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by BBG

A Storm of Light at the Tone Deaf showcase (more by Greg Cristman)
A Storm of Light

A Storm of Light plays NYC TONIGHT as part of a round of dates with Mustard Gas & Roses (mem Isis) and Magic Circle. Tickets are still available for the Saint Vitus show. The band recently played a round of dates surrounding SXSW including the Tone Deaf showcase (pictures). Tonight's show is in direct competition with Hull, Mutilation Rites, Batillus and Trenchgrinder at Acheron, the latter two of which played Lovejoy's as part of the BV Day Party. Hull also played Red 7 with Fear on 3/15, which was down the street from Pallbearer, Screaming Females, Ringworm & Power Trip (pictures).

Punk rock crew Kim Phuc will team with Family Curse and Herzog Rising to play Death By Audio on April 7th. The show is one of a few notable and recently added shows at the space, including April 14th with White Suns (who have a new LP on Load, stream a song below), Pop 1280, and Richard, April 28th with Dysrhythmia, Kayo Dot & Vaura, and 4/29 with a mystery guest, Child Abuse, Behold...The Arctopus and PAK.

Check out the recent Decibel Flexi of In Solitude covering Samhain's "Mother of Mercy".

Youth Attack have updated their site with orders for the new Salvation House of the Beating Hell EP, new second Hoax EP, a new ARTS LP Thousand Wounds of War, and so much more. Head to their site for more details (I recommend the Hoax, ARTS and Salvation records).

If you missed it, we posted two sets of pictures from Deatmatch during SXSW (SET 1, SET 2), a set of pictures from Lovejoy's during SXSW, my official showcase during SXSW, and pictures from our bridge show. We welcomed a new EP from Cop Problem, interviews with Black God, new shows from Ilsa, Rorschach, Old Man Gloom, D-Clone, Young Widows, Autopsy and more. Got stoked and then immediately diappointed with the Kiss it Goodbye reunion and scratched our heads in disbelief at the "Death to All" reunion and Wolvhammer cover of The Cure (the latter in a positive way).

More suggested shows, a stream of a new Horseback song, the Split Cranium LP (with Aaron of Isis and members of Circle) a 16 song, an Author & Punisher song, a White Suns song and more is below. What did I miss?



Mastodon - Leviathan (piano)

