE reich wing scumbag pretending to be many "different" people, LOOK AT HIS SYNTAX...

... you can tell he's BACK ON THE CRACK!

(Delfino thru him out of our apartment b/c he kept doing crack and LYING to us about it. SToopid crack head forgot to hide all the spoons he was cooking his coke in!)

READ HIS COMMENTS and you'll note a similar tone to Crackhead of The Year, Charlie Sheen!


His ex girlfriends say he only dates 13 year old girls because it makes his tiny little cock look bigger!


I'd probably be doing crack too if I was as much of a loser as him! No one even likes his band! He had to cheat his myspace numbers with a spambot! And he had to make his "top friends" a bunch of 13 year old girls who he's never met, so other 13 year olds would think he was okay and safe!!

He has to DRUG girls to get them in to bed! (Ask Laruocco and Helen Destroy and Saryta!!)

He's almost sad.

That's why he robs artists. He can't make any money on his own.


Posted by CXB | March 11, 2011 5:04 AM

NOTE: Stuckey hired me for many years to do carpentry for him b/c I'm very talented and hard working, and he'd give me money to go out with him so he'd look like he had some friends!

(I needed the money! This town is expensive!)

But I'd still tell everyone he was MARRIED but won't allow his wife, Liz, to come to any events!

Just look at the photos of him online in his leopard-skin pants and icky lace shirts!


NOTHING IS MORE PATHETIC than a 52-year-old guy dressing like a 20 year old rocker, clinging to his youth! (That's why he drugs 13 year olds to get them into bed: it makes him feel young again.)

(He's like the most UNCOOL vampire ever!)


Stuckey even paid us to DRUM for Haunted Pussy at RUBULAD so he'd finally have cred, b/c everyone thought he was skeevy.

Delfino and I USED him as revenge for his skeeviness and to take his "donations".

ASK HER. Don't believe a word I say!

Like all his reich wing heroes, Bush, Hitler, Bloomberg, he can't keep the truth secret forever!

Even when I did carpentry for him, EVERYONE asked me WHY i would work for such a creepy guy. (He calls everyone "babe" like a parody of a used car salesman!)

Every girl he raped told me he was disgusting in bed (which is why he drugged them with cat tranquilizers or drops of LSD... so they wouldn't recall how bad he was!)

WARN EVERYONE about this con artist, before he robs or rapes again.

EVERYTIME I went to the police, or FBI, or DA, they refused to help protect girls from this rapist!

CALL THE BROOKLYN DA --- 718 - 250-2010 --- if you think it's wrong that they are protecting him (he gave campaign donation$ to the DA!) and say "why haven't you investigated his child porn stash [which he showed me when I was his carpenter!] or his zillion other crimes?

If they get a bunch of calls and think people are WATCHING them, they'll be more inclined to do their job. (He was arrested 4 times last year for Grand Larceny! He robs EVERYONE!)

Probably the skeeviest person any of us have ever met.

Posted by CXB | March 11, 2011 5:14 AM

Oh my poor soul, you are seriously in need of psychiatric help. This obsession (and confusion I would say) about little girls - you go on about little girls is a bit too much for a normal person to think you're healthy. And what is your point? Denying that you're into them? Claiming others are? Who cares? I've never even heard of these people that you are writing about on a public board to whom? You must be a very lonely and isolated man. If this is your idea of a "catharsis" I'd hate to see all the ugly inside you. It's gross this public airing of your train wreck. I do hope you seek the attentions of a professional, you need it.

Posted by caregiver | March 14, 2011 6:47 AM

Dear Caregiver, at least you modified your syntax this time, unlike above, where anyone can clearly see all the nasty comments about me (CXB) were written by the SAME GUY (a crooked skeeve named Harry Stuckey, who hit on Rachel and Rachel's dad, Jason, responded by accepting free coke from Harry!)

'dina', 'D', 'tanya', 'bowery poetry club', 'concerned dad'...

READ THEM AGAIN ABOVE if you doubt me.


Am I wrong?

Yes, 'caregiver', I need professional help, just like Galileo, Tesla, Gandhi, Henry David Thoreau, and every other person who stood up to GroupThink and was then smeared by the masses of asses!

NICE TRY, HARRY. Don't you have some underage girls to rape with heroin or cat tranquilizers?

You can alway spot a liar in seconds, Ladies & Gentlemen: they never disprove your points.

They instead use ad hominem smears to change the subject and distract the reader.

Classic Karl Rove tricks.

Hey 'caregiver'... when will be seeing your plagiariffic band playing around town?

[sound of crickets and nothing else...]

Please, Scotty... beam me back up!

Posted by CXB | March 18, 2011 6:11 AM

What the hell is wrong with his website? The ignorance of this article almost beggars belief. When, when, did it become a viable notion to tell young people that an education is worthless? Odd that at the same time Wisconsin Republicans are attacking teachers. This attack on a young woman and her personal choice is profoundly stupid and cretinous in a way that betrays nothing but a lack of... an education. A notion of civility. A sense of priorities.

Jesus Fucking Christ.

Chris Weitz

Posted by Chris Weitz | March 20, 2011 2:31 AM

Also why is this madman invoking Rightist politics when people seem to be complaining about some mean things he wrote about a little girl?

Posted by Chris Weitz | March 20, 2011 2:57 AM

^^^ Because when all you got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Typical leftist fomenting. Pretty pathetic really.

Posted by Anonymous | March 20, 2011 8:38 AM

The headline to this whole thing should be "Rachel Trachtenburg Reaches 'Age Of Consent' Christopher X. Brodeur Finally Loses Mind, Experts Say" lmao

Posted by Anonymous | March 21, 2011 1:18 AM

If I'm wrong that American education is garbage, Mr. Weitz, then you would've printed at least ONE example of a rebuttal.

You didn't.


I didn't say it was worthless because of TEACHERS.

I support teachers 100%.

The SYSTEM was designed to NOT educate our kids.

That's why we were taught Marconi invented the radio and he didn't.

That's why were taught Thomas Edison did so much good (and Tesla didn't exist).

Now, I cite many examples that prove our education system is the worst in western civilization.

I'm willing to hear YOUR argument, but all you posted was rhetoric.

Let me guess: YOU were "educated" in America.

Lucky guess?

BTW, it's a LIBERAL attitude to slam the American education system.

See how uneducated you really are?

Posted by CXB | March 25, 2011 4:00 PM

You also attack me with an unsubstantiated (look that word up) ad hominem (ditto) insult ("madman") and don't back it up 1%.

THAT is a reich wing tactic.

You americans are scary, scary people.

