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Marc Ribot @ LPR in June (more by Benjamin Lozovsky)
Marc Ribot

Guitar genius Marc Ribot has a lot of upcoming shows, all of which are listed below. They include Iridium in NYC tonight (9/15), the re-opening Roulette on Friday (9/16), The Living Theater in NYC on Sunday, Le Poisson Rouge with Akiko Yano on 10/11, and the upcoming ATP in Asbury Park, NJ on 10/1.

Head below to also hear and download a mixtape that ATP just made featuring arists that are appearing at the NJ festival at the end of the month, Marc Ribot (whose tour dates are down there too) included....

ATP I'll Be Your Mirror USA Mixtape by All Tomorrows Parties

00.00 Up With People - Oneida
07.45 Machine Gun - Portishead
12.24 Ice Cream (feat. Matias Aguayo) - Battles
17.02 Two-Headed Boy - Neutral Milk Hotel
21.27 Cervantine - A Hawk And A Hacksaw
27.16 Wakeman's Air - Chavez
31.35 In Your Area (feat. Planet Asia) - DJ Peanut Butter Wolf
34.03 Pizza Mind - DD/MM/YYYY
38.21 She Is Beyond Good And Evil - The Pop Group
41.41 Metal Arms - Hannibal Buress
44.13 My Pal The Tortoise - Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
46.59 Steady As She Goes - Shellac
51.01 Totally Tween - Foot Village
54.46 Go Outside - Cults
58.05 Kollapz Tradixional (Thee Dirty Olde Flag) - Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
1.04.10 I Go To Sleep - Anika
1.07.27 Father Midnight - Earth
1.19.31 Party Intellectuals - Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog
1.25.15 San Pedro - Mogwai
1.28.37 Behold A Marvel In The Darkness - Deerhoof
1.32.05 I Know - Beak>
1.37.01 Walk - Rory Scovel
1.41.45 Cryogenics - JG Thirlwell's Manorexia
1.44.50 No Words/No Thoughts - Swans
1.54.08 There Is A Wind - The Album Leaf
1.58.46 Colin Stetson - The Stars In His Head (Dark Lights Remix)
2.04.15 Tunnels - People Of The North
2.10.43 Population Control - Company Flow
2.15.08 Industry - Thought Forms
2.19.13 Give The Drummer Some - Ultramagnetic MCs
2.22.55 Lying - Factory Floor
Marc Ribot dates
Thurs Sept 15th
Iridium - NYC
w/ Brad Jones, JT Lewis, Cooper-Moore

Fri Sept 16th
Roulette Grand Opening Weekend - Brooklyn

Sun Sept 18th
The Living Theater - NYC
Jewish Art for the New Millennium: Avant-Garde Poetry, Music and Politics


Thurs Sept 22nd
Faena Art Center - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Marianne Faithfull (duo)


Sat Oct 1st
All Tomorrow's Parties - Asbury Park, NJ
Curated by Portishead

Tues Oct 11th
Le Poisson Rouge - NYC
w/Akiko Yano


w/ Henry Grimes & Chad Taylor

Oct 26: GRONINGEN/Netherlands

Oct 27: GRONINGEN/Netherlands
Grand Theatre

Oct 28: LONDON/Great Britain
Bishopsgate Institute

Oct 29: GDANSK/Poland
Polska Filharmonia Baltycka Gdansk

Oct 30: BELGRAD/Serbia
Dom Omladine

Nov 1: WIEN/Austria
Porgy & Bess Jazz Music ClubÂ

Nov 2: PRAG/Czech Republic
Jazz Dock

Nov 3: MAINZ/Germany
Haus der Jugend

Nov 5: SZEGED/Hungary
Szeged Youth Center

Nov 7: EINDHOVEN/Netherlands
Cafe Wilhelmina

Nov 8: NEVERS/France
Maison de la Culture


w/ Shahzad Ismaily & Ches Smith

Mon Nov 14th
TBA - Boston/Cambridge

Tues Nov 15th
Iron Horse - Northampton, MA

Wed Nov 16th
WindUp Space - Baltimore, MD

Thurs Nov 17th
Johnny Brenda's - Philadelphia, PA

Fri Nov 18th


Wed Nov 30th
Texas Performing Arts - University of Texas at Austin
BORDER MUSIC: David Hidalgo + Marc Ribot
w/Anthony Coleman, Brad Jones, Cougar Estrada, EJ Rodriguez



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I liked his work with MMW...don't know his other stuff but he seems decent

Posted by Anonymous | September 15, 2011 2:34 PM

^ you're joking, eh? funny. marc ribot is probably one of the finest and most storied of guitar players around today. where does one even begin ... john lurie's lounge lizards, tom waits, brother jack mcduff, wilson pickett, john zorn, arto londsay, robert plant, allen ginsberg, and the list goes on and on. he's the baddest of the mother fucking bad.

Posted by Anonymous | September 15, 2011 2:51 PM

Busy man!

Posted by Anonymous | September 15, 2011 2:52 PM

there's a pretty great documentary about him that was put out by a french production company. i don't recall the name, but i know netflix has it. it's pretty fascinating to hear him talking about early days of nyc as well as playing as a musician on the chitlin circuit where he said something along the lines of how he's never before experience audiences who would appreciate restraint in playing like they did, which i thought was so fantastic.

it always comes down to, it's just as imortant what you don't play as what you do play. i wish more musicians would get that and not try and just fill space with noise.

Posted by Anonymous | September 15, 2011 2:56 PM

a real cracker jack guitarist. i very much like to enjoy his soundtrack work paired with a nice port and small serving of anchovies.

Posted by Anonymous | September 15, 2011 2:57 PM

Film is called "Marc Ribot: The Lost String"

Posted by Anonymous | September 15, 2011 3:20 PM

If anyone is curious about attending ATP but doesn't have tickets yet, check Stubhub for steep discounts in the coming weeks. It's a buyers market, people are reducing the price of a 3 day pass to below $200 (they cost $269) and are still not able to get rid of them...

Posted by Anonymous | September 15, 2011 3:22 PM

I think I smell a rat.

Posted by Anonymous | September 15, 2011 3:35 PM

Glenn Branca does not approve of these comments.

Posted by Anonymous | September 15, 2011 4:32 PM

I think I smell a clown fart

Posted by Anonymous | September 15, 2011 5:10 PM

Thanks 3:20 PM & 2:56 PM about the info on the Marc Ribot documentary.

Love his solo work, the Tom Waits stuff, and Lounge Lizards.

Posted by Anonymous | September 15, 2011 5:23 PM

check out ceramic dog

Posted by Anonymous | September 15, 2011 5:48 PM

now i wanna be your ceramic dog

Posted by Anonymous | September 16, 2011 8:39 AM

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