SKELETONWITCH - The Infernal Resurrection

Click Here To Watch The Video

Fugazi-Turnover from WKDU Philly Show

3/23 - Batillus, Hull, Mutilation Rites, Trenchgrinder
3/23 - A Storm of Light, Mustard Gas and Roses, Magic Circle @ Saint Vitus
3/23 - High Teen Boogie @ Otto's Shrunken Head
3/23 - Sexual Suicide, Migration, Plague of Faith, Broken Stereotype, more TBA @ Bar 131
3/23 - A Pale Horse Named Death, Dropdown, Breakage Rising, Pool of Throns, Fear of None, Swon Rift @ Knitting Factory
3/23 - Black Black Black, Descender, Vagina Panther, The Human Highlight Reel @ Cake Shop
3/24 - Primitive Weapons, Old Lines, Bad Biology, Sannhet, more TBA @ Saint Vitus
3/24 - Loma Prieta, Birds In A Row, The Year Is One, Scowl @ Acheron
3/24 - Tied For Last, Tonight We Strike, The Nones, Mailbox Baseball, Schmuck @ Bar Matchless
3/24 - The Giraffes, The Upper Crust, PCP @ Mercury Lounge
3/24 - Killcode, Eva and Her Virgins, Stoned Fire, Vajra @ Bowery Ballroom
3/24 - Refuse Resist, Razors in the Night, Cult War, Two Fisted Law, Dead Tricks, The Radicals @ Trash Bar
3/24 - Ghosts of Eden, Face the King, Mother, Chasing Thrill, Circus Life, The Backfires @ Gramercy Theatre
3/24 - Red Eyed Devil, Carnage Krew, Truth in Needles, Unite Resist, Fierce Hatred @ WunderBar
3/24 - Pop. 1280, Yvette, White Hex, Mala Strana @ Shea Stadium
3/25 - Riot of the Blood, Resolution 15, Death Immortal, No Remission, Anesthetized @ Trash Bar
3/25 - King Giant, Backwoods Payback, Order of the Owl @ Saint Vitus
3/26 - IconChasm, Matter Waves Strings, Warmth @ Death By Audio
3/26 - Greg Fox, C. Spencer Yeh, Hubble, The Dreebs @ Le Poisson Rouge
3/26 - Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, The Year Is One, Sea Of Bones @ Lit Lounge
3/26 - Frankenstein Brothers (featuring Buckethead) @ B.B. King's
3/27 - Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, Sea Of Bones @ HillTap Tavern
3/28 - Thulsa Doom, (A)Truth, Warfear, DJ Sabotaj, more TBA @ The Lake Underground
3/28 - Cloud Rat, Curmudgeon, Praetura, Grudges @ Saint Vitus
3/29 - feedtime, Vaz, Sightings, Maggoted @ Death By Audio
3/29 - Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, Sea of Bones, Amputee, The Commnunion, Scowl @ Saint Vitus
3/29 - Speedwolf, Coffin Dust, Dethroned Emperor, Salo @ Acheron
3/29 - Chelsea Grin, Attila, For The Fallen Dreams, Chunk! No Captain Chunk, Vanna @ Gramercy Theater
3/29 - Ghost Robot Ninja Bear, more TBA @ American Trash
3/30 - Morne, Swan King, Git Some, Gang Signs, Loma Prieta @ Saint Vitus
3/30 - The Cryptics, Sexual Suicide, Zombie Culture, The Afterbirth, Gatherer, Blk Galaga @ Don Pedro Bar Lounge
3/30 - The Von Frankensteins, Eyes Like Cianide, Edge of Existence, Deathalizer, Ruppthritis @ Trash Bar
3/31 - Marsh Mallows, The Dewtons, The Scutches, Panther Modems @ HankÕs Saloon
3/31 - Alcest, Deafheaven, Vaura, DJ BBG @ Public Assembly
3/31 - Casanovas in Heat, Hunted Down, Mutant Genes, Ylajali @ 538 Johnson
3/31 - feedtime, Electric Jellyfish @ Cakeshop
3/31 - Guitar Wolf, The Transistors, Little Seizures, DJ Tony Lo-Fi @ The Knitting Factory
3/31 - Turisias, Alestorm, Ex Deo, Arkona, Huntress @ Gramercy Theater
4/1 - feedtime @ Maxwell's
4/1 - Ilsa, Ruin Lust, Scowl at Acheron
4/1 - Motorchrist @ Bowery Electric
4/1 - Roomrunner, Black Gum, Sleepies, Queening @ Death By Audio
4/2 - Human Shield, Praha Depart, C.O.T.U., The Art School Dropouts @ Trash Bar
4/2 - Andrew W.K. @ Webster Hall
4/2 - Skelptarsis, Welkin Dusk, Hitokiri, Scowl @ Lit Lounge
4/3 - Alkahest, Set and Setting @ Cake Shop
4/3 - Adema, Deistruct, Toy Bruises @ The Studio at Webster Hall
4/4 - Descender, Cleanteeth, Mt. Olympus @ Union Pool
4/6 - Bone Awl, Villains, Negative Plane @ St. Vitus
4/6 - Bush Tetras @ Le Poisson Rouge



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Sausage fest at St. Vitus!!!

Posted by Anonymous | March 23, 2012 3:52 PM

You know I like some of these sausage bands, and would definitely be down for going out to see some of them were it not for the damn sausage fans. I'm a tolerant guy when it comes to men and women who come out and live gay (it's their choice), but the closeted, the deceptive, the misrepresentivists are the ones that give me the heebie jeebies. Sausages look at your junk, and stare just a little too long, and then act all like "you're a fag" to deflect the obvious crazy homoerotic feelings welling up within them. I guess it goes with all that satanism silliness, all the anti-for-sake-of-anti nonsense. Were it not for that, I'd be all into seeing some of these shows. Except for Danzig, he's just plain a fucking embarrassment of a person.

Posted by Anonymous | March 23, 2012 4:23 PM

That was awesome :) Thanks for the post..

Posted by A Healthy Person | March 23, 2012 4:36 PM

4:23 - Depends on what bands you're seeing, but I don't get where you're getting this idea that metalheads are somehow the figurehead of homophobia. It's really no worse as a whole than the population at large - if you actually met people instead of thinking all metalheads are represented by BV trolls. If you're going to some NS shows, then, yeah, you'll probably run into those attitudes, but I've never been to a show where I've been required to be friends with everyone in the room or even interact at all, so someone being homophobic doesn't even really come up.

Posted by Anonymous | March 23, 2012 5:14 PM

4:23 sounds like a more quasi-tolerant "sausage" commenter, with some misguided information unsurprisingly. Kudos, I guess?

Posted by Anonymous | March 24, 2012 7:13 PM

All this talk of sausage is making me hungry..
I know they use to serve kielbasi
at WARSAW. They also have a kielbasi bun at St. Vitus.
By the way there are such things as Gay Metal-Heads.

Posted by Anonymous | March 26, 2012 4:58 PM

That was awesome :) Thanks for the post..

Posted by Souq | March 31, 2012 5:18 PM

evilive yes

Posted by jordon | August 4, 2013 2:31 PM

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