Posted by CXB | March 25, 2011 4:02 PM

Christopher Brodeur is a desperate serial stalker and pathological liar who's been arrested over and over again NOT FOR POLITICAL SPEECH like he claims but for STALKING. And as soon as you catch on to his bullshit and toss the jerk, suddenly you're a right wing Republican, or a child molester, or Bloomberg, or Vox Illuminati, etc, etc.

(And he's probably the most predictable putz out there, ex: He's going to claim that I am Vox Illuminati rather than face the fact that he's persona non grata pretty much everywhere. Watch him actually say this. Ha ha.)

(Oh and the reason no one will "debate" him is because no one wants any association with him - he's gross.)

Posted by ANONYMOUS (Don't wish to be stalked) | March 26, 2011 12:27 AM

Hey Touching You, does SUPERCUTE know that you are posting onto Kate Nash's Myspace proposing that she sings in a band with you and Supercute? Isn't that a little desperate, deceptive and dishonest? ... and clingy? don't you have something better to do than cling cling cling? Let the girl do her thing, geez. What are you like 45 years old? Did you actually post this?

Touching You's PRISON S… WARNING: as you can see, Kate, the (anti)geniuses at MYSPACE have destroyed everything (Musicians were all still using MS b/c Facebook is a temporary fad) (...until MS ruined everything ala New Coke). BACK UP EVERYTHING YOU HAVE ON YOUR MYSPACE b/c it's likely it will be shut down or sold off by summer 2011. Warn your friends too, if they have photos etc they don't want to lose overnight.
14 days ago

Touching You's PRISON S… You should be in my bittersweet art-pop group "the RAINBOW FROWNS" too! (That band was designed to show how you can make music like Coldplay but a LOT smarter and more creative and less cheesy!) [Get it? Rainbows are beautiful but sad!] [They are literally a frown!]
14 days ago

Touching You's PRISON S… I just watched "Later On"! That song makes me sad b/c I miss Kate and her mates! Someday, Kate, perhaps you can sing for a band w Supercute and I as your backup band! I want to hear you just doing amazing vocals. ART-ROCK!

Posted by CAREGIVER ALRIGHT | March 27, 2011 7:22 AM

Christopher X. Brodeur is a secret butt buddy of Professor Vox. he is secretly in love with him and has been harboring a jealous obsession oof VOX for years now. Vox took pity on him but he fu\inally tired of his antics. CXB has shifted targets to try and stalk me but he's bitten off way more than he can chew. You better stick to hassling Rev jen, BOZO

Posted by Edward Przydzial | April 1, 2011 4:17 PM

"Ed Przydzial" is a child molester named HARRY STUCKEY, aka VOX.

Nice try, STuckey. Go give your several STDs to some more 12 year old girls you rape.

When you're reduced to shoplifting from Lord & Taylor, you are the biggest loser of all time.

Considering you can't even BRIBE people like Chris & Sari to book your flaccid band at Rubulad (after 7 years of trying!) --- while they booked all my bands --- it's time for you to end your life. Nothing is more sad than a 53-year-old creep who still wears leopard skin pants.

Everyone thinks you're disgusting, and you've never once gotten a girl to sleep with you whose drink you didn't spike.


Look in the mirror and tell me you don't hate what you see.

you look like you're 80, and all you can do is stalk people using different identities.

No wonder Amanita said you're the grossest person ever!

Even Laruocco now uses you just for your bribes and money (which you stole from Delfino, me, the Tburgs, Tom Ritchford, Kerry Farias, et al).

Posted by CXB | April 2, 2011 10:37 PM

(How to fool Christopher X Brodeur)
1) Join the many hundreds of people who ACCIDENTALLY let this major jerk into their lives.
2) In a month or two when you find out what a creep CXB is and ATTEMPT to get him out of your life and realize that he doesn't really have anything going in his life besides CLINGING to the lives of other's and the CLINGING AND OBSESSION kicks in...
3) Post shit on Public Boards and use phrases and words and sayings that Vox uses, and you realize that Chris is too dumb to figure out that if Vox wanted to stalk him anonymously he wouldn't use the expression "wElCoMe tO tHe SiMuLaTiOn." ('cause that would be a dead giveaway.)

4) Then you realize that if CXB is intellectual ammunition to figure this out for himself that maybe this BOZO isn't really wOrTh tHe TiMe (and Jen must have been crazy to ever have dated his LIMP DICK)

Posted by theghostofbigbaby | April 3, 2011 9:26 PM

hey touching you
1. google "b random"
2. click the first result
3. notice all the amazing art you do is just like everything here
4. ???????

Posted by Anonymous | April 4, 2011 10:54 PM

Dear GhostofBigBaby...

none of us know another crackhead who has accomplished ZILCH in his 50 years on the planet, except a crackhead con artist named HARRY STUCKEY aka VOX LUX of the godawful VOX ILLUMINATI (a band that doesn't even exist unless you PAY musicians to work with you b/c every musician HATES you... you even had to pay MY band, Haunted Pussy, to let us let you drum for our Rubulad gigs --- and my archenemy ex DELFINO will back that up).

(50 years and your band has done less than 10 gigs! That's b/c you spend all your time on CRACK and trying to drug and rape underage girls like Rachel Trachtenburg, which is WHY you found this Supercute page in the first place, duh!)

(I only found it b/c a friend forwarded it to me and the page INVOLVES my press release! WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVE for stalking this and everything else Superctue does? HINT: skinny, underage girls. You are a sycophant who sponged off your wife for 30 years until she dumped you, and then you stole MY business because everything you do is a failure, remember, snake?)

It's OVER, Vox. No one liked you to begin with, remember? (That's why you have had to bribe everyone like you did me to hang out with you for your whole life. No joke: even Bloomturd is more likable than slimey Stuckey.)

Put the crack pipe down for ten minutes and look at your life. No amount of raping underage girls using drugs will fill the hole in your soul. I'm not resting until you go to prison, so you should just move far away and disappear.

Or do the world a favor and end your life. You're going to die anyhow and you're already pretty old. Are you ever going to outgrow your cheesebag 1980s Motley-Crues'-coke-dealer aesthetic? You have nothing to offer the world.

(By contrast, even my enemies call me an artistic genius!)

And unlike you I HELP people (such as all the work I did for Supercute, from their name and logo to biz advice and song writing tips, etc).

All you do is help yourself. Like all Republicans slime.

The very fact that you keep returning to this board proves your stalking etc. (I return b/c I'm building a case against you! DUMMY!)

