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Daedelus at a BV SXSW day party (more by Tim Griffin)

We are curious, just like you. Because of this, we decided to bring those that inspire, move, and challenge us together to write, make, perform, and teach.

Musicians and artists huddled together to learn and share the secrets of computers. How to make them do the things we dream, how to control them to do those things, and hopefully stumble across some happy accidents along the way.

So join us for a time of sharing, learning, and experimenting in creating computer programs and designing control interfaces for audio and video performances. Let us rejoice in all things open source!

As you can tell by the description above, the In/Out Fest, which goes down in Brooklyn from 11/11-11/13, is primarily concerned with the collision of music and technology.

Workshops will take place at Death By Audio from 11/11 - 11/13, while showcases will be spread across two days at Knitting Factory -- 11/11 and 11/12.

11/11 will see a headlining performance from Daedelus with Comandante Zero, Ander, n0izmkr, PROGRAMS, tehn, and Sarah Dahnke/Round Tuit Dance Project, while 11/12 will see Bit Shifter with Super Mario Brothers 2, Island Dweller, Ivan Franco, Figure Zero, Smomid, Portable Sunsets, and Christopher Willits. Tickets are available in both single day increments (Friday, Saturday) or two day pass form (select two day pass at either of the previous links). In addition, you can help support the festival by donation.

In/Out is not to be confused with the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival which happens this weekend too and with some of the same artists.

More details on the festival, including the flyer and a video, are below...


In/Out Fest 2011 from Christopher Gilroy on Vimeo.

In/Out Festival

Welcome to the 3rd annual In/Out Digital Arts Festival! Three days of performances, workshops, and talks.

Featuring performances by:

Friday Night:
tehn 9-930
Sarah Dahnke/Round Tuit Dance Project 930-10
n0izmkr 10-1030
Ander 1030-1130
Comandante Zero 1130-1230
Daedelus 1230-130

Saturday night:
Super Mario Brothers 2 8-830
Island Dweller 830-9
Ivan Franco 9-930
Figure Zero 930-10
Smomid 10-1030
Portable Sunsets 1030-1130
Christopher Willits 1130-1230
Bit Shifter 1230-130

Workshops on:
- melding acoustic and digital instruments in a live setting by Dubspot Instructor Dan Freeman (Comandante Zero)
- using Max for Live in performance, by Christopher Willits
- gestural interaction with the Kinect and Pure Data
- HeatitÂșC, hardware designed to be embedded in fabric and other materials, workshop will be hands on with heat reactive inks
- how to make a contact mic, hands on with soldering 101

and a very special panel on alternative performance controllers, hosted by the artists performing at the fest




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everyone should go see daedelus. fact: daedelus is a genius and puts on a great show.

Posted by Anonymous | November 10, 2011 1:30 PM

wasn't he in the movie beyond the valley of the dolls?

Posted by Anonymous | November 10, 2011 2:51 PM

I used to make music in my air book but I accidentally got hummus in the cd drive and it shorted out.

Posted by Anonymous | November 10, 2011 3:33 PM


Posted by Anonymous | November 10, 2011 4:54 PM

who the fuck are those people Super Mario Brothers 2? and tehn? you mean then

Posted by Anonymous | November 10, 2011 7:00 PM

gotta say I like this festival.

Posted by jordon | August 12, 2013 3:49 PM

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