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by BBG

Kiss it Goodbye

Kiss it Goodbye are no longer just a reunited band:

After calling it quits in 1998 and more than a half dozen attempts at a jump start since then, Kiss It Goodbye have returned to active band status. Original members Tim Singer and Thom Rusnak... have finally found the missing components, adding Alex Miller (of Triplehorn) on guitar and Thom's longtime friend and band mate, Neal Witmer on drums. West coast dates including the Revelation Records 25th anniversary are scheduled for this June. Kiss It Goodbye is slated to tour Europe in September and are working on dates for the east coast, Japan, Australia and South East Asia later this year.
We'll keep an eye out fore more details.

Backtrack, who play United Blood this weekend, will headline a show with Urban Blight, Creem, Violent Future at Acheron on April 6th. Backtrack will undoubtedly bring the ruckus, but make sure and get there early to catch the also awesome Urban Blight and Creem. The show jumps off at 11PM.

Wolfbrigade has welcomed "Feed The Flames" a new track from their upcoming Damned LP due via Southern Lord. Stream it at below.

Acephalix have revealed a new song from their forthcoming Southern Lord LP Deathless Master. Check out "On Wings.." at Cvlt Nation and look for the LP on April 10th. Word has it that the band may be on the East Coast sometime soon....

Black Monolith, a black-metal/d-beat project loosely related to Deafheaven, have released a new song via bandcamp. Stream that below. Reminder, Deafheaven team with Alcest & Vaura at Public Assemblyon Saturday (3/31), I'll be DJing. Advance tickets are gone, but there will be some available at the door on the day of the show.

Suggested NYC shows, that Black Monolith stream, a stream of a Trevor de Brauw (Pelican) performance, a new Municipal Waste video, a new Ufomammut video, and an Ancestors album trailer, below....


Trailer for new Ancestors LP entitled "In Dreams and Time," out April 10, 2012 on Tee Pee Records on CD & 2xLP

Ufomammut - "Oro Opus Primum" - Out April 2012 - Neurot Recordings, Supernaturalcat

3/30 - Morne, Swan King, Git Some, Gang Signs, Loma Prieta @ Saint Vitus
3/30 - The Cryptics, Sexual Suicide, Zombie Culture, The Afterbirth, Gatherer, Blk Galaga @ Don Pedro Bar Lounge
3/30 - The Von Frankensteins, Eyes Like Cianide, Edge of Existence, Deathalizer, Ruppthritis @ Trash Bar
3/30 - The Hussy, Foster Care, Pampers, Nuclear Santaclaust @ Acheron
3/31 - Marsh Mallows, The Dewtons, The Scutches, Panther Modems @ HankÕs Saloon
3/31 - Alcest, Deafheaven, Vaura, DJ BBG @ Public Assembly
3/31 - Casanovas in Heat, Hunted Down, Mutant Genes, Ylajali @ 538 Johnson
3/31 - feedtime, Electric Jellyfish @ Cakeshop
3/31 - Guitar Wolf, The Transistors, Little Seizures, DJ Tony Lo-Fi @ The Knitting Factory
3/31 - Turisias, Alestorm, Ex Deo, Arkona, Huntress @ Gramercy Theater
3/31 - Wet Witch, ANASAZI, Scrapers, DJ Maxwell 57 @ Saint Vitus
4/1 - Ilsa, Ruin Lust, Scowl @ Acheron
4/1 - feedtime @ MaxwellÕs
4/1 - Motorchrist @ Bowery Electric
4/1 - Roomrunner, Black Gum, Sleepies, Queening @ Death By Audio
4/2 - Human Shield, Praha Depart, C.O.T.U., The Art School Dropouts @ Trash Bar
4/2 - State Champion, Street Gnar, Mail the Horse, Dead Beat @ Death By Audio
4/2 - Andrew W.K., Math the Band, Aleister X, Cherie Lily @ Webster Hall
4/2 - Skelptarsis, Welkin Dusk, Hitokiri, Scowl @ Lit Lounge
4/3 - So Hideous, My Love, Set and Setting @ Cake Shop
4/3 - Adema, Deistruct, Toy Bruises @ The Studio at Webster Hall
4/4 - Descender, Cleanteeth, Mt. Olympus @ Union Pool
4/4 - Full of Hell, Code Orange Kids, Birds In A Row, Real Cops @ Acheron
4/5 - The Energy, Violent Bullshit, Blackout, Cave Bros @ Acheron
4/6 - Bone Awl, Villains, Negative Plane @ St. Vitus
4/6 - Self-Defense Family, Restorations, Marine Electric, Model Home @ Acheron (7PM Early Show)
4/6 - Backtrack, Urban Blight, Creem, Violent Future @ Acheron (11PM Late Show)
4/6 - Bush Tetras @ Le Poisson Rouge
4/7 - Onslaught, M-Pire of Evil, Brohammer, Hypoxia @ Saint Vitus
4/7 - Yo!Scunt @ Don PedroÕs
4/7 - I Am the Avalanche, Hostage Calm, Banquets @ Santos Party House
4/7 - Midnight, Villains, Parasytic, Trenchgrinder @ Acheron
4/7 - Kim Phuc, Family Curse, Herzog Rising @ Death By Audio
4/7 - Zombie Fight @ The Charleston
4/7 - Left in the Attic, The Perverted Hymns @ The Gutter
4/8 - Cousin Sleeze @ Hank's Saloon
4/8 - Capelle, The Gradients, Motel Black, The Sunday Belts @ Trash Bar
4/8 - Veins, Raw Nerve, Hoax, Chain Wallet @ 538 Johnson
4/8 - Wymyns Prysyn, Tournament, Enemy Owl @ Death By Audio
4/9 - Witch @ Santos Party House
4/11 - Mastodon, Opeth, Ghost @ Roseland Ballroom
4/10 - Dads, Glocca Morra, Glung, Daido Loori @ Acheron
4/12 - Tommy Stinson with Kurt Baker @ Union Hall
4/13 - Enrage @ Dock Street
4/13 - Crazy Spirit, Bad Noids, Goosebumps, Mutant Genes @ Tommy's Tavern
4/13 - Black Pus, Mounds, Guardian Alien, Alien Whale @ Death By Audio
4/13 - Agitator, La Armada, (A)Truth, Los Bungalitos, The Will @ The Lake Underground
4/13 - Escarres, Hessian, Only Child @ Acheron