Posted by CXB | April 5, 2011 8:08 PM

Hey Touching You, you sing songs about marrying Rachel and then when you are called out on this you back track and say you are her "Big Brother?" And you make yourself out to be "Protecting" these people, (while they are all getting orders of protection to get you out of their lives) You have ZERO credibility, man.
Ex: If you were soooo concerned about the abusive theft of Julia's money by her dad why did it take so long for you to "come out" about it? I mean by your own words you knew about this for a while, but it was OK right? Until Supercute and the Trachtenburgs WASHED THEIR HANDS OF YOU - And now all of the sudden you're all up in arms about what a criminal Alec was and have to "Protect Julia" (who thinks you're an asshole btw). So basically what you are saying in all this is that you are a two faced selfish sleezbag? You have no credibility, TY.

And then you go on about how Tina is "pimping out her daughter to JP Marin," but first Marin had to get Rachel's "Big Brother" (you) out of the way? If you truly believed this and truly care for Rachel why didn't you do something about it? Oh that's right you are - you're scribbling some IMPOTENT drivel on a blog that no one reads, ha ha ha.

You're some man!! ewwwwwww. Rachel's lucky you're out of her life.

It's no wonder they've all washed their hands of you. With big brother's like you, who needs useless incestuous impotent losers who can't get it up anyways (this is what Rev Jen and Jessica are saying)

JP Marin is TWICE the man that you will ever be. Rachel will have a much more satisfying experience with someone who actually has vitality.

Posted by Angel Yau | April 8, 2011 1:29 AM

Hopefully, whoever you are,(even Harry VoxPutz Stinky couldn't be this pathetic) you will kill yourself. It's obvious that your only reason for staying alive is to impersonate Nico Haupt & Edward Przydzial & harass CXB in some pathetic bid for attention because you obviously don't have either the talent or good looks to get attention otherwise. Really sad.

Posted by Bernard's Peter | April 8, 2011 8:26 AM

Jason, do you have it all archived for the pedophile case we can make against this bastard?

Yeah, classic case of distort, distract and dissemble but when it all gets sorted out in a court where the rule of law holds sway, it's pretty obvious who will be be restrained from leaving and locked up for quite a lengthy sojourn

No, VOX stalks Rev Jen but they never dated. And you told us that VOX LUX aka HARRy STUCKEY raped you. Did you go to the police too? They won't do anything. Did you hear how Stuckey got busted for trying to bribe cops? What a loser! Helen Destroy and Maria Adelaida and Daniel Scheja all said Stuckey ripped them off too! What a skeeve! Why don't you go to the cops?

But what about if Jason is confronted with evidence of his drug use and interrogated as far as being asked to name the supplier?

Things might not be so Supercute if they can link it to other sites in Brooklyn they have under observation?

Posted by Protecting Rachel's Interests | April 8, 2011 2:23 PM

Hey TY how does it feel being a 45 year old stalker with no friends, hanging on to the lives of people whose only awareness of your existence at this point is WHEN YOU FORCE your way into it with these angry diatribes of yours. (They're certainly not wowed by any "awesome art" that you keep TALKING that you produce.) The only thing you ACTUALLY are producing these days are FAKE stories about other people's drug use and or sexual habits, FAKE stories about how you are the driving force behind their art, FAKE stories about how everyone thinks you're a genius, FAKE stories about how everyone will back up your claims of your FAKE genius.

It's really sad and scary what a creepy cat you turned out to be.

And stop using our names claiming that we will back up your stories. None of us want anything to do with you, TY, got that? Yet you actually use our names claiming that we "will back up your stories?" ha ha, what a joke you are. NOT A SINGLE PERSON, not Jason, nor Tina nor Alec nor Julia nor Rachel nor Tammy nor Jessica nor Vox nor John Lei or anyone else you have mentioned will back up anything you say. (in fact we are all working on a strategy to get you locked away for stalking us.)

Posted by Get a life and leave us alone | April 8, 2011 8:46 PM

Will you all please leave CXB alone, he's been reduced to a mere larvae living in a men's shelter, and spending his days filching whatever WIFI he can find or sitting in some public library (to get them free internets) stalking underage teen pop stars and their idol Kate Nash with the latest warnings of how Nash is "imperiled" by TY's dire predictions that the photos on her Myspace may be lost because of the coming shut down of myspace?
He makes it seem that he and Nash are secret lovers, yet he has to contact her through her myspace comment section???

Wow that's some exclusive relationship ya got there bub!…

Earth to TY - She doesn't read her myspace, nor does anyone else - except you apparently.

Dude? you really need to get a life. Srsly. I think a star like Kate Nash has more pressing issues in her life than your MYSPACE EMERGENCY. Quite obviously you don't. Ewwwwwwww is right! You're a creepy little fellow aren't you?

Posted by Wayne Rada | April 8, 2011 10:45 PM

WHY are you posting your crackhead ramblings on a VEGAN site? Don't you have some teens to drug and rape? Don't you have more shoplifting to do to fund your crack? Or maybe you should learn an instrument rather than stalk others, you moronic right wing troll.

Posted by If my name was Harry Suckey I'd be ashamed of it too! | April 8, 2011 11:48 PM

Drugging and raping teen girls?

Vox sounds like the kind of guy who KNOWS HOW TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!

Posted by Ginger Snaps | April 10, 2011 7:52 AM

Vox aka Harry Stuckey is a one trick pony, destined to die bitter and alone as all his lies and scams catch up with him. Nobody likes him and people laugh at him behind his back because he has no idea how other people look at him and that he has to bribe people to hang out with him or to have his shitty band get gigs.

Bottom line?

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww HE'S SKEEVY & GROSS!

Posted by Truth Teller | April 11, 2011 8:58 AM

CHRISTOPHER X BRODEUR aka (touching you) is a one trick JACKASS, already bitter and VERY alone as all his lies and scams have already been exposed. Nobody likes him and he's no laughing matter, but he is a joke, you see his life has been reduced to MAKING FAKE IDENTITIES AND CRYING FROM THE ROOFTOPS… of Brooklyn Vegan's bulletin board because everyone is ignoring him and having the time of their lives. ha ha. He has a pretty good idea how other people look at his MAN BOOBS and realized that when Rachel caught a glimpse of them, she went RUNNING FOR THE HILLS!

