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the Hold Steady @ Sasquatch 2009 (more by Chris Graham)
Hold Steady

today in NYC
* It Is It @ Pianos
* Justin Bond @ Joe's Pub
* Toshi Reagon @ Joe's Pub
* Allen Toussaint @ Joe's Pub
* The Hot Holy Mess @ Barbes
* Joshua Rifkin @ Le Poisson Rouge
* Pretty Good Friends @ Union Hall
* Hannibal Buress @ Knitting Factory
* Rioux, Snout, Benedek @ Glasslands
* Howie Day, Matt Lowell @ City Winery
* Volture, Cauldron, Natur @ Union Pool
* Fai Baba, Vladrm, Chris Harford @ Zebulon
* Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra @ Brooklyn Bowl
* The Moondoggies, The Quiet Life @ The Rock Shop
* Soft Circle, Janka Nabay, The Present @ Death By Audio
* Robert Plant, North Mississippi Allstars @ Beacon Theatre
* Stephane Wrembel Presents The Django Experiment @ Barbes
* The Hold Steady, The Gay Blades @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* Most Precious Blood, Suburban Scum, Spectators @ Public Assembly
* The Dismemberment Plan, Jukebox The Ghost, Bells @ Webster Hall
* Lou Valentine, Nervous Assistant, Francis Brady, Daddy Longlegs @ Don Pedros
* Lucinda Black Bear, Kerry Kennedy, Bronze, Anything Maria @ Mercury Lounge
* Undead, Pure Hell, Rapid Deployment Force, Baxx SiSi's @ the Studio @ Webster Hall
* Utopia(featuring Todd Rundgren, Moogy Klingman, Kevin Ellman, Ralph Schuckett, and John Siegler) @ Highline Ballroom
* Tony Malaby (tenor) Angelica Sanchez (piano) William Parker, Chris Lightcap (basses) Nasheet Waits, Billy Drummond (drums) Ralph Alessi (trumpet) Ben Monder (guitar) @ The Stone
* Royal Bangs, Ambassadors, Laura Marling, Sarah Jarosz, David Mayfield Parade, Dawn Landes @ Public Assembly
* Alarm Will Sound, Face the Music (performing Steve Reich's 'Tehillim' and music by Ben Frost, Aphex Twin, Preshish Moments, Matt Marks/Stefan Freund and Tristan Perich - Ecstatic Music Festival) @ Merkin Concert Hall

No Age's new video for "Fevery Dreaming" below...

What else?

No Age



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Why aren't you in church???

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 2:46 AM

The Hold Steady should and does know better.

God bless them for making a living playing music, it's their choice.

But in 2021, "Let Them Eat the Monorchid" will still be a great record and "The Hold Steady" will (still) be a bunch of Springsteen pandering garbage. And they know better....

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 2:55 AM

Whoa, Most Precious Blood are still together?! I saw them like once a month back in the 99-2000!

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 3:00 AM


Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 4:45 AM

any vegan sausage festivals?

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 8:44 AM

The Hold Steady tonight will be great, I don't care what any haters say. They are a great band who put on an awesome live show...That being said I hope the set is light on Heaven is "Whenever," which really sucked.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 9:59 AM

On a related note, Pi Kappa Alpha House will be having an after party. There will be a keg stand contest and beer pong all night long. Even if you weren't able to get tickets to the show please come out anyways in support of our newest pledges.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 11:15 AM

Anyone know what time The Hold Steady show is going to start?

Posted by chris | January 30, 2011 11:23 AM


Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 11:24 AM

Judson Claiborne (ex Low Skies) and The Waylons are both playing The Living Room tonight.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 11:27 AM

omg hahaha i get it the hold steady suck because they got popular!!!

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 11:58 AM

Okay.... How the FUCK are The Gay Blades opening for The Hold Steady?? THEY fucking SUCK!!!! Former drama club geeks who play really horrible emo bullshit while trying to pass themselves off as hipsters by only having two people in their band.... AND THEY'VE BEEN AROUND FOREVER!!! Seriously, THEEE WORST BAND to EVER have come out of Jersey City..... Yes, Jersey City. NOT NEW YORK!! Break up already.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 12:28 PM

Damn haters. I wasn't huge on The Hold Steady until i saw them live. Say what you want, but they know how to put on a fucking rock show. Go watch your Best Coast/Wavves show...let me know how that works out.