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Sausagelive. Touching fronts.

Posted by Anonymous | March 30, 2012 12:06 PM

^ Or touching behinds in your case. Sorry you didn't make it to training camp.

Posted by Anonymous | March 30, 2012 12:11 PM

uhh... hey BBG... the Midnight show next Saturday is at the Acheron. thanks.

Posted by The Acheron | March 30, 2012 12:54 PM

KIG is an active band again? Interesting.

Posted by Anonymous | March 30, 2012 1:06 PM

Beautiful day, I'm firing up the grill, got the fixings out, the only question that remains is ..........

WHO IS GOING TO BRING THE SAUSAGE?!!??!?!?!?!?!?11!11!!!??!?

Posted by Anonymous | March 30, 2012 1:15 PM

Atlas Sound fans will be RECEIVING the sausage, and gladly I might add too.

Posted by Anonymous | March 30, 2012 3:25 PM

You mean a Kiss It Goodybe Cover Band without Huckins and Gormsley, which is what it is without them.

Tim Singer you still hate hardcore like you did 1992 on? Herb.

Enrage? LOL. Bigger LOL when they once claimed they sold over 10,000 cds yet never toured and barely played NYC outside of Staten Island. Exhibit A for big fish (Enrage) in a small pond (SI.) Jeff Enrage is a fucking herb cuz he booked all ages shows at Dock Street for years yet barely booked NYHC bands. He was all about his shows being 90% SI bands. Insular, exclusionary bitch. Go back to 1992 and stay there herb.

Biggest LOL @ Backtrack being considered "evil".

Posted by D | March 30, 2012 4:32 PM

Last I heard, Atlas Sound shows had equal #'s of fembots and male hipsters, which means that as repulsive as hipsters are generally they are probably getting summa dat lady skank a whole hell of a lot more than you sausage boy. All you got is internet porno and a bottle of Jerghins, amirite ... (rhetorical, douche - there is only one answer and you won't cop to it, coward)

Posted by Anonymous | March 30, 2012 4:44 PM

everyone involved in deafheaven should be killed. fuck off west coast hipster shitheads.

Posted by Anonymous | March 30, 2012 10:55 PM

"Thawthij Thawthij Thawthij"

You tired faggots.

Posted by Honest Abe | March 31, 2012 7:03 PM

I'd prefer Deadguy but I'll take it.

Posted by Anonymous | April 1, 2012 7:11 PM

Black Monolith!? WOW!!! How original!!! I mean, really!?!? Who would have ever thought to put the word Black in a band name!?!?!?

Posted by Anonymous | April 2, 2012 1:53 AM

mmm You tired faggots.

Posted by Dubizzle | April 8, 2012 3:55 PM


Posted by Colby | April 4, 2013 11:42 AM

evilive rules

Posted by jordon | August 3, 2013 7:18 PM

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