Bottom line? You better pray Obama's health care initiative includes MALE BREAST REDUCTION OPERATIONS !!! ha ha ha.


re: Livejournal 3/14/2009: …i think broder's a little to old for rachel,
girls don't like guys
who's tits are four times their size…:)

Posted by TRUTH & CONSEQUENCES | April 11, 2011 2:23 PM

If I was Harry Vox Suckey, I'd totally end my life. He accomplished NOTHING in his 50 years, and it's all downhill from here. (He doesn't produce art like Zedd or Bernd or that other old guy HS sponged off of (oh yeah, Bruno).) Stuckey is 50 years old and he spends all his time stalking CXB. If you can name a human in history more pathetic or worthless I dare you to! At least, after HS commits suicide he'll earn a little sympathy from a couple people!
STUCKEY goes to jail for ripping off others! Why do you think Maria liked CXB a lot more than she liked HS? NO ONE LIKES HS. They USE him for his money and car! (Rachel and her friends all said they adore me and hate HS!) If I was Vox, I'd kill myself immediately. He can't dress in his cheesy clothes at his age!
He's trapped! And each day it gets worse and worse... as his body decays and he needs tobacco and crack... ergo, Harry STuckey has no reason NOT to end his life. He makes music that he can't even PAY people to book. He brings nothing other than slime to the world. He has to drug girls to sleep with him. I can't see any reason he doesn't end his pitiful life. (I've never had to shoplift from Lord & Taylor! Or marry a rich girl to pay for everything b/c I have no skills and can't earn money!) THINK ABOUT IT: Stuckey is rapidly getting more shriveled and hard to look at. He can't even look in the mirror without reaching for the crack pipe to kill his pain! He's painted himself into a corner. (Steven Tyler can SING still. STuckey's voice sounds like a frog got run over.) There is NO FUTURE for Harry STuckey. Except prison, and unlike CXB, the blacks in jail HATE HS and vice versa! (They called CXB the "White moses" when he was in Rikers!)

Posted by White Moses | April 12, 2011 5:40 AM

The Trachtenburgs are testifying AGAINST a child molester named HARRY STUCKEY aka VOX of the VOX ILLUMINATI in some upcoming criminal trials. (Stuckey thinks he's out of the woods because he bribed the Brooklyn DA but he's not. Oof!) Hey, Big Baby, didn't you tell us that HARRY STUCKEY aka VOX ripped Faceboy off too? Stuckey even just got busted trying to shoplift a $72 pair of gloves from Lord & Taylor on Long Island! What a loser! 48 years old and shoplifting gloves.

Posted by The truth shall set you FREE | April 12, 2011 10:34 PM

hahaha love it! --- priceless.

hey christopher, who are you trying to CONvince with these fabrications of yours?

i mean srsly aren't you embarrassed writing these things that are easily verified to be complete fiction? i mean you're putting this in the public record, when all anyone has to do check with any of these people and OOOOPs there goes your story. ha ha.

and aren't you just the least bit embarrassed that you have this NEED to CONstantly use OTHER PEOPLES NAMES WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE in these lies, that's certainly not going to make them very happy being USED in this way to fight YOUR battles because you are so weak and impotent that you cannot fight them on your own? since no one will believe YOUR LIES, you feel the need to put lies in OTHER PEOPLES MOUTHS as if somehow this will fool someone??? weird man.

fight your own battles, man. Stop DRAGGING OTHER PEOPLE'S NAMES (who don't want anything to do with you) into YOUR FICTIONAL LIES because you have no credibility of your own.

you keep talking about "THE TRACHTENBURGS" "THE TRACHTENBURGS" "THE TRACHTENBURGS" jesus christ dude, it's like your wHOLE world revolves around obsessing over "THE TRACHTENBURGS"

EARTH TO CHRISTOPHER BRODEUR - THE TRACHTENBURGS THINK YOU ARE THE BIGGEST DICK ON THE PLANENT AND THEY WANT NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH YOU. (and that is pretty much common knowledge by now.) so who exactly are you trying to kid with any of this? and why are you stalking vox using OTHER PEOPLE'S NAMES?

i srsly doubt that vox actually reads this board. He's throwing huge parties every weekend, (i know because i've been to them) i don't get the impression that he's the type of guy who would be involving himself with someone like you.

have you ever actually met vox?

so far the only verifiable FACT on this whole thread is the FACT that you ACTUALLY HAVE MAN BOOBS! are you going to try to deny that? just take your shirt off and this can easily be verified.

everything else you are saying is to DIVERT ATTENTION AWAY FROM THOSE MAN BOOBS!

get a hold of yourself, man, and for god's sake DO SOMETHING ABOUT THOSE MAN BOOBS!!!!

Posted by Come clean about the man boobs dude | April 13, 2011 1:16 AM

hahaha you can't "buy" an erection -- priceless

hey harry, who are you trying to bribe & drug into your bed with these enticements next?

hmmmm lets see . . .
Stuckey raped laruocco using heroin
and Helen Destroy using cat tranquilizers

remember when even Rachel Tburg told vox that CXB and Maria hooked up and vox died inside, knowing that CXB didn't have to BRIBE or DRUG Maria to make sweet sweet love to her

remember when vox fucked that fat chick Betsy and she complained to everyone that his tiny penis could barely stay erect?

srsly aren't you embaraassed to think that the way out of all your self induced messes is to bribr your way out of it and to pay people to look the other way about what a skeeve you are?

hahaha is it true you even had to PAY HP to let you play drums? Just like you had to PAY to let Danger let your band play? Guess there isn't much of a market for those recycled Jimmy Page riffs of yours.

fight your own battles, vox. Stop DRUGGING OTHER PEOPLE'S NAMES into your twisted crack house world (who don't want anything to do with you expect for your blood money) with YOUR FICTIONAL LIES because you have no creativity or talent of your own.

EARTH TO HARRY SUCKEY- ANYONE WHO HAS EVER HOOKED UP WITH YOU THINKS YOU ARE THE BIGGEST DICK ON THE PLANET WITH THE TINIEST RIG AND THEY WANT NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH YOU EVER AGAIN. (and that is pretty much common knowledge by now.) so who exactly are you trying to kid with any of this? and why are you STILL stalking and hassling underage girls & chicks that look like they're 12 using OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY and cash you've ripped off from Maria Adelaida, Daniel Sheja, Liz, Claire and too many other people to mention.

so far the only verifiable FACT on this whole thread is the FACT that vox ACTUALLY HAS A BARELY DISCERNABLE PENIS! is he going to try to deny that? just ask him to pull down his ridiculous 80's rock star trousers and this can easily be verified.

everything else he is saying is to DIVERT ATTENTION AWAY FROM THAT LIMP DICK!

get a hold of the Brooklyn DA at 718-250-2010 and ask them to INVESTIGATE this con artist criminal. They can't do anything about his teenie weenie but now that he has run out of cash to bribe them and has to shoplift to support his crack habit, they just might put down their donuts and DO THEIR JOB.

Posted by Pay to Cum | April 13, 2011 9:12 AM

Dear Mr. Brodeur

We're thinking of doing an article about your situation here.

We would like to contact all the people you are mentioning here, (please provide phone numbers and or emails for the people who you have not given first and last names)


Posted by Staff | April 13, 2011 9:37 AM

cxb is sinking deeper and deeper into a black hole of irrelevency . . . best to let him just fade away and radiate negativity. It's fairly clear he is not long for this realm.