Posted by TheSloot | January 30, 2011 12:29 PM

12:28-You don't even know what the fuck you're talking about. The Gay Blades proclaim themselves "wannabe hipsters" and they've never claimed to be from New York. Besides, at least they're from many bands move to NYC from across the country and claim NYC? It happens every day, who cares? Aside from that, you sure have a lot of hate for The Gay Blades. Did the lead singer bang your girlfriend or something?

Posted by TheSloot | January 30, 2011 12:40 PM

I played a show once with Gay Blades at Lit. Really nice guys. Haven't heard about them since.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 1:40 PM

1) What time did Dismemberment Plan go on tonight?
2) How long did they play for?
3) Any good merch for them?


Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 1:53 PM

12:40.... The Gay Blades DO claim NY as their hometown on MySpace. I realize MySpace is now obsolete, but it wasn't during the time when TGB were first becoming popular. I hate because while they are good at whatever it is they do, their music is terrible, and there are about 20 other bands from JC I can think of who are better and should be opening for The Hold Steady.

The lead singer did NOT bang my girlfriend, but he is an obnoxious douchebag. He got all bitchy with a Maxwell's waitress when she wouldn't give him a table he wanted. And his band wasn't even playing that night.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 1:54 PM

Will world hummus prices spike because of the unrest in Egypt?

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 1:56 PM

So...let me get this straight. The Gay Blades are good at what they do, but they suck? Maybe it's not you're style of music, but I think calling it terrible is more reflective of you than them. You're obviously in some band, and you think "wah, we're so much better, that should be us playing". Jealousy isn't going to to get you anywhere my man. I like how he is an obnoxious douchebag because of some random incident at Maxwells. I mean, even if that did happen...maybe the girl deserved it. Like the person before said, I've run into him a few times over the years and I've never seen him be anything but nice. I haven't met anyone who has something bad to say about either one of them. I think you need to focus on what you're doing, and stop hating on other bands for no reason.
P.S. I believe the singer did live in NYC, and he lives there again currently. If that makes you feel any better.

Posted by TheSloot | January 30, 2011 2:15 PM

Iron and Wine only played for 75 minutes?!

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 2:24 PM what is the name of your band? Since I'm sure that is the band you think should replace The Gay blades tonight.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 2:39 PM

i'm so tired about the constant bitching about who is, or isn't, an "authentic" new yawker and who is, or isn't, a hipster. who the fuck cares where they come from? if the music is good and they bring a good live show that's all that counts. stop whining about stuff that just doesn't matter. next it's not sausage, who? or hummus either, those dead horses have been flogged far too long as well.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 2:41 PM

Couldn't agree more. I mean how many bands have members that are originally from NYC? I assume that if you live around NYC and play most of your shows there, you're pretty much considered an NYC band. A person from Colorado isn't going to know where or what the hell Jersey City is. Not to mention that they have always let it be known that they are from NJ. So, I really don't know what the stick up your ass is about, aside from the fact that you're whining because no one is calling your band to open.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 3:06 PM

whold steady have a unique sound, amirite?

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 3:28 PM

time to load up on hummus before the prices go up because of the crisis in cairo.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 3:54 PM

Dumb hipster 3:54pm

Hummus comes from Greece

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 3:56 PM

Hummus is actually a multinational phenomenon. I have traversed the globe and sampled hummus from multiple locations. But don't eat the hummus from Papua/New Guinea. That shit was awful!

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 4:37 PM

The origins of hummus is a hotly contested debate. Although many scholars believe it originated in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) there is a second theory that it is an isreali invention...
This confliction of ideas has led to much unrest in an already unstable landscape, but let it be known that the almighty chickpea knows no boundaries and is a peace loving legume.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 5:27 PM

I beg to differ, 3:56. From Wikipedia:

"But in fact, there is no specific evidence for this purported ancient history of hummus bi tahini. Though chickpeas were widely eaten in the region, and they were often cooked in stews and other hot dishes, puréed chickpeas eaten cold with tahini do not appear before the Abbasid period in Egypt and the Levant.

