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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Majeure - "Atlantis Purge" (MP3 EXCERPT)


The best thing about Zombi? When they aren't cranking out killer releases like last year's BV favorite Escape Velocity then the duo is splitting apart to make interesting music on their own. In this case, they are doing BOTH; Steve Moore and Majeure have combined forces on a split 12" for TRL.

Brainstorm is due on Feb 7th and features five total tracks, four of which belong to Steve Moore with the remaining 20-minute-opus on the flip belonging to Majeure (aka AE Paterra). Download a snippet of the Majeure track "Atlantis Purge" (which sounds like a John Carpenter composition or an outtake from Vangelis's iconic score from Blade Runner) above and stream "Enhanced Humanoid" by Steve Moore below. Preorder your copy in different colorways at TRL.

All streams and the album info is below.


Majeure - Atlantis Purge (Excerpt) by brooklynvegan

Enhanced Humanoid by steve moore

1. STEVE MOORE: Enhanced Humanoid
2. STEVE MOORE: Null Space
3. STEVE MOORE: Dawn Of Primordial Life
4. STEVE MOORE: Alternate Quantum Realities
5. MAJEURE: Atlantis Purge



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Rumor is Primus sucks!

What a crazy show this is going to be! Some of the best shows I saw in the early 90's where Primus-fueled. I still don't know how I made it out of the crowd alive at Big Day Out'94 in Oz. The whole arena became a giant mosh pit during "Jerry was a Race Car Driver."

Posted by I-485 Interview Experienced California | October 23, 2012 6:43 PM

straight up wicked

Posted by jordon | August 8, 2013 3:00 PM

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