Posted by nicohitler | April 13, 2011 9:49 AM

Hey NicoHitler, your name says it all: you are a wormy, dishonest, little GOVT TROLL.

(Except Hitler had some GENIUINE supporters. YOU have to bribe everyone with coke or cash to like you, just as Midget-Hitler Bloomberg does.)

remember after you and I are both long gone, I'll be remembered for great art, songs, cartoons, political activism, etc.

You will only be remembered for...

raping laruocco, helen, and raluca,the romanian girl who committed suicide.

making shitty cheesy music that you had to PAY people to book!

being a con artist coke dealer.

stealing from thousands of artists when you stole 99

If you had half a brain, you'd sell you shitty gear and pay us back the $500,000 you stole, so we go away.

Cuz it's all downhill from here, loser. (Pretty soon you won't merely be hated by everyone... you'll be an old cripple who is hated by everyone. By contrast, I'm still loved everywhere I go, cuz I'm talented and funny and good looking, unlike you!)


Or are you going to be the zillionth moron who looks back and goes "i was a moron to fuck over CXB"?

I'm not on this planet to be loved, or eat good food, or kiss girls.



If you think you can hurt me with jr high insults from a crackhead, go back to the drawing board.

ALL these coments are being copied and sent out!

YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED only for being the most pathetic crackhead of all time.

Even those romanian artists who stayed at Havemeyer later told me they thought you were sleazy!

NO ONE EVER LIKED YOU. That's the whole reason you have to BRIBE people.

No human has ever been more pathtetic. (Bloomberg comes close, but he's not on crack and shoplifting!)


Remember: if you don't testify, I look like a genius. 100% of predictions I made to all the artists about what you'd do with 99 came true !

Posted by The Last Word | April 13, 2011 5:18 PM

Hey Touching You, did you actually write this:

"I'm still loved everywhere I go, cuz I'm talented and funny and good looking, unlike you!"

haha: Name ONE PERSON who loves you.


(caught in yet another lie)

Posted by Liecatcher | April 13, 2011 6:45 PM

Hey Liemaker, your name says it all: you are a wormy, dishonest, little GOVT TROLL.

remember after you and I are both long gone, I'll be remembered for great art, songs, cartoons, political activism, etc.

You will only be remembered for...

raping laruocco, helen, and raluca,the romanian girl who committed suicide.

making shitty cheesy music that you had to PAY people to book!

being a con artist coke dealer.

stealing from thousands of artists when you stole 99

If you had half a brain, you'd sell you shitty gear and pay us back the $500,000 you stole, so we go away.

Cuz it's all downhill from here, loser. (Pretty soon you won't merely be hated by everyone... you'll be an old cripple who is hated by everyone. By contrast, I'm still loved everywhere I go, cuz I'm talented and funny and good looking, unlike you!)


Or are you going to be the zillionth moron who looks back and goes "i was a moron to fuck over CXB"?

I'm not on this planet to be loved, or eat good food, or kiss girls.



If you think you can hurt me with jr high insults from a crackhead, go back to the drawing board.

ALL these coments are being copied and sent out!

YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED only for being the most pathetic crackhead of all time.

Even those romanian artists who stayed at Havemeyer later told me they thought you were sleazy!

NO ONE EVER LIKED YOU. That's the whole reason you have to BRIBE people.

No human has ever been more pathtetic. (Bloomberg comes close, but he's not on crack and shoplifting!)


Remember: if you don't testify, I look like a genius. 100% of predictions I made to all the artists about what you'd do with 99 came true !

Posted by The Last Word | April 13, 2011 9:44 PM


Go ahead Christopher, you're the one who said "I'm still loved everywhere I go."

This sentence actually has TWO LIES!

1) There is not one single person on the planet earth that he can name who actually loves him.
2) He doesn't go anywhere.

'cept that men's shelter.

awwww too bad.

guess you just lie about everything don't you.

dude you're a liar. (and a joke)

Posted by THE SAD TRUTH | April 14, 2011 2:14 AM

"I'm not on this planet to be loved, or eat good food, or kiss girls. "

-Christopher man boobs Brodeur

(the sound of hundreds of millions of "girls" breathing a massive collective sigh of relief can be heard in the background.)

p.s. i thought you weren't into girls, weren't you the one making a big deal about how you're not into girls just "curvy women." you really have a disgusting outlook on life.

Posted by Anonymous | April 14, 2011 12:01 PM

Dear Anonymous: Looks like you and Harry STuckey share the same dismal future: TO BE ANONYMOUS FOREVER!



If you think you can hurt me with jr high insults from a crackhead, go back to the drawing board.

ALL these coments are being copied and sent out!

YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED only for being the most pathetic crackhead of all time.

Even those romanian artists who stayed at Havemeyer later told me they thought you were sleazy!

NO ONE EVER LIKED YOU. That's the whole reason you have to BRIBE people.

No human has ever been more pathtetic. (Bloomberg comes close, but he's not on crack and shoplifting!)


Remember: if you don't testify, I look like a genius. 100% of predictions I made to all the artists about what you'd do with 99 came true !

Posted by The Last Word | April 14, 2011 3:23 PM

give it up - you both suck.

Posted by Anonymous | April 14, 2011 3:38 PM

The only person who sucks around here is that piece of LYING HUMAN GARBAGE named Christopher X Brodeur. He's been pumping a lot of INTERNET HOT AIR for years now trying to intimidate people with his BARRAGE OF LIES and to LATCH ON to everyone else's FAME as he disappears into obscurity and so by LATCHING ONTO THEIR FAME he is hoping that some of it may stick to him, but the problem is that he's an UNEDUCATED CLUELESS TALENTLESS HACK who simply must uses OTHER PEOPLE'S NAMES in his lies, (people who do not want their names used in this way) and yet he does this in public. Notice how this piece of garbage NEVER MAKES AN ENTRY WITHOUT USING OTHER PEOPLE'S NAMES? Every single entry he make has lies and FAKE STORIES about WHAT OTHER PEOPLE are supposedly saying. You will not find a SINGLE ENTRY where he doesn't USE other people in these lies of his? Go ahead look at the entries of this CHRONIC LIAR. EVERY SINGLE ENTRY HE USES OTHER PEOPLE'S NAMES - EVERY ENTRY!!!

And do you know why that is? Because he is ALONE and SCARED and quite PATHETIC. Just watch this liar in action. HIS VERY NEXT ENTRY WILL INCLUDE OTHER PEOPLE'S NAMES. And he always says, "Don't believe me check with them." (Hoping that you will NOT check with them because if you actually DO check with them they will all tell you that they do NOT want their names used in this BARRAGE OF LIES of his, but this doesn't matter to someone who is such a desperate liar as Christopher Brodeur is. HE WILL USE ANYONE'S NAME ANY TIME.

