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Phil Manley

"Trans Am is still all of our main musical agenda" [Phil] Manley says, quick to dismiss the notion that the band is no longer a priority. "It just seems like less of a job and it's more for fun. Because we're all still great friends, and it is so much fun to play together, and this distance and the time spent apart makes it that much more fun when we get back together."

The band still tours regularly and earlier this year released one of its finest albums to date, "Thing." Taking its name from the 1982 John Carpenter movie "The Thing," the record was originally conceived as the score to a sci-fi horror film for which the band was commissioned out of the blue. "Partway through the process, we got an e-mail saying the movie had been canned due to lack of financing and that they were sorry," Manley says. "So we were like ... we're this far into it, we'll just keep writing this record for a movie that doesn't exist." [SF Gate]

As Trans Am is celebrating 20 years as a band, its guitarist Phil Manley (who also plays in The Fucking Champs) is prepping to release his first solo LP, Life Coach, via Thrill Jockey Records on January 25th, 2011 (cover art above). It's a nine-track instrumental LP, and one of those tracks, "Forest Opening Theme," has been given the video treatment. Check it out for the first time below.

As far as shows go, Phil just has a single date on his schedule and that is on the album's release date, 1/25, in San Francisco (the same town Trans Am played on November 6th - hence the above quoted article). Trans Am also has just one gig coming up: Nov 19th at La Capital in Mexico City, Mexico.

Check out that video and the new solo album's full tracklist below...


Phil Manley - "Forest Opening Theme"

Phil Manley - Life Coach
01 FT2 Theme
02 Commercial Potential
03 Lawrence, KS
04 Forest Opening Theme
05 Work It Out
06 Make Good Choices
07 Gay Bathers
08 Night Visions
09 Life Coach
Phil Manley - 2011 Tour Dates
Tue Jan 25 San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern (Release Show)



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Looks like a second-rate Chuck Mangione album, with a worse title.

Posted by Anonymous | November 16, 2010 8:00 PM

YES! This record owns so hard! Thanks for posting the video. Gorgeous... I hope they make one for Night Visions.

Posted by Crawf | December 22, 2010 12:47 PM

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