The earliest known recipes for something similar to hummus bi tahini date to 13th century Egypt. A cold purée of chickpeas with vinegar and pickled lemons with herbs, spices, and oil, but no tahini or garlic, appears in the Kitāb al-Wusla ilā l-habīb fī wasf al-tayyibāt wa-l-tīb; and a purée of chickpeas and tahini called hummus kasa appears in the Kitab Wasf al-Atima al-Mutada: it is based on puréed chickpeas and tahini, and acidulated with vinegar (though not lemon), but it also contains many spices, herbs, and nuts, and no garlic. It is also served by rolling it out and letting it sit overnight, which presumably gives it a very different texture from hummus bi tahini.

The earliest known documentation of hummus itself comes from 18th-century Damascus; and it appears it was unknown elsewhere at that time."

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 5:33 PM

5:33 your investigation in hummus are admirable, but as you know wikipedia is not the most reliable source of information...
According to the older gentleman who prepares my early afternoon side order at mamouns, he holds a firm belief that hummus originated in Saudi Arabia.
When I asked him what facts he has to back up this claim, he looks deep into my eyes and smiles. That is all I got on that.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 5:39 PM

I believe that the price and, thusly, the supply of hummus will depend on tahini. Chickpeas are grown across the globe, while the best tahini sauce comes from the Middle East. If the whole region becomes unstable, the export of tahini from those countries will be in danger.

This should be a wake-up call to all locavores in the tri-state area: grow sesame seeds and learn to make tahini before it's too late.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 5:41 PM

Thanks for the tip 5:41. Do you know the protocal for seseme growing? I have a rather large fire escape balcony and could certainly put it to good use. Do they require direct sunlight? Will the neighborhood squirrels be a problem?

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 5:47 PM

As a daily hummus eater, I am hoping for a positive outcome in Egypt. A price increase in tahini will impact my fund allocation for going out to Rock and Roll concerts in Williamsburg.
Wow, the world sure is so interconnected in these modern times.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 5:57 PM

5:47, I'm not an expert on sesame planting by any stretch of the imagination, but here's what I know:

Rodents, pigeons, house pets, small children and wayward hipsters all pose problems, if slight, to sesame plants. Keep in mind that the seeds must stay on the plant to dry naturally, much more so than soybeans or corn, due to the high oil content. Abundant sunlight is recommended (it is from the Mid-East, after all), and well-drained soil is a necessity. Planting usually occurs in early June with harvests in October.
A plus to growing sesame at home is that the cost is quite minimal.

I hope that helps. Man, I just made myself hungry for... well, you know.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 6:07 PM

any vegan sausage hummus festivals?

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 6:27 PM

Hummus comes from Egypt and Lebanon.
Also if you see canola listed as an ingredient its not real hummus.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 6:29 PM

You guys hurt my head.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 9:06 PM

Hummus was brought here by aliens when they constructed they pyramids. It's origins are from the andromeda galaxy quadrant 7z.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 9:12 PM

gay... hows that?

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 9:40 PM

soon enough there will be multiple Hummus bands since EVERY band that gets hype immediately has a band with a similar name using words that are already used in the said group name. WHY THE FUCK?

Lets start with this. THE SMITH WESTERN HUMMUS. whats the next name. Tell me before the next hip' post.

btw- I love Egypt

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 9:43 PM

If your interest in hummus extends past the point of the information on the web, I strongly suggest you visit The Museum of Hummus in the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. Great artifacts, even the ancient tahini seeds entombed with King Tutankhamun for hummus preparation in the afterlife. Fueled by such a hummus-healthy diet, it is easy to see how the Ancient Egyptians managed to build the Great Pyramid and The Sphinx. My visit to the museum also got me wondering what would happen if our nation as a whole consumed hummus as the Ancient Egyptians do; could we achieve heights as great as the ancient civilization?

But I would recommend waiting a few months before visiting.

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 11:11 PM

hummus=chick garbanzo beans+tahini+first cold pressed virgin olive oil+lemon juice+cumin+salt+garlic

Posted by Anonymous | January 30, 2011 11:14 PM

the hold steady rule forever!!

Posted by nickyboy | January 31, 2011 8:35 AM

Anyone have the setlist from the Dismemberment Plan last night?

Was it different from Saturday night's show?

Only saw last night's show but it was sooo much fun!

Posted by Anonymous | January 31, 2011 12:01 PM

I missed it, but it was Phill Collins' birthday this day. Señor Collins knows the deal with you BV whippersnappers! Squonk!

Posted by Anonymous | February 1, 2011 11:44 AM

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