Well we will be actually contacting each and every person who he is attempting to DRAG (without their knowledge) into his LIES here and ask them to "VERIFY" his claims. Christopher Brodeur's day's of lying are far from being over! HE will be lying for this rest of his pitiful life but we will be saving these lies and he will have to face up to them and answer for EACH AND EVERY LIE he puts out.

Just watch him action, even though he's been caught in LIE AFTER LIE, and the lies are so obvious to see, this will not deter him. He will continue to LIE LIE LIE LIE without ever once backing up any of these lies. And this is why all these people who he is stalking are GETTING TOGETHER. TO FIGHT THIS COMMON ENEMY. This chronic liar.

Watch his very next entry include names of OTHER PEOPLE, watch him go. (well he'll probably be too embarrassed to use other people's name in his next entry so it will probably come TWO ENTRIES DOWN. So you see how easy it is to CONTROL HIM. We can both PREDICT HIS NEXT LIE and CONTROL HIS NEXT LIE.

Now to prove this we are going to be PREDICTING WHAT HIS NEXT ENTRY WILL BE on another board with a time stamp, and then when he actually DOES EXACTLY WHAT WE PREDICT HE WILL WILL DO we will post the link here so that you may see this dynamic in action.

So you see there is really not too much to worry about when you can both PREDICT HIS NEXT LIE and CONTROL his next LIE. Who would be worried about such a person?

Posted by definitely NOT vox | April 15, 2011 4:03 AM

Dear definitely WISHES he wasn't vox,

You seem to care so much about time stamps,
what does it say about "vox" that at 4 in the morning he is desperately trying to distract and dissemble from the TRUTH that CXB is laying out there for all to see.

The truth that Harry STuckey is a creatively bankrupt creep who uses right wing COINTELPRO tactics to cover up for his thefts from artists to pay for his crack habit.

And now on to the FINAL WORD . . .

remember after you and I are both long gone, I'll be remembered for great art, songs, cartoons, political activism, etc.

You will only be remembered for...

raping laruocco, helen, and raluca,the romanian girl who committed suicide.

making shitty cheesy music that you had to PAY people to book!

being a con artist coke dealer.

stealing from thousands of artists when you stole 99

If you had half a brain, you'd sell you shitty gear and pay us back the $500,000 you stole, so we go away.

Cuz it's all downhill from here, loser. (Pretty soon you won't merely be hated by everyone... you'll be an old cripple who is hated by everyone. By contrast, I'm still loved everywhere I go, cuz I'm talented and funny and good looking, unlike you!)


Or are you going to be the zillionth moron who looks back and goes "i was a moron to fuck over CXB"?

I'm not on this planet to be loved, or eat good food, or kiss girls.



If you think you can hurt me with jr high insults from a crackhead, go back to the drawing board.

ALL these coments are being copied and sent out!

YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED only for being the most pathetic crackhead of all time.

Even those romanian artists who stayed at Havemeyer later told me they thought you were sleazy!

NO ONE EVER LIKED YOU. That's the whole reason you have to BRIBE people.

No human has ever been more pathtetic. (Bloomberg comes close, but he's not on crack and shoplifting!)


Remember: if you don't testify, I look like a genius. 100% of predictions I made to all the artists about what you'd do with 99 came true !

Posted by The Last Word | April 15, 2011 8:48 AM

Want to know why Harry "Vox" Stuckey makes the perfect patsy?

Google his name & the various versions of nicknames by which he identifies himself.

It is like shining a light in the dark & watching the cockroaches scatter.

No wonder he tries to use reverse osmosis to try and have the TRUTH about him taken as LIES.

A simple investigation through a search engine turns up a number of the scams Stuckey has been involved with over the years.

No wonder Stuckey expends such an enormous amount of energy trying to stifle someone like CXB.

He knows that CXB will stop at NOTHING to expose lying thieving scumbags who steal from artists to try and patch the hole in their soul.

Harry "Vox" Stuckey: Repukelican right wing snake (in ridiculously retro rock star threads) YOU CAN LOOK IT UP.

Posted by Operation Oswald | April 16, 2011 4:10 AM

Dear Christopher

This is a music & cultural bulletin board, please take these rambling diatribes of yours elsewhere. Sounds like you're in a lot of pain but this is not the place to vent your anger and frustrations.


Posted by Anonymous | April 16, 2011 2:25 PM

Did a search and found this:

Is this the Vox you're talking about? He seems pretty interesting actually.

Posted by Anonymous | April 16, 2011 3:07 PM

Vox fails to be either pedantic or pseudo intellectual. Sounds more like he just came off a mushroom trip and is talking bullshit to people who know even less than he does! Note: I do not support Touching You, either, so I am unbiased.

Posted by Anonymous | April 16, 2011 7:24 PM

Touching You has the courage of his convictions. This vox character displays all the ticks of long term and chronic cocaine or crack use. Notice the way he can't keep his hands off his face while he speaks. It's almost like he he's trying to cover his face because people know he's two faced when it comes to making the disconnection in the way he talks from the way he acts. Could this be the reason he rails so violently agains "LIES"? For he knows that TY is only about the truth and going full speed ahead, that he would never get wrapped up in gamesmenship or oneupsmanship because he only knows the truth and how to be CXB? Perhaps this vox person is just becoming aware of what little impact he has on the culture and that he is hardly the self styled visionary he sees in his head. It is always a difficult time in ones life when one is forced to accept that most people view you as a figure of ridicule.

Posted by Third Party (hope it's as good as the first two w/out vox & cxb) | April 17, 2011 5:01 AM

Christopher Brodeur or Touching you or CXB will you please STOP POSTING ON THIS BOARD PRETENDING TO BE "ANONYMOUS" PERSONS. We can easily see the IP addresses here. Please vent your frustrations SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Posted by admin | April 17, 2011 11:00 AM


THIS IS CXB... MOST of the ten or so preceding comments are clearly written by the SAME crackhead: Harry STuckey.

(I clearly sign my comments, duh!)

(Stoopid crackhead!)

(No wonder you got jailed for stealing a $72 pair of gloves from Lord & Taylor!)

What the sleazebag does is copy and paste comments I made about him off MY Youtube videos that he stalks with 25 or so DIFFERENT, pseudonymous accounts!

Even the "Admin" at the end here is HARRY STUCKEY!

THAT's how sleazy he is. (Ask around if you don't believe me. When I used to do carpentry for Stuckey, EVERYONE asked why I work for the sleaze. I needed the money, but I always warned people about his child porn collection and I even contacted the FBI to investigate him, and those lazy fucks said NO.)

