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DOWNLOAD: Lacrymosa - Good At Heart (RAC Maury Mix) (MP3)


"I love dance songs and I've always wanted to write one. I only play the piano, and I prefer writing classical piano music, so none of what I've written so far has crossed over to a danceable category. I don't end up finishing happy little ditties because I usually concentrate on the darker songs that tend to move me more than lighter songs do. I found out I'd be working with Andrew Maury at the same time that I found out he'd picked one of my darkest songs for a dance remix. I was pleased to discover that the remix presented the song to me in a new and true light. I suddenly sounded genuinely curious to understand a deeply disturbing moment in history from another point of view, which was what I really tried to explore when writing this song."
Grab that song for free above! (or buy it at Family Records.) Go see Lacrymosa early tonight (10/3) at 7pm at Rockwood Music Hall.

Lacrymosa came out with a full length album on Family in 2010.

Check out a video of Lacrymosa covering Radiohead below...

I Will (Radiohead) - Lacrymosa - Pocket Show



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WOO!!!!! AWESOME!!! :D <3 This girl!

Posted by melissa | October 3, 2011 2:53 PM

Foreign bands sound cool and refreshing. They offer a new kind of music and that is all we need. Variety keeps us revitalized.

Posted by Theodore Stroukoff | May 24, 2012 12:47 AM

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