(HEY TROLL, if CXB is the bad guy, then get everyone to contact the FBI to INVESTIGATE your email and internet FRAUD! Check the # to see if I lied about that being the # for the BROOKLYN DA who is prosecuting Stuckey for bribing cops etc. They aren't prosecuting him (yet) for all this harassment. This shit isn't even legal.)

This is what he does.

Ask Reverend Jen or Delfino or Tina Tburg about Stuckey.

(Delfino and Tina are no longer friends of mine, so they're not going to criticize creepy crackhead Stuckey for my sake. Stuckey's so creepy he posted as someone else with a link to his video, just like he had a cheat-bot boost his myspace numbers to appear "popular". He's maybe the biggest skeeve any of us have ever met. Even his obsession with returning here and spending hours posting as dif people.)

They'll tell you he's a scary stalker who hacked Tina's account and my yahoo account and the lazy DA (718-250-2010) refuses to do their job.

MY REAL EMAIL is, if anyone wants to help us get the DA to stop this loser once and for all.

(He has no life or career, while I posted over 40 music videos on youtube in just the past 2 months, so you can see I actually am too busy for this cointelpro bullshit.)

(You can now see his "recent activity" on his youtube pages and track that he stalks NUMEROUS people I've never even met. he's a right wing TROLL.)

(Harry's so high on crack he thinks this page is getting a lot of views or something! It's not. But crack'll do that to you.)

ASK TINA or RACHEL if Harry pawed Rachel and hit on her mercilessly when she was 14!

Contact Helen Destroy ( and ask her HOW OLD she was when HS started trying to rape her (after scamming her friend, Saryta Rodriguez who was underage, into bed) (and Tina and Rachel met Saryta and they'll tell you she looked MIGHTY young, b/c Stuckey used to go to thailand for 12 year old prostitutes. The Govt are lazy fucks and won't help us stop this crackhead!)

You can clearly see how similar all the above comments are to Charlie Crackhead-Deluxe Sheen.

(You'll also notice he never rebuts what I put in MY posts. That's how you spot a REPUBLICAN TROLL: they do not rebut their opponent. They use any dirty trick at their disposal to distract and smear.)

Rev Jen said she's in touch with the DA and they now realize Stuckey is a creepy crackhead who does identity theft etc.

even the above comments that appear to ATTACK Crackhead Stuckey that are not signed CXB are STUCKEY!

(It appears he's trying to trick the DA by saying "look at all this bad stuff CXB is posting about me!" Loser doesn't understand that, if he has to CHEAT to "win", then he DIDN'T WIN. He's cheated everything his whole life, which is why no one ever liked him.)

(He's used this dirty GOP trick on others: you copy and paste their words and then change a few things. Seriously, they should teach COINTELPRO in all schools so y'all know when the reich wing is scamming you.)


STUCKEY, if you practiced your guitar or such INSTEAD of your sleazy COINTELPRO stunts, maybe everyone wouldn't hate you!

Just try it!

Anyone on this board can VERIFY via RUBULAD ( that they've booked MY bands (haunted pussy, The Secular Voices, Touching You, etc) to play RUBULAD. Then ask them how many times they've booked HARRY STUCKEY / VOX.

They'll say ZERO.

Because he's a creepy skeeve.


My reputation was destroyed by Giuliani and Bloomturd and the crooked press. You're wasting your time here. Crackhead.

Posted by CXB | April 17, 2011 5:27 PM

SHOUT OUT to crackhead GROUPIE, Harry Vox STuckey:

I don't spend every day stalking you, you friggin child porn crackhead loser-imbecile. You are easily the biggest loser EVER, since you've stalked me thousands of times to accomplish nothing. Hey, what ever happened to FRIENDLESS HARRY STUCKEY aka VOX LUX? Is he back in jail for crackhead shoplifting? (He's not even good at that!)


Posted by Rachel T didn't love Lou Reed's cock, she loved MINE! | April 18, 2011 1:02 PM

Hey TY, Does Rachel Trachtenburg and her family know that you actually wrote:

"Rachel T didn't love Lou Reed's cock, she loved MINE!"

Maybe the district attorney would be interested in this comment, you are kidding when you say that you will "never give up exposing scumbags" I think it's pretty clear that you doing just that. You are the biggest scumbag the world has ever seen, got it. Now go fuck yourself you piece of shit.

Posted by Anonymous | April 19, 2011 8:36 AM

Ha ha, look's like Definitely not vox was 100% correct, this Christopher Brodeur is easier to PREDICT AND CONTROL than we thought.

Notice how when Brodeur got called out on his DESPERATE USE OF OTHER PEOPLE'S NAMES (against their will) to buttress his extremely weak collection of lies, this behavior stopped immediately.

No doubt his lies are so weak that he will soon resume this despicable and deceptive practice. This USING of other people's names AGAINST THEIR WILL has been the central feature of his diarrheal tirades from the beginning.

But the thing that is so disgusting about Brodeur is that he sits there and tries to CON people that he's the most honest truth teller ever, while he is USING THEIR NAME to do so, and they know he's lying so the question is WHO IS HE TRYING TO PULL A CON JOB ON?

Literally ALL of these people who is saying LOVE HIM are openly saying that they want NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH HIM. This is the reality! Yet when he is asked to NAME ONE SINGLE PERSON WHO LOVES HIM THAT CAN BE VERIFIED he does the thing that he always accuses others of - HE CHANGES THE SUBJECT!!!! and starts talking about Date Rapists, or child molesters.


He's a thoroughly disgusting non human being, who has only hate and anger and not a shred of anything resembling truth. He is a lie factory that's for sure.

Posted by Anonymous | April 19, 2011 12:44 PM

I don't wish to get involved in this stupid junior high school battle between the brilliant and creative chris brodeur and that oily phony harry vox lux stuckey who does CREEPY things to get chicks but let it be known that CXB is raging full on when it comes to s\exposing lying fraud phonies WE LOVE YOU CHRIS almost as much as we HATE your arch enemy the creepy snake HARRY STUCKEY

Posted by Brodeur is loved by the MASSES | April 19, 2011 2:25 PM

OMFG! HA HA HA. Read this last post by Christopher Brodeur (who in previous posts railed against people using fake identities.)
notice how he not only CHANGED THE SUBJECT. but this turd CHANGED HIS IDENTITY.



Listen Chris, you best sit tight in that mens shelter, and go after bloomburg (who doesn't even know you exist) because you are WAY OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE HERE. or go out and buy some more booze with those food stamps and SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF LYING GARBAGE.

CHRISTOPHER BRODEUR WILL NOT NAME ONE SINGLE PERSON WHO LOVES HIM !!! and there's a reason for that. because he's wasted his life on this rampage of HATE that is really repulsive to all observers.

GO AHEAD NAME ONE PERSON! (or change the subject)

Posted by Anonymous | April 19, 2011 3:12 PM

We've seen how easy it is to CONTROL his behavior now we will see how easy it is to PREDICT his behavior.

In his Next post Christopher Brodeur will do one of the following:

1) pose as an imaginary third person who is claiming that CXB or TY or Christopher Brodeur is loved and Vox is hated by "Everyone" ha ha.
2) He will once again cut and paste the same thing he has been writing about over and over the whole time, more of this rubbish about vox raping people with heroin or cat tranquilizers and about how his "purpose" in life is to STOP SCUMBAGS!

(but how much do you want to bet that he will not name a single person who loves him?) The reason he cannot name anyone who loves him is that he has pretty much lied to EVERYONE about EVERYTHING (like he accuses EVERYONE ELSE of doing)

You see Christopher Brodeur (the most honest man in the world) thinks nothing of sending emails to people who he calls his friends and in these emails tries to deceive them to buy into his hate diatribe. Well now THAT'S NOT A VERY FRIENDLY THING TO DO TO SOMEONE YOU WOULD LIKE TO THINKIS YOUR FRIEND, BECAUSE WHEN THEY GO TO VERIFY THE THING YOU WERE TRYING TO TRICK THEM ABOUT AND DISCOVER THAT IN FACT YOU HAVE BEEN LYING TO THEM, THAT PERSON THEN SAY'S TO THEMSELVES "WOW, I GUESS CHRISTOPHER IS NOT AT ALL A VERY DECENT GUY, AND CERTAINLY NO FRIEND OF MINE.

That's what they say. That is what they ALL say. You fucked up Brodeur. You tried to make it out that you were the most HONEST MAN IN THE WORLD and EVERYONE FOUND OUT through your dumb email tirades that you are not only the most DISHONEST person in the world but that you are scary and not to be associated with.

You have ONLY YOURSELF TO BLAME. So you can rail on about Vox all you'd like to fill the hole in your life but it's never going to work - you fucked up your own life, you are everything you SAY you hate.

Posted by REMEMBER THIS | April 19, 2011 3:28 PM

what is going on here? creepy.

Posted by Anonymous | April 19, 2011 3:41 PM

It's Christopher Brodeur a well known Internet stalker. Just Ignore this hater. He's harmless, it's just Internet stalking, nothing more.

Posted by Anonymous | April 20, 2011 8:16 AM

I see that STuckey is back to his reich wing tactics posting as other people, because he is so overwhelmed with self loathing that he wants to be ANYONE but who he is. He returns to this site every day like a criminal returning to the scene of his crime because he can't imagine that Brodeur is universally revered while STuckey is loathed.

I have contacted a number of people who are involved in this drama and while many of them say Brodeur is wacko and frequently out of control they say he is pathologically HONEST and wouldn't know how to lie anyway. STuckey on the other hand is a sneaky back-stabbing snake who is controlling and has an extremely damaged psyche.

Bottom Line: Think STuckey will ever have the balls to testify or voluntarily submit to a lie detector? What are you so scared of "Harry" most psychopaths like you can lie with impunity and beat such tests.

Posted by I hope to meet this CXB some day! | April 21, 2011 1:16 PM

well i guess it's true. brodeur did EXACTLY as predicted - he both CHANGED THE SUBJECT and he POSED AS A THIRD PERSON claiming that Brodeur is exactly what he claims to be.

... but did you notice that we still did not receive ONE SINGLE NAME of a person who loves him, NOT ONE NAME!

that's because everyone's washed their hands of this PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.

Posted by Anonymous | April 21, 2011 1:32 PM

Brodeur universally revered??? huh??? Not according to Jessica Delfino or Tina Trachtenburg or Vox Illuminati or... anyone else in new york... ooops.

How much you want to bet that Christopher Brodeur regrets the day he TRIED (and failed) to fuck these people over?

He is alone and a VERY VERY bitter and angry little liar. And since he has nothing except whatever free Internet he can steal off of someone's wifi, and since he never developed his mind (beyond his hatred and internet stalking) his only "purpose" in life is to check with this board every day and TRY (and fail again) to CON someone, anyone into thinking he is not a total ZERO.

Posted by Anonymous | April 21, 2011 1:40 PM

Dear Fellow Citizens, all the comments above are from the same criminal super-stalker crackhead, Harry Stuckey, aka Vox Lux, who robbed me AND robbed my enemies (like Jessica Delfino, Tom Ritchford, et al) and who is infamous for impersonating dozens of people from Richard Kern to Reverend Jen and me, Nick Zedd, Spencer Tunick, Laruocco, and many more. (He does this to many people I don't know too, when you track him on Youtube.) You can clearly see he cuts and pastes from my real comments on my youtube videos (which are under my stage name Touching You) and then distorts them and you can see the SAME person is posting all these comments trying to make it appear there is some back-and-forth tween me and him, as he tries to frame me so he can get the corrupt DA to arrest me to silence my whistleblowing. (I sign my comments CXB, duh.) (WHY would I sign a comment by me "I hope to meet this CXB someday!"?? That's HS sending a threat to me privately! He's even beaten up his wife and you can check the hospital records if you doubt me.)

He is a right wing troll who has stolen over $1 million dollars from numerous people, but like most white collar criminals, he knows you give some of the stolen loot in bribes, er, "campaign donations" to District Attorneys and others so they look the other way. (Stuckey was even arrested in 2010 for trying to bribe cops to let him out of jail! Luckily the cops didn't believe the crackhead. But DA Hynes in Brklyn [who is an infamous criminal himself!] refuses to prosecute Stuckey, even for his unrelated Grand Larceny arrests by beat cops! YIKES!) [The DA's # is 718-250-2010 if you'd like to help get those lazy fucks to Do Their Job.] (Stuckey also tried to bribe a witness in the criminal and civil cases -- an ex-friend of mine who is now my enemy, Tom Ritchford --- in case you think I'm maybe full of shit. Contact these people and see if I'm making up anything.)

BEWARE OF THIS CRIMINAL who robs musicians and artists and has gotten away with this stuff for 30 years. I'm going to do my best to put this hacker and con artist in jail where he has no access to the internet, but the police and "law enforcement" are mostly lazy and won't help us. STUCKEY mostly travels in the burningman / Rubulad scene, and sometimes in the "transgressive filmmakers" scene of Zedd and co. His "band" is the VOX ILLUMINATI. The Govt won't help us. So we need to warn everyone ourselves.

Thanks and wish the future luck... because Evil Always Wins. (Just ask Cheney and Bloomberg!)

- christopher x. brodeur,

Posted by cxb | April 21, 2011 4